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In our community, the core practice is developing pure consciousness “Mingjue” based on the methods of Zhineng Qigong. Practitioners connect heart to heart to build the world mingjue consciousness field. This consciousness field supports everyone and in turn, everyone makes this consciousness field stronger. This consciousness field continuously leads humanity to improve and reach a high level bringing health, peace, love, happiness and freedom to yourself, to everyone and to the world.

NEW BOOK: Mingjue Awakening

We are very excited to announce the release of our first Mingjue book. In the first comprehensive book of its kind, Master Wei Qifeng reveals the most recent, cutting-edge theories and methods of qigong science, quantum healing, and the power of the collective consciousness field to heal and awaken individuals and communities alike.

Upcoming Course Events And Highlights

Upcoming Course Events And Highlights


Mingjue Healing Online Courses

Join us for the whole year or in single online courses.
Next Mingjue livestream online course: JUNE 1-7, 2024
You can buy the recordings of our Mingju Program.
mingjue online course March

Mingjue Healing Online Courses

Join us for the whole year or in single online courses.
Next Mingjue livestream online course:
MARCH 1-7, 2024 
At 9-11 am and 8-10 pm Beijing time
Both sessions will be recorded and accessible to participants.

If you missed our previous livestream online courses, you are welcome to buy the recordings.

Upcoming Retreats

Mingjue Gongfu Advanced Training and Teacher Training Retreat
- Hainan Island -

8-31 October, 2024 (24 days)

This retreat is perfect for you if you want to intensify your Mingjue gongfu or want to become a Mingjue teacher.

in-Person retreats in Europe and Malaysia

Join our in-person qigong workshops in beautiful locations.

Mingjue: Awakening consciousness

“It is like we have a deep treasure hidden inside ourselves at the bottom of the ocean. But few people realize it because they cannot see it. But with Mingjue practice we can experience it. Our pure consciousness is our greatest treasure and our whole life becomes more peaceful and harmonious, full of universal love. Consciousness is the master key. ”  — Wei Qifeng

mingjue awaken consciousness zhineng
zhineng qigong ming jue

Zhineng Qigong Culture

Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming used his high level wisdom gathered the essence of Chinese traditional culture (including Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, TCM etc.), combined with modern science and philosophy created Zhineng Qigong culture, a human new culture, for awaking humanity.

This human new culture provides very powerful and effective ways for healing, improving the level of self-cultivation, developing human potentials, and creating a harmonious world.

We hope that all practitioners will find our website as a place to connect mind to mind, heart to heart to form a mingjue-daohearts level consciousness field all over the world.

Free Mingjue eBook for you!

Free eBook - Healing Cancer with pure Consciousness

Feedback from our community

“I have learned to live in harmony with myself and with others. I have also learned to accept and even enjoy that things do not happen the way I supposed them to happen and to open myself to discover new paths without fear and with pure Mingjue love.”

“First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me to find myself and to come Home… never a practice had given me so much. Clarity in concepts, clarity in what happens in me, when reference frameworks arrives; the relationship with external life from me, and how to return to my power.”

“The practice of Mingjue with the wonderful and deep daily observation is helping me to change naturally. The intention disappears and everything happens by itself. The Mingjue state not only allows me to be more at peace with my surroundings, but to be at peace with myself.”

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