Audios: Paranormal abilities

We offer various audios of Zhineng Qigong practices, methods and meditations.

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Pure and calm heart: one of very important conditions for developing paranormal abilities. The sound is "xu yin".

Abundance of Yiyuanti Qi - one of very important conditions for developing consciousness potential. The sounds in practice are: "yin", "yin tian he jing qi ju e kun lun", " jing ju kun lun".

This guided meditation to open inner space is to consciously experience that the physical body actually is qi. In this state the consciousness can easily merge with inner qi and external qi forming an entirety and transforming life in the…

Right Angle breathing: open heavenly gate and yintang and develop paranormal abilities. Follow the recording to learn how to practice and receive information. When you practice it, don’t control your breathing, keep breathing in the natural way. Hun yuan ling…

Foundation training of paranormal abilities.