Hun yuan ling tong

These four words have very profound content.

“Hun yuan” refers to original hunyuan qi, the hunyuan qi of human beings and all other hunyuan qi merged together. “Ling tong” means very effective, having good results. “Ling” also has another meaning, referring to the ‘true self’ which teacher Pang also called “ling jue” or “ming jue”.

So hunyuan ling tong means that the true self merges and works with the hunyuan state of the universe in a way that can make miraculous-seeming things happen. But they are not miracles, because they can be explained by hunyuan entirety theory. In this state, when the mind merges and works with hunyuan and the mind sends information about what is needed, then things can be instantly transformed by the information.

Zhineng Qigong practitioners often repeat the phrase ‘hunyuan ling tong’, as well as silently repeating it to make it an integral part of their thinking. Teacher Pang said that whenever something happens, our first thought should always be ‘hunyuan ling tong’, so we need to repeat it often so that it is always in the forefront of our mind. Through it, we can trust ourself and our inside potential and powers. There are many examples of its effectiveness that circulate amongst Zhineng Qigong practitioners. Therefore it is important for Westerners to understand something of its meaning.

Through diligent practice, when one really trusts and is in accord with the laws of the universe, the mind (yishi) will achieve a state of ‘ling tong hunyuan qi’. Teacher Pang said this has the effect of:

  • wu wu bu hua – there is nothing you can’t change,
  • wu wu bu shen – there’s nothing you’re unable to bring about,
  • wu wu bu cui – nothing you can’t destroy

During my class, when Teacher Pang began to teach the two-year students about the full meaning of hunyuan ling tong, he first performed ‘guan ding’ on each of us. In this way we received not only his spoken words, as are translated below, but also his information to provide us with a deep understanding.

What follows is the translation of an excerpt from a lecture given by Dr Pang during the two year training class and reprinted in Zi Wo Yu Sheng Ming vol.2 (it is translated by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser):

Hunyuan ling tong
The meaning is that each person’s hunyuan qi includes yiyuanti, body hunyuan and inner organs hunyuan qi integrated together, along with life activity. This internal hunyuan qi and the qifield are themselves integrated.

The highest level hunyuan qi in the universe is yiyuanti. This merges with original hunyuan qi. All Zhineng Qigong practitioners’ pure, healthy and right-minded qi (hao ran zheng qi) and their information of selflessness also merge, so all the above is integrated. The merging of these elements means that all sorts of information is communicated and can be received (gou tong), leading to a clear, well-functioning consciousness (yishi).

If you keep this knowledge in the forefront of your mind and repeat it often you will experience the reality of ‘hunyuan ling tong’.

The reality of ‘hunyuan ling tong’ expresses the [hunyuan] whole, with no limits and no impediments.[In other words, it expresses the reality of the hunyuan entirety state.] Qi activity can change very rapidly and can freely penetrate everywhere.

When you experience the reality of ‘hunyuan ling tong’ in your body, it will affect your entire body.

You must experience the state of ‘ling’ from deep in your heart (xin) every time. If you use your mind (yishi) in this way, you will master all your life activities and instructions sent from yiyuanti will have great power. Use it to change yourself and that which surrounds you; it will have a huge impact.


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