Audios: Awakening love meditation

This series of 15 audio meditations supports you to build a positive information field in: DNA, body inner space, consciousness, family and the whole world. All the audios focus on creating a fundamental good qigong state – awakening pure consciousness, universal love and joyful entirety state. When we are in this state, the old fixed pattern of life will change naturally into a new opened harmonious life state. We use this fundamental state by practicing simple methods to transform internal qi and universe qi. In fact, we should practice all the methods in this state, so it will become much deeper and more effective.

Although the contents of some audios seems to be similar, but the information in each one is complementary. If you practice repeatedly, your consciousness, information, qi and body will improve to higher level.

There are some sounds in the audios:

“shenji” is a sound for vibrating in the center of the head.
“xu” means that form changes into formless and formless qi becomes purer and finer.
“hua san” means to transform and disappear.
“hua” means to transform.
“tong” means to open and flow well.


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