Imagine someone is exposed to nuclear radiation, which changes the DNA in his/her cells. After some time, a tumor develops. If his consciousness, even from a well-meaning effort to self-protect, becomes fixated on the tumor, a lot of fear and anxiety can arise. The information of the tumor, then, can map more strongly onto his consciousness. Inadvertently, his consciousness is stabilizing the information of the tumor and blocking his body’s full potential to heal.

Mingjue Gongfu (Pure Consciousness training) offers a way to see beyond the tumor, transform the fear and anxiety, heal strong emotions like anger or hatred, and choose healing information instead.

But how, exactly?

A New Worldview

Most of us define reality by what we can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. That is, we deem reality as the subjective world perceived through our five senses, as well as the objective world that technologies can measure. The invisible realm, which is subtle and not readily perceived or measured, is generally relegated to the category of ideas and abstractions, irrelevant to our daily lives, relationships, and health.

Zhineng Qigong science holds a different view of the universe — that everything is qi.

There are three levels of qi:

  1. Information
  2. Energy
  3. Form

Information is a very fine and pure level of qi. When information gathers, it becomes rougher — it becomes energy, measurable by modern science. And when energy gathers, it becomes form. Form is a very stable and condensed level of qi; examples include the body, cells, and atoms. So, the totality of the living universe is much larger and subtler than the physical or measurable world. 

In Zhineng Qigong, we train our bodies and minds to go beyond ordinary perceptions to these deeper perceptions of essence. When we come to observe everything as qi, we experience that everything is changing in every moment. Since attachments occur at the level of form, there is less to become attached to. Consciousness becomes more flexible and free. The heart opens. Energy flows better.

A New Life View

For healing, this means that, since information isn’t bound by time and space — it already exists everywhere, all at once, in human consciousness as well as in universal space — the information of healing is already contained within our bodies. In order for our internal qi to be mobilized and transformed, all we need to do is receive and activate it.

At its essence, our bodies are information.

Our organs are information.

We are information.

Now, can you begin to “see beyond” the limited perspectives that have been blocking your body’s energy and information?

Read below for the practice of Open and Close. It is the direct experience of the qi universe that can deeply transform and heal the body.

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Adapted from the course, Awaken Your Heart, Heal Your Life, August 2023, as taught by Teacher Wei.



Why Open and Close? Tian ren he yi 天人合一 means “humans and the universe are one.” We can experience this state of oneness by coming into the qi universe, and the simple practice of Open and Close is a powerful way to experience this. Direct experience can serve as an affirmation to our consciousness that the universe is indeed qi, and catalyze deep healing.

You become the universe. You also awaken to the infinite existence of Mingjue (Pure Consciousness).

Practice: Find a few times during your day to do this for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone during breaks in your day.

Take the sitting posture. Crown of the head gently lifted up toward the sky, feet planted on the floor, connected to the earth below.

Take a few deep breaths into your abdomen. Relax.

Set a good Mingjue entirety state (6-min video).

Close your eyes (or soften your gaze).

In the beginning, the practice of Open and Close focuses on the space between the hands and palms, as they hold a qi ball.

Hold your arms in front of duqi (the navel), as if hugging a qi ball. Then cup your palms, your fingers slightly spread out, like they are holding a small qi ball, gently, not too tight. Relax the arms, hands, and fingers.

Use your elbows to lead your arms and hands to slowly open and close. Your fingertips are facing each other — as if the fingers are connected by fine, invisible, lines or webs of qi. The center of your palms are also connected by qi lines, through the laogong energy gates in the middle of the palms. As the hands and fingers open, it may feel like your fingers are expanding and lengthening. By expanding your qi fingers a little, the qi between the hands can become stronger and more powerful.

Continue the open and close movements. Gently expand your arms, from the elbows. Your shoulders and shoulder blades also follow the elbows in opening and closing.

Practice Open and Close for five minutes with your hands in front of duqi (lower dantian). Then raise up your qi arms to the middle dantian in the center of the chest, practicing Open and Close there for five minutes. Then do the same at the upper dantian in the center of the head.

When you are finished, raise the qi ball to above the head. Turn the palms down toward the baihui (the crown of the head). Then slowly lower the palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duqi.

Draw Mingjue (Pure Consciousness) down to the lower dantian in the center of your abdomen. Allow mingjue to relax there for a while.

Ask yourself: Who is observing? Who is choosing this good information?



1. Coming into the informational body…

“Overnight, I had a new awareness and understanding of how to heal the information in the body, and how this course is different…. I could feel in my body and also observe, but it wasn’t like feeling inside my physical body. It was a different quality. Then I realized I was observing my informational body — the time-space structure was like a matrix. It was my body, but it was like a transparent body. My physical body went away, yet I was in my body. It felt a little like floating. Softer, more gentle…. This informational body was me, but it was more than me. It was me and the entirety.”

2. Experiencing the state of no boundaries and no pain…

“[While practicing Open and Close] there were no boundaries. I lost myself. I was just feeling the energy in my hands and all around. I have had a numbness in my right leg and foot. I went to that area and did not feel the numbness any more. This was wonderful. I will practice this all the time. There are no boundaries. Thank you!”

3. Beyond concept to experience…

“For the first time in my life, I have a very deep understanding of how healing works with the Open and Close practice and giving good information. I always knew this in my head, but now I can feel it!”




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