The essence of Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a life science based on comprehensive systematic theory and methods.

Here you will learn the essence of Zhineng Qigong as expressed in Teacher Wei’s own words:

The Qi Universe
Everything in universe is qi (energy), as a visible and invisible existence. The universe itself is a large qi field.

Three Levels of Matter
There are three levels of matter in universe: physical (material), energy, and information. Consciousness is the existence at the information level. The information level of matter can change the energy and physical levels of matter.

Hunhua: Merging and Transforming
The process of merging and transformation (hunhua) is always happening between the different levels of information, energy, and material. Everything is changing in each present moment. Every second, everything is becoming a new state, and many new things are forming. Conscious hunhua is the core of qigong practice.

At the energy level, there are no boundaries. Everything merges and transforms as one entirety. At the information level, everything exists as an entire time-space structure that contains the complete information of the universe. Consciousness is an infinite state, merging with everything in the universe. So, we are one, everything is one.

Human Qi
Humans consist of the three levels of matter, which manifest as the physical body, energy, and information. The information level includes the information of consciousness and human nature.

The Role of Consciousness in the Transformation and Creation of the Universe
Consciousness can send information to transform life and the physical level of existence. Qigong healing and scientific research are the examples.

Consciousness as the Master of Life
The consciousness state and consciousness information (thoughts) influence the energy and energy field of the body. Consciousness instructions can guide energy (qi) to move and change the qi state.

Yiyuanti and the Reference Framework
Yiyuanti is the True Self: the essence, source, or being of the consciousness. It is the most complete and pure qi state of the brain cells and nervous system, transcending time and space. Yiyuanti contains all the information in the universe and can reflect different information. The reflected information forms the reference framework for measuring and understanding the world (or an inner programming). Yiyuanti uses the information of the reference framework to form consciousness activities. When Yiyuanti is fixed at the level of the reference framework, it forgets itself; consciousness become limited, fixed, and distorted. Ego suffering occurs. When Yiyuanti realizes itself and is itself, it becomes an open, infinite free state.

The Second Life System
Consciousness manages the body and life through the nervous system and thoughts. These are our ordinary faculties, called the First Life System. When consciousness passes information directly to work on life and to the external world without connecting to the nervous system, these become extraordinary or extrasensory abilities (“superabilities”), called the Second Life System. Practicing the Second Life System can help consciousness go beyond the influence of the body, become more independent, develop more skills, and better manage the body and the world.

Mingjue Practice as the Way to go to Yiyuanti (True Self)
Mingjue means that Yiyuanti starts to wake up and know itself. When the inner observer comes back to itself from observing the external world, it observes itself, and is itself. This is the Mingjue state. Mingjue consciously purifies and stabilizes itself, and trains its functions through all activities, finally achieving True Self. Mingjue practice happens at the third level of matter, and belongs to the Second Life System.

Mingjue Love
Mingjue is very pure and harmonious, bringing harmony to the world. When it receives and merges with the information of something, Mingjue creates harmony in that thing. This is the unconditional love of Mingjue. Mingjue is the awakened master of life, so it goes beyond the patterns of the reference framework. But when it is still young, Mingjue still can be influenced by the old thinking patterns, lose its stability, and therefore lose itself. So, Mingjue needs to constantly remind itself to be itself, in a pure love state. Through diligent self-training, all aspects of life will become freer and freer.

The World Mingjue Consciousness Field: A Harmonious World
People who have come to the Mingjue level merge their Mingjue together to form a pure, infinite consciousness field. This field is not fixated on the reference framework. It can be supported by each Mingjue practitioner, and at the same time, it also supports each Mingjue practitioner. In this way, Mingjue practice can harmonize and purify humanity (the general human consciousness field), supporting humans to evolve to a higher level. It can also harmonize and purify everything in the world. Mingjue and the Minjue consciousness field manifest the awakening of the universe.

Zhineng Qigong Medicine
From Zhineng Qigong theory, all the problems of the body are just qi blockages, deficiencies, or imbalances. If qi is not sufficient or cannot flow well, health problems arise. Body problems can be caused by external factors, genetic factors, or emotional factors, all acting to create qi problems. The way of healing is to change qi, lifestyle factors, and emotions. Emotional and mental problems mainly come from the fixed reference framework; body and external world factors are only inducing factors. The way of healing is to go beyond the reference framework, to change emotions and the fixed way of thinking.


These methods are chosen for mingjue gongfu practice of the World Consciousness Community:

  • Cultivating oneness through practicing tian ren he yi (humans and the universe are one) and the qi universe
  • Awakening Yiyuanti (True Self) by practicing Mingjue
  • Changing the reference framework
  • Transforming emotions
  • Enhancing innate qi through mingmen inner palace practice
  • Harmonizing the five inner organ’s qi and emotions through hunyuan palace practice
  • Improving consciousness and developing superabilities through shenji palace practice
  • Strengthening and enhancing the flexibility of the spine and central nervous system

Learn more about the Mingjue gongfu practice system.

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