Three levels of entirety practice in Zhineng Qigong

In Zhineng Qigong, there are three main entirety levels of practice. The third level entirety is the practice of Mingjue entirety state.

Entirety in Zhineng Qigong practice manifests on these three levels:

1. Consciousness and Qi serve for body.
2. Consciousness and body serve for Qi.
3. Qi and body serve for consciousness.

First level of entirety practice

The body is highlighted in the entirety of body, consciousness, and Qi. In this entirety, consciousness forgets itself, loses itself through primarily focusing on body feeling, form and movement. The consciousness doesn’t always have the experience of Qi or perhaps has a little experience of Qi on hands or some part of the body. Many other styles of qigong practice are at this level. In the past, many people learning Zhineng Qigong also started from this level. At this level entirety, as the observer, consciousness fixes on the body.


The second level of entirety practice

At this level, the Qi state is highlighted in the entirety of body, qi and consciousness. Body and consciousness serve Qi. When consciousness observes body deeply, body shows as a Qi state in consciousness, like an empty space with no boundaries. In this state, you have the feeling of a Qi body, not a form body, you feel you and the universe Qi space are one. A Qi world view is formed from this experience. You become more peaceful, harmonious, and free. If you practice at this level well, many body and Qi blockages will disappear.

Today many Zhineng Qigong practitioners have already improved to this level. They have gotten some benefit from this level practice. But because their consciousnesses loses it-self and fixes deeply on the Qi experience, this fixation creates problems on Qi and emotions. Even after many years, many practitioners feel that it is very difficult to improve to a new level and they may give up qigong practice completely.

The third level of entirety practice

At this level, finally consciousness is highlighted in the entirety of body, Qi and consciousness. The consciousness observes itself, becomes a self-aware/ awakening state. We call this state Mingjue (明觉). Mingjue merges with qi body and universe forming a mingjue centered awakening entirety. The consciousness becomes the master, the real conscious practice and  a conscious life begins.

As awakening Mingjue becomes purer and clearer, you can easily experience a finer level Qi, and the entirety state improves to a higher level quickly. The consciousness becomes more free, stable, powerful, and confident.

Mingjue goes through the old, fixed patterns of limited reference framework and chooses new information in a free state. That works in accordance with the laws of a good life and universe to transform life. This will create a new harmonious lifestyle, relationships, and new culture for humans.

Dr. Pang said:
This level practice is the master key which can open all the doors – resolve body, emotional, mental, and social problems and remove distracting thoughts – bringing freedom and harmony to oneself and the world.

At this level, consciousness is highlighted in the Qi field created by the practitioner. We call it “consciousness field”, “awakening consciousness field”, or “Mingjue consciousness field”. In this field, all the awakening consciousnesses merge together heart to heart, support each other, love each other, to benefit oneself and lead humans to evolve to a higher level.

The evolution of humanity is the development of the world consciousness field.

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