Mingjue Shen Zhen Acupuncture Online Course

Acupuncture with awakenend Consciousness


With Teacher Wei Qifeng

Join our 12-day Livestream Online Course

16-21 March and 18-23 May, 2024

With translation into various languages.

Participants will get access to the recordings.

Shen Zhen(神针) is also called Yi Zhen(意针). Shen and Yi mean ‘consciousness’.
Mingjue is awakened consciousness, and because our acupuncture is done in mingjue state, we call it Mingjue Shen Acupuncture (明觉神针). This method is to heal others, but also to improve the healer’s mingjue-awakened consciousness.

This kind of acupuncture is done through paranormal abilities, so there is no need to use a physical needle. Rather, we use consciousness and information to gather universe qi to form needles and do acupuncture. Good training is necessary to do this acupuncture effectively. Our training contains three parts: foundation theory, basic gongfu training and application of healing.

Benefits of joining this course:

  • To support acupuncture and energy therapists to gather qi and send information more powerful, and make healing more effective.
  • Mingjue shen acupuncture is a very good way of practicing mingjue-awakened consciousness.


Two modules of teachings will cover the content in three parts.

Module one (16~21 March): foundation theory and basic gongfu training

Module two (18-23 May): application combined with theory and gongfu training

Foundation Theory

  • Three levels of matter: information, energy, and physical matter. If information changes, then energy and matter will follow that change
  • Oneness and hunhua
  • Consciousness mobilizes qi
  • Information in consciousness can change the existing information, as well as the existing energy and the body
  • The theory of the causes of illness of qi and blood
  • The theory of the channels, energy points, and important qi centers
  • Mingjue; mingjue love, mingjue mantra
  • About acupuncture, and mingjue acupuncture
  • Healing with acupuncture

Basic Gongfu Training

  • Tian ren he yi and relaxation
  • Observation, penetration and concentration
  • Mingjue and mingjue love: the inner foundation of acupuncture
  • Experience qi and gather universe qi
  • Experience the qi of the channels and energy points
  • Visualization: qi needle or sword, love needle, respect needle, gratitude needle, trust needle
  • Information and transformation
  • Create mingjue consciousness field, information field and qi field
  • Trust: feel the movement of mingjue
  • Will power
  • Massage real needle

Healing Techniques

  • Needles, qi needle, sword needle, qi sword needle
  • Mingjue needles, mingjue love light needle
  • The mingjue information needle: mingjue becomes one with the needle, mingjue consciousness field and the needle become one, universe mingjue and the needle become one
  • Choosing energy points for different problems
  • Rotating the needle and sending the information to create transformation
  • Mingjue needle gathers universal energy
  • Mingjue needle does open and close: open, mingjue universe; close, mingjue needle
  • Bu zhen 布阵: hunyuan needle, yin yang needle, tian di ren needle, four forms needle, five element needle, bagua needle
  • Fly needle, one light needle and many light needles, use needle to gather Dao: needle becomes one with the Dao
  • Practice mingjue shen acupuncture healing
  • Join the world consciousness community to improve these abilities continuously


16-21 March and 18-23 May, 2024

Our livestream online sessions are held via Zoom twice daily to accommodate our global community:

At 9-11 am and 8-10 pm Beijing time

You can choose the optimal time for you, or join both sessions. The general content is the same, but since Teacher Wei teaches from a pure consciousness state, the sessions do vary.

Course Fee

For our 12-day livestream online course with Teacher Wei Qifeng:

400 USD (including recordings)

Certificate: A certificate of learning and participation will be sent as a printable PDF.

320 USD for recordings only


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