Mingjue for beginners guide

In this Mingjue for beginners guide, we’ll give you all information you need to learn about Mingjue, the practices, the benefits and how to start with Mingjue practice.

What is Mingjue?

Ming (明) means “clear”, jue (觉) means “awareness” or “observer”. We can understand Mingjue as our inner observer that achieves a state of self-awareness. 

Normally our inner observer is aware of our feelings, thoughts or body sensations. At this level, the inner observer itself is not yet present to us. But when the inner observer realizes itself and is the state of it self, that is Mingjue. So in Mingjue practice the focus is on our inner observer itself.

Mingjue: Awakening consciousness

Why Mingjue practice? What are the benefits?

Starting Mingjue practice can bring a myriad of benefits to your life, including your health, body, relationships, and general well-being. Because Mingjue practice incorporates the powerful energy work of qigong methods, it has positive effects on your consciousness, body, health and emotions. All aspects of your being can heal and awaken together. Here are some of the profound benefits:

Improve you inner observer

Your consciousness becomes focused, pure, stable and powerful.

Gain inner freedom and become independent

Go beyond the material world, internal attachments, limitations and boundaries.

Self-Healing & Strengthen your energy

In combination with the easy methods of Qigong, transform life energy (Qi) and body to strengthen, to heal yourself and health problems in an easier and effective way.

Free yourself from emotional suffering

Directly go beyond emotions and resolve emotional problems.

Mingjue is the master key

Through Mingjue practice, we can reach a harmonious and stable mind state, balance the energy of the whole body, and clear away illnesses.

The beautiful state of openness, acceptance, happiness, freedom, peace and true love will appear by itself. This naturally will bring harmony to yourself, the family and society.

What is Mingjue and why do we practice Mingjue?

How to practice Mingjue as a beginner

Embarking on your Mingjue practice journey is easier than you might think. Consistency is the key. Aim to practice daily, even if it’s just for a short time. If you practice Mingjue regularly and integrate your practice and qigong into everyday life, you’ll see the benefits throughout all areas of your life and health.

The key is to always maintain your Mingjue state in daily life. Through regular practice and deepening, it will become increasingly easier for you.

Here are some simple steps on how you can experience Mingjue

Meditation: Your inner observer realizes itself

  1. Practice in a quiet place. It’s best to always practice in the same place to build a habit.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and choose a comfortable posture.
  3. If you initially want to practice Mingjue without qigong exercises, then close your eyes, relax your mind and body. Breath naturally. Go inward. Try to let go of any distracting thoughts. Relax more. Become aware of the present moment – become conscious of the present moment without putting attention to any body sensations, feelings and thoughts.
  4. Now as you have become aware of the present moment, ask yourself the question: Who is becoming aware of the present moment? Who is observing the present moment? Then you will realize “I am the observer. My observer realizes itself.” – This is Mingjue.  
  5. To maintain the Mingjue state, start saying the letter “n”. The n-sound has no meaning. Do not focus on the feeling or the vibration when saying “n”. Simply observe “n” and observe and experience Mingjue saying “n”. This technique makes Mingjue clearer, stabler, simpler. 
  6. You can continue to remain in your Mingjue state and say “n” silently for about 10 minutes (or longer). You will experience your Mingjue becoming clearer and more stable.
  7. When you are ready, gently open your eyes.

If you don’t experience the Mingjue state immediately, don’t worry. Just try another time in a calm, relaxed, peaceful and open state.

When you are familiar with the  methods of Zhineng Qigong, then the effects of practicing qigong in the Mingjue state can unfold even more strongly.

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What our Mingjue practitioners say

"Thank you so much. I can hardly say how miraculously my life is changing, even if slowly, just changing my reference framework and doing qigong daily (I do levels one and 2 and standing mingjue) is really changing me. Thank you infinitely!!!!"
"Since we began the Mingjue Gongfu classes, I have been grateful and humbled by the experiences that each module has provided. My personal life challenges, especially childhood traumas that many would have had difficulty surviving, came to me urgently in practice since Module 6. It was as though my body, mind, and spirit were finally in a truly safe place and ready to heal these wounds. Every day I practiced standing, sitting, and lying down N meditation, as this has been incredibly effective. I am always in wonder at how well this works."
"First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me to find myself and to come Home… never a practice had given me so much. Clarity in concepts, clarity in what happens in me, when reference frameworks arrives; the relationship with external life from me, and how to return to my power."
"One of the most precious presents I’ve gotten from the course is the N practice. Such a simple practice, yet so deep. I can feel its affect on my mingjue — stabilizing, purifying. I use it in my regular practice but also in daily life, especially in ‘stormy weather.’ It helps me to be more aware of my inner thieves and catch them in advance, not losing myself to the drama. The N practice helps me awaken my mingjue compassionate love toward my experience as it is. It’s a deep process that needs patience and practice, practice, practice but it goes very deep down to the roots. I can feel it."
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