Compared with even 20 or 30 years ago, the general state of the world today is dense and intense. It is more active. People are busier than ever, and life moves faster than ever. It is also more pressured. With so much information exchanged on social media, the Internet, and television, a lot of people can get easily triggered and emotionally entangled with other people, things, and events. We are swimming in an ocean of information.

This predominant state is due to the general consciousness field of humanity. It is a field co-created by everyone, over time, together with the natural world.

The impact of this field becomes apparent when we look at teenagers. Relative to a generation or two earlier, they have a very different reference framework, growing up amidst this ocean of information. Their reference frameworks are much more open than before. And because they have access to much more content and many more people, they can develop greater and more differentiated abilities.

At the same time, there is tremendous conflict. Mental challenges like depression and anxiety are very prevalent — a consequence of disordered inner states and the lack of inner resources. For those who cannot rise above the swells of the busyness and pressure of the general field, they must have a strong ability to swim through the ocean — those who have specific gifts and skills. Otherwise, they can be overwhelmed, or drown.

This is the same, of course, for any of us at any age. If we cannot find ourselves, and if we do not know ourselves, we will have even greater blockages due to the amount of information.

As a whole, the general consciousness field of humanity has a lot of fear. In search of safety, we become more attached to material things. More anxiety and fear arise, and more fighting ensues.

How to Play In the Ocean, Instead of Sink?

We are each called to a great challenge: to learn to manage the immensity of information contained in this general consciousness field — to organize, clarify, and systematize it — by starting with our own energy and information.

  1. Come to accept the level and state of the general consciousness field. It is simply how we have evolved together. Practice observing this state without judgment. Practice observing your own inner state without judgment.
  2. See beyond. Recognize this as a special age for humanity, and a critical age. It holds both opportunity and peril. What is the unique opportunity for you?
  3. Rise above. See the intensity of these times as a catalyst to rise to a higher level, to rise above the ocean of information. The sound practice of n̈ is a powerful method to immediately lift us above the information ocean. You can then go beyond the general human consciousness field to see the bigger picture.
  4. Play. When you merge with the mingjue consciousness field, you can use information in a free state. The awakened consciousness field is not limited to mingjue practitioners; it is for all practitioners who go beyond the general consciousness field and merge their pure baby hearts with the same resonance. In this awakened field, consciousness chooses information and uses it as a tool to relate to others and the natural world, as well as to enhance the function of mingjue. This level of resonance also harmonizes the energy of the body to potentiate healing.

In summary, the master of life is consciousness, not the ocean of information. When we become the masters of our lives, we can play with the ocean of this special age!

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Adapted from the course, “Awaken Your Heart, Heal Your Life,” September 2023, as taught by Teacher Wei.


A powerful testimony of instantaneous transformation from sinking to rising above:

“Mingjue radically changed my life on the 3rd day of the August retreat. I can even say today that August 3rd will remain engraved in my memory as the happiest day of my life!

“I’ve been suffering from eating disorders for 27 years now, and I can tell you that I’ve tried everything to deal with it (13 years of psychoanalysis, CBT, coaching, etc.) and it got worse and worse. Thinking about food from morning to night, all the time, an exhausting obsession!

“On August 3, after 15 minutes of practice, I felt like stopping to watch YouTube videos while eating potato chips. And I resisted while I stayed in Mingjue. Since then, it is FINISHED. I don’t think about food any more! I don’t feel like eating any more! I’m just normally hungry!

“I’ve finally found inner peace and reconciliation with food. At first, I didn’t dare to believe it. But a month later, I know it’s true! However, I practice every day, otherwise I gradually lose that inner peace and feel the urge to eat without hunger coming on.

“I have so much more energy (not being obsessed by these thoughts all day).

“I [did not] believe that I would ever be able to free myself from this!”



Why repeat the n̈ sound? This simple practice is the essence of mingjue consciousness. There is no Chinese character for the sound. There is no meaning. It is pure information. It is just itself.

When you repeat n̈, the vibration is a movement of invisible qi. It can readily bring you to the present moment into a pure, clear, and peaceful mingjue state.

It can also readily merge the n̈ vibration from within you with the n̈ of the collective field. In this way, the collective field can support your inner state.

Practice: Find a few times during your day to do this for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone during breaks in the day.

Sit upright in a comfortable position. Lift the baihui (crown of the head) up toward the sky, feet planted on the ground. Soften your gaze.

Draw your consciousness back into shenji palace (the center of your head).

Observe your whole qi body. Pure consciousness merges with the whole qi body and observes within to a very subtle level. Be relaxed, be peaceful.

Now say “n̈…n̈…n̈….” Feel mingjue (the inner observer) saying n̈…n̈…n̈….

Observe the n̈ sound appearing clearly in your consciousness. n̈…n̈…n̈…. (Repeat this many times.)

Do not focus on the feeling or the vibration — simply observe n̈ and observe mingjue saying n̈. n̈ makes mingjue clearer, stabler, simpler. When you say n̈, the n̈ sound and mingjue are one. There is nothing else.

Continue saying n̈…n̈…n̈…. Stay in the n̈ state with an inner smile. Be aware of each n̈ sound clearly. Be aware of the empty space between each n̈ sound.

When you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duqi (the navel). Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head. Turn the palms down toward baihui (crown of the head), then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duqi.

Rest for a while there.

Always hold the question: Who is saying n̈?


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