Mingjue Online Course 2023-2024


AUGUST 1, 2023 - JUNE 30, 2024

Mingjue Training Program for teachers, healers, and everyone else

Open your heart know yourself better and deeper

Mingjue (ming means clarity, jue means observation) is a state of pure awareness, a state in which the pure observer in you comes to observe, know, and experience itself. Once you arrive at this state, it is important to stabilize it. This can allow the mingjue state to transform your experiences and perceptions in daily life.
In this course, we will go deeper to bring our awareness back to consciousness itself. Consciousness reflects and mirrors itself; is in a state of pure awareness of itself; and merges with the purest qi of the universe (Hunyuan Qi), the information field of The World Consciousness Community, and the consciousness field of the universe. It is the practice with, for, and as the collective that we amplify our potential to heal and awaken — as individuals and as a global community.


  • Improve your health at the physical, emotional, and mental level
  • Purify, clarify, and enhance the energy of your body
  • Develop a harmonious pattern of thinking and living
  • Use the high-level function of mingjue to do powerful healing for people, animals, and plants
  • Train your mingjue state by conducting different kinds of experiments
  • Learn to support others in coming to a mingjue-level conscious life
  • Engage in more service from pure love
  • Cultivate healthier relationships
  • Enhance the awakened consciousness community
  • Intensify the world mingjue-level consciousness field


All LIVE workshops are held twice daily, to accommodate our global community:

9:00 am – 11:00 am Beijing time
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Beijing
(convert timezone here)

You can choose the optimal time for you, or join both sessions. The general content is the same, but since Teacher Wei teaches from a pure consciousness state, the sessions do vary.

Both sessions will be recorded and accessible to all participants.

Session Dates:
  • August 1-7
  • September 1-7
  • December 1-7
  • January 7-13
  • February 1-7
  • March 1-7
  • May 1-7
  • June 1-7

Course Details

  1. Relaxation, observation, concentration, transformation, acceptance
  2. From the tian ren he yi state, opening the inner space to a sense of oneness
  3. Awakening consciousness, coming to mingjue, and becoming the master of your life
  4. Practicing from the level of consciousness, forming a mingjue-centered life
  5. Breaking, transforming, and going beyond old patterns of the reference framework; building a new reference framework from the level of mingjue for a free and beautiful life; transforming everyday life, supported by a community of participants
  6. Developing “super abilities” to heal yourself and improve your quality of life
  7. Practicing spine and central nervous system for flexibility and strength, optimizing overall body structure
  8. Creating an abundant flow of qi in the three dantians (energy centers of the body); opening the three palaces
  9. Transforming sexual energy and strengthening innate qi
  10. Awakening the consciousness field to harmonize the world
  11. Serving the world by bringing mingjue into everyday life
  12. Creating a field of conscious healing information for all beings

We will explore the following Eight Turning Points of the Heart and experience how to go beyond old patterns:

  1. What is your reaction when you experience discomfort in the physical body?
  2. What is your reaction when you encounter praise or disapproval?
  3. What is your reaction when your beloved shows little or no affection?
  4. What is your reaction to losing material possessions or money?
  5. What is your reaction when you imagine your dying process?
  6. What is your reaction when old trauma reappears?
  7. What is your reaction when you feel there is no progress in your practice, or when you seem to regress?
  8. What is your reaction when deep fear and loneliness appear?


It is easy to perceive the existence of the mirroring consciousness. However, in order to maintain the mingjue state in everyday life and experience the effects, it is of great benefit to practice regularly and with concentration.


  • For the months specified above: 7 sessions with Teacher Wei (join live or watch the recordings)
  • Each week: group practices with an organizer of your choice. Smaller mingjue-qi teams provide additional support, sharing, and practice.
  • Self-paced, self-guided practice with the recordings.
  • Practice in daily life: mingjue love with family, friends, colleagues, and everyone you meet. Mingjue love is in service to everyone.
  • Daily 10-minute silent meditation (at a designated time) of collective merging with the mingjue love consciousness field.

Evaluation Areas

Participants will evaluate their progress throughout the year in the following areas:

  • Mingjue state
  • Change in the reference framework
  • Emotional state
  • Feeling, power, and flexibility of the physical body
  • Wisdom and service: enhancing life for self and others
  • Family relationships
  • Results of diagnostic tests or clinical exams showing improvement (if any are available)

Becoming A Certified Mingjue Teacher Trainer or Healer

Mingjue Certification of Participation:

In the last month of the year-long program, participants who want a certificate must fill the forms that cover the above evaluation points, and then send them to their organizer.


Mingjue Gongfu Healer Certificate (only for participants enrolled in the full one-year

  1. In the last month of the year-long program, participants interested in certifying as a healer must fill out the forms that cover the evaluation points delineated above, and then send them to their organizer.
  2. Perform mingjue healings at least 60 times (for at least 20 individuals). There is a specific form to fill out for the healing sessions. Both forms are necessary for those certifying as a healer.

Mingjue Gongfu Teacher Certificate (only for participants enrolled in the full one-year program):

  1. In the last month of the one-year program, participants interested in certifying as a teacher must fill out the forms that cover the evaluation points delineated above, and then send them to their organizer. Additionally, they must submit a summary of the theories, methods, and practices undertaken during the year, as well as their understanding of our community.
  2. Lead five online group practice sessions, fill out the form on the experience of the sessions, and send it to your organizer.
Note: You can certify as both teacher and healer by completing the above requirements.

Meet Your Teacher: Wei Qifeng


Wei Qifeng the teacher of ZhìNéng QìGōng MíngJué GōngFu is recognized for his excellence in transmitting the teachings in a joyful, open and accessible way to people from both East and West. He holds his teachings in English language.

Organizers will translate from English into your language.

Costs Of the Whole Year Program

New participants:

  • Price for the whole year: 1200 USD
  • Price for one month, or month by month: 200 USD
  • Price for recordings only (for one 7-days module): 160 USD

Second year participants: 

  • Price for the whole year: 600 USD

Those that have participated for two or more years:

  • Price for the whole year: 300 USD

Teacher certification:

  • Price: 150 USD

Healer certification:

  • Price: 150 USD

In addition to the course, the fees include the following:

  • Downloadable recordings of all live sessions
  • Unlimited access to any and all live practice groups in TWCC
  • Additional recordings to learn and directly experience the awakened consciousness states
    – mingjue and tian ren he yi (oneness). These recordings will be provided immediately after registration, before the course starts and will include different aspects of Zhineng Qigong and Mingjue Gongfu theory.
  • Mingjue Gongfu e-book to review the meaning of mingjue


Everyone must register and make payments to their organizer. Find the list of organizers below.

Every organizer is the main contact person for any questions, and every organizer will accompany each participant during the entire one-year program.

Organizers of the World Consciousness Community

Please register with the organizer of your choice:















Organizers of the World Consciousness Community

Please Register With The Organizer Of Your Choice:


Regina Dell’Oro:  USA – PST

Simone, Kenneth, Gloria, Penny Ann:  USA – MT/CT/EST 

Irene Cyr:  USA – EST

Beth Bright:   USA – MST

YS Tho:  Malaysia

Margaret Macky:  New Zealand

Sara Quinn:   UK

Thomas:   Hungary 


AnYue Ana Barrios:   Spain

Maria Teresa Coral:   Spain

Isabel:   Spain

Oscar Silva & Mayra Corona:   Mexico

Cecilia Beristain:   Mexico

Ariadna:  Mexico

Taty:  Mexico

Isaac Sánchez Soto:   Mexico 

Fabrizzio Godoy:  Mexico

Citlalli Alvarez:   Mexico

Lou Padin:  Argentina

Yrmgard Cosson:   Venezuela

Isla Pickis:  Chile


Nicolas:   France

Soazic:  France

He Yan & Godara Ravi:   France

Svetlana:  Switzerland


Helena Revez:  Portugal

Nuno (Ling Ming):  Portugal

Deolinda Fernandes:  Portugal


Simone Claridge:   Germany

Isla Pickis:    Germany

Ping Dietrich-Shi:   Germany


Delia:   Italy

Raffaella:  Italy


Marius:  Romania


Gozde Erguc:   Turkey


Yossi:   Israel


Feri:   Hungary


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