Cases of illness

Case of Nephritic syndrome

Name: Xiaobing Zhang
Gender: male
Age: 28 years
Birth place: Wanrong Town, Yuncheng Region, Shanxi Province

The patient visited regional hospital of Yuncheng in Shanxi Province and was diagnosed with nephritic syndrome. He came to Zhineng Qigong rehabilitation center to seek medical help on July 14th, 1997.

Entrance physical examination result: concave edema of whole body, Kidney area without percussion. The patient were treated with oral prednisone (35mg/day) and traditional Chinese medicine. On July 19th, the patient stop using medicine and symptoms were aggravated. The patient continued to practice Qigong. His symptoms has gone on July 25th. On August 18th, the examination taken in medical department of Qigong center and hospital of Fengrun Town revealed normality.

Case of Femoral Head Necrosis Case

Name: Lin Luo
Gender: female
Age: 51 years
Birth place: Taixing City, Jiang Su Province

The patient complained right hip joint pain without obvious predisposing cause and movement range is limited. She was diagnosed with right femoral head necrosis. The symptom was not relieved after some certain treatment. The right side femoral head necrosis became worse and pain of the left side occurred four years before. The joint movement was limited. Patient was not able to walk independently and had to use walking sticks. She had received treatment in specialized hospitals in Jiangsu, Shandong and Beijing etc but wasn’t cured and the symptoms got even worse. The patient was almost in paralysis and on the verge of psychotic break at the end of the year of 1995. She began to practice Zhineng Qigong in July, 1997 and visited Zhineng Qigong rehabilitation center to seek medical assist on August 26th.

At the beginning she came to the Qigong center, her joint movement was limited, can not squat. She had to reply on walking sticks for walking and joints pained a lot. After she received creat Qi field for healing and practiced Qigong, the joint pain was relieved slowly by slowly and she began to walk independently. She took an X radiography examination on September 23rd and the result revealed that the left femoral head necrosis was successfully cured. The patients felt pain disappeared completely on September 23rd and joint movement was recovered. Another examination demonstrated that sacroiliac joint of both sides were normal. This means the illness on the sacroiliac joint of the patient were successfully cured within one month.

Case of Diabetes Mellitus

Name: Maozhen Yin
Gender: female
Age: 62 years
Birth place: Qingyuan City of Liaoning Province

The patient complains excessive drinking and eating, hyperuresis, weight loss, headache, dizzy, for over four years. She was diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus combined with Grade II hypertension by overall examination in 202 hospital of Shen Yang province. The patient was given with hypoglycemic and blood pressure control drugs but the treatment effect was not obvious with plasma glucose level of 8~10mmol/l and blood pressure of 160~170/95~105mmHg. The patient came to Zhineng Qigong Rehabilitation Center to seek medical help on March 7th, 1996.

Entrance physical examination: exhaustion appearance, blood pressure 170/95mmHg, heart, lung, abdominal (一),edema of lower limbs”++”,plasma glucose 8.12mmol/l,cholesterol6.38mmol/l,urine glucose”+++”,urine protein”++”。

Entrance diagnosis: Type II diabetes mellitus combined with Grade II hypertension.

After the patient experienced creat Qi field for healing and Qigong practice, and had diet restriction, her symptoms disappeared slowly. The patient admitted good metal status and improvement of physical capacity at the end of the semester in May. Physical examination result: blood pressure 140/90mmHg, no edema in lower limbs, plasma glucose 5.5mmol/l, cholesterol 5.16mmol/l, urine glucose(一), urine protein(一). The patient recovered completely.

Case of Hepatic cirrhosis case

Name: Zhiqin Zhao
Gender: female
Age: 41 years
Birth Place: MengZhou City, He Nan Province

The patient complained darken urine and yellow eyes and skin. She came to the People’s hospital of Yu Meng Region and was diagnosed with heptatitis by specific examinations. The patient’s sign and symptom had not been relieved after hospitalization. The patient was transferred to 150 hospital of Luo Yang in July and received four-month treatment, during which her condition was very uncertain. Colour Doppler Ultrasound revealed chronic liver injury, liver cirrhosis and spleen enlargement. The patient visited Zhineng Qigong rehabilitation center to seek medical advice on July 3rd, 1997.

Entrance physical examination report: mental exhaustion, liver disease appearance, abdominal distention, shifting dullness, liver and spleen were impalpable.

The patient had experienced creat Qi field for healing,talk therapy and Qigong practice and her symptoms disappeared slowly. On July 25th, her ultrasonic examination report in center medical department showed no abnormality in liver, gall and spleen.

Case of Calculosis

Name: Qingming Fei
Gender: Female
Age: 52 years

The patient was diagnosed with hepatic and gall calculosis of sand and mud type in the year of 1971. Then she received dissection surgery in her left liver. And the right liver was partially dissected in 1988. However, two years later she got liver pain and stones developed again as demonstrated in examination result. Doctors could not cure the disease and reject to provide further treatment. The patient joined two sessions of Zhineng Qigong Recovery Course and expelled a few hundred of stones. She felt disease eliminated and ultrasonic examination has proved no stone.

According to the record of the successive three calculosis courses, there were 92 calculosis patients, 83 hepatic and gall type and 9 kidney and bladder type. After the patients received Qigong leading, practice and treatment, the overall effective rate was 100% and cure rate was 41%.

Case of Drug Rehabilitation

Name: A
Gender: male
Age: 28 years.

Occupation: Trainee of the 16th class, 4th Group, 86th period of Rehabilitation 1st Center

Patient had drug addiction for three years, for which he has spent over three hundred thousand RMB roughly. Patient has failed in abandoning drug for a few times. He had tried coma method in which he was induced into coma after medicine injection. However, the drug addiction was not reduced even after seven-day coma. On September 14th, 1997, the patient visited Zhineng Qigong Rehabilitation Center for drug rehabilitation by Qigong practice. His body weight increased 15 kg in one month. On October 10th he received examination in hospital of Feng Run City and the result of the blood test turned normal. The patient said, there were various drug rehabilitation methods, but Zhineng Qigong was the most efficient and magical by comparison.

Case of Breast Cancer Case

Name: June Wang
Gender: female
Age: 62 years

Occupation: retired worker of guest house of Guang Dong electricity Bureau

On September 13th, 1989, the patient was diagnosed with simple carcinoma in right breast in cancer center of Sun Yat-sen University and received dissection surgery. Carcinoma cells were detected in lymph system in examination six months post-surgery. The patient started to practice Zhineng Qigong in June, 1992 and stopped having further western and traditional Chinese medicine. On July 29th, 1997, patients had another examination in cancer center of Sun Yat-sen University and was found normal.


An analysis of Zhineng Qigong treatment of 47,864 patients and its therapeutic effect: Treatment of 47,864 cases effectivness analysis

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