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We would like to thank everyone for opening their hearts and sharing their beautiful healing stories and experiences with us.

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I want to share an experience I had last night. Today I have realised that miracles really exist, that they really come true.

For some days my right foot has been swollen and ached a lot, especially in the inner side of the ankle which reached half the sole of the foot and prevented me from walking. Yesterday night AnYué performed a healing session to me with Mingjue acupuncture. Last night I slept well and peacefully. This morning when I got up I didn’t remember the ache I had and after walking about at home for quite a while, I realised the foot did not hurt at all. The swell was still there but it was painless, so I could walk properly completely free of pain.

To experience it has been really incredible to me because I really was in bad pain. Now I am looking at the foot, checking it and feeling grateful to it for being so receptive to the qi that AnYué sent. I have also realised that that the swell is completely gone and the foot is totally healthy.

I wanted to share this information and express my gratitude to the qi field, because we are all in this field and I feel so well for being part of it!. So I want to thank AnYué for performing it out of her generosity without me asking for it, and I want to acknowledge it. So thank you very much. I insist, this is a miracle and I feel very happy to have experienced it. Hao la. Hao la. Hao la. Hùn Yuán Líng Tōng!

The Mingjue healing has gone deep into the RFW of the emotions. In the past month, I could see a very deep attachment from the time I was a child — attaching to the need to be heard. For the past few weeks, I spent a lot of time in solitude, and when I was with people in my family, I observed how often I was not heard, but just observed without attachment or judgment. It was hard at times because I observed how often people do not hear each other, including me. In Mingjue state, I allowed the transformation to happen and it completed last week. There is a tremendous freedom in my heart! And I find that people actually hear me more now that I do not care, Haola!

I should clarify that I know this happened because in the Mingjue practice, I came to know Mingjue as the observer, and Mingjue is the oneness field too. So I realized I do not need to fight to be heard if someone doesn’t hear me. I am still Mingjue. And the trying to be heard created resistance, making me realize I was not in Mingjue state. As Mingjue becomes purer and purer, the resistances become very easy to feel, even these very deep early childhood patterns of survival.

In the RFW, we are taught that this is a very important thing to stand up for oneself and be heard and seen. Yet the attachment to it can block Mingjue.

Mingjue radically changed my life on the 3rd day of the August retreat. I can even say today that August 3rd will remain engraved in my memory as the happiest day of my life!

I’ve been suffering from eating disorders for 27 years now, and I can tell you that I’ve tried everything to deal with it (13 years of psychoanalysis, CBT, coaching, etc.) and it got worse and worse. Thinking about food from morning to night, all the time, an exhausting obsession!

On August 3, after 15 minutes of practice, I felt like stopping to watch YouTube videos while eating potato chips. And I resisted while I stayed in Mingjue. Since then, it is FINISHED. I don’t think about food any more! I don’t feel like eating any more! I’m just normally hungry!

I’ve finally found inner peace and reconciliation with food. At first, I didn’t dare to believe it. But a month later, I know it’s true! However, I practice every day, otherwise I gradually lose that inner peace and feel the urge to eat without hunger coming on. I have so much more energy (not being obsessed by these thoughts all day).

I did not believe that I would ever be able to free myself from this!

A healing and experience story from Rebeca:

ZhiNeng QiGong changed my life
Recovery from sequelae caused by a brain tumor

Rebeca had brain cancer at the age of 21. She underwent 3 surgeries and underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments. When the tumor reactivated for the fourth time, she refused surgery because of the risks involved. From then on she continued with alternative medicine treatment. The first doctor who treated her, an auricular physician, changed her diet and made her work on her emotions. He suggested her to practice ZhiNeng QiGong and recommended an internist, immunologist, iridologist doctor who also treats with alternative medicine. From him she received a treatment based on enzymes and amino acids, and continued with the diet.

She began her practice of ZhiNeng QiGong diligently, taking the First and Second methods, and as a result, she managed to balance her emotions, improve her speech and coordination. In 2019, she took an in-person course in Mexico of Mingjue – pure self-awareness – with Master Wei Qi Feng, who at that time motivated her to continue being diligent and to deepen her practice further.

In 2021, she joined Master Wei’s one-year MingJue GongFu training course and began to experience the strength of the mutual support of a caring, lovingly cultivated and very powerful community. Here she learned what it was like to practice diligently from a high level of awareness. She delved into self-healing through the MingJue state, which means that the consciousness awakens, realizes itself and enters its pure, self-aware state. Pure consciousness is the master of our own life and can transform any blockage. Rebecca used this state of consciousness by applying the 3D printer method to create a new body, a new life. This method was transmitted by Master Wei during this MingJue GongFu Training.

With each practice Rebeca has seen great changes and improvements in her condition. Recovering sensitivity of her left side was something very important that happened progressively since March until now.

During module 5, from January 8 to 13, 2022, in the last class, Rebeca recovered 100% of her visual field in her left eye, which was reduced 45º degrees due to the effects of radiotherapy, a technique that had been used at the beginning of her treatment some years ago. In addition, Rebeca is now experiencing a pleasant emotional stability and a state of centered awareness, of presence, which allows her to be more and more cheerful. She is also gradually decreasing her medication with the help of her doctors.

Rebeca feels from the bottom of her heart that she has the resources to support the healing process of others. She is open to talk and share all her experience acquired in these 19 years of facing, with courage and faith in a higher being, her health condition. If you would like to contact her, please write to us.

Thanks to Rebeca Sevilla, to Master Wei and to all our beautiful and loving community. HAO LA!

Watch Rebeca sharing her healing story in Spanish with English subtitles in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6ZVBxhEH6I

Because of all that I have suffered in my life, the death of a child included, I realized that the dreg of pain can be unlimited, bottomless, I realized that it was a tune with which I connected… I kept observing and realized that emotions are also in my body and that if I was in a state of relaxation and deep observation (mingjue) I could really release emotions, observing them as a manifestation of something, then I saw that it was a retained energy, like when a shoulder hurts because it is tense. We can exercise in observing emissions without identifying with them… how teacher Wei said observe deeply.

Thank you so much. I can hardly say how miraculously my life is changing, even if slowly, just changing my reference framework and doing qigong daily (I do levels one and 2 and standing mingjue) is really changing me.
Thank you infinitely!!!!

At the age of 18 I had thyroid surgery and the thyroid was completely removed. I have been taking a large dose of Thyroid Hormones for about 20 years. Every 6 months, I have to take blood tests to control the dose of the hormones. One week , I took the blood test and for the first time my Doctor, who has known me for a long time, told me “you must be doing something wonderful for yourself and for others, you must be loving yourself and others consciously, because your thyroid is working and you don’t need to take the dose that you have been taking”. I am going to lower the dose little by little and we are going to observe, keep doing what you are doing.

I also want to share my testimony on how I am living my daily practices. I feel very grateful and blessed.
The daily practice has helped me in my will and loving discipline towards myself. Although sometimes I am in difficulties, every day I have been doing my practice during the whole 8 months of the Mingjue Gongfu Course. These practices give me a sense of belonging, of community that for me is very important. I have seen major changes in my physical and emotional health. I had Qi blockages in all my bone systems (sometimes very painful). I have been feeling better and better and when I relapse I quickly realize and return to my Mingue state and I feel how little by little I am unblocking the Qi. I keep flowing and I can feel the improvement. I have felt more calm and clear emotionally. My relationships in general, with my family, with my loved ones, are being transformed and they are healthier. I am discovering my TRUE BEING. Every day is a surprise and a vital experience. Infinite gratitude to Teacher Wei and to all the organizers for your daily dedication from heart to heart.

First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me to find myself and to come Home… never a practice had given me so much. Clarity in concepts, clarity in what happens in me, when reference frameworks arrives; the relationship with external life from me, and how to return to my power.

Today in my standing meditation I felt a complete information change in my body. Like a completely new energy entirety information field was forming. I don’t know if that’s the right description? But I saw a new energy structure forming in my body. It was very beautiful. Clear & bright. A lot of pain and blockages are coming out also. Like a deep clean. A deep purification. But my mind is becoming more and more spacious and stable enough to hold them and clearly observe. I watched fairly peacefully how my mind immediately reacted to pain with fear. How actually the fear not the pain is the problem. But I kept centred. Kept in Shenji. My observation went deeper & deeper into the blockages but I was able to hold in Shenji. For periods of time I was able to watch the information of old trauma and injuries in my body arise from space & dissolve into space. I saw the old injuries were just old information. Constantly arising and dissolving into emptiness. Also the experience of entirety gets stronger. But also the deeper the observation the deeper I experience blockages also. But with more ability to observe them. There is still a long way to go. I still need to continue developing stability of mind. But I am feeling huge changes already. Big shifts in a very short space of time. Haola!

I was born with multiple congenital arthrogryposis. When I was born I had severe joint movement limitations and I had hip detachment. As a consequence of this all my life I have lived with a shorter foot than the other. The difference between the length of my feet is 4 cm and I cannot bend my knee. I have always been lame. When I practice qigong I must always look for a posture that compensates for the difference to maintain balance. The experience with standing meditation, both in my practice today (the one sent by Master Wei), was wonderful because when placing my ankles a slightly outwards, it was as if the hip adjusted and when I raised Baihui I felt that the posture was correct for me, I felt that my whole body adjusted. I had a sensation of fullness in my body and I realized that it was the sensation of a person with completely healthy hips, feet and spine. For the first time I felt that I was a complete person. I felt unity and harmony with the entire Universe. Thank you Teacher Wei, thank you all for the Field of Consciousness.

So layer and layer we are shedding our old self Reference Framework and naturally there is a part in us that feels the need to protect that old layer, hang on tight to the past and all the stories that are keeping me slave and not free. So now that I’m aware of it I feel relaxed and happy. How beautiful this process is, how accurate everything is, even “ lazy moments” are Qi moving me to deeper understanding and then to deep healing.

I used to be a very rational, worried, thinking person. I was proud of my clear, fast, brilliant (?) mind. Since I started to practice ZNQG, my previous mind went on holidays. From time to time it wants to reappear, but there is a voice that says RELAX! I cannot think like before anymore. I am surprised and happy. A deep, wide confidence in life is growing every day, more and more. Calm, peace, joy… Openness, lightness. ShenJi is like a magic sound. When I say/think/remember ShenJi, ShenJi palace open, expand, and the vibration occupies all the space. A few days ago I went to the see, and the babbling of the waves sounded Shen Ji! I was so happy, and also touched, because I connected with love, universal love, and the whole love community.

I am so impressed with what Teacher Wei and the World Consciousness Community have accomplished with this retreat. I look forward to learning and practicing more. Thank you from my heart.

When I was practicing shen ji earlier it was similar to the last few months, after a while my body and mind relax. Again and again clouds of thoughts appear and then move on again. Then it becomes more and more peaceful and quiet. Until I eventually finish the exercise. When I wanted to finish the exercise today and come to the lower dantien and open my eyes, a wonderful flowery energy wafted through me. It felt like the purest, most delicate flower I’ve ever seen. When the teachers speak of the “baby heart”, that’s how I imagine it. It just filled everything in and made me feel safe within myself. I just observed it and enjoyed it.

Dear everyone I want to share with you, when I started this course I was full of doubt and worry about many things I wanted to change in my life. Shortly after starting the course a very good friend who lives in Australia was diagnosed with secondary cancer, I felt shocked and helpless, even though I had this qigong healing knowledge I didn’t feel able to help. Teacher Wei encouraged and supported me to help him with Qigong. So now for the past 3 weeks I’ve been leading him and several other friends in qigong healing online twice a week. The qi field is very strong. The friend who had a cancer diagnosis feels very energised after the meditation and is able to smile again. The consciousness field reaches everywhere, has no boundaries. A recent hospital exam shows promising results. He is receiving immunotherapy which may or may not work, in his case it is working and I believe the Qifield is also supporting his recovery.
Another observation is that with every practise every meditation my consciousness also becomes stronger. My mind, emotional and physical state has become very stable and healthy. My mind has become so quiet and peaceful, I’ve become more connected with myself. Yesterday during my walk in nature I could feel my whole body vibrating. Is that my Qibody? I think so. Thank you for contributing to my developing consciousness, Teacher Wei and all participants. Hao La!

Since we began the Mingjue Gongfu classes, I have been grateful and humbled by the experiences that each module has provided. My personal life challenges, especially childhood traumas that many would have had difficulty surviving, came to me urgently in practice since Module 6. It was as though my body, mind, and spirit were finally in a truly safe place and ready to heal these wounds. Every day I practiced standing, sitting, and lying down N meditation, as this has been incredibly effective. I am always in wonder at how well this works.

It was truly profound. things that are so rare to find in this in depth, the
power of what was shared. and to the other teachers who have been
present with their classes which all support this as well.

Since that module, my relationship with Mingjue has only deepened. I find myself able to merge Mingjue with deep dark memories and emotional patterns found within my reference framework. I love bridging Mingjue with the many layers and dimensions of my consciousness. Healing on the deepest levels, transforming the stuck, heavy, painful vibrations of yesterday. I find my experience more empowered, lighter, ever more present in the moment. And when old patterns again arise, I find that my ability to bridge to Mingjue and shift perceptions is much faster and deeper than ever before. I am deeply grateful for this course!!!

Healing & Healer Retreat, Hainan 2019
First I want to thank from the bottom of my heart consciousness all the teachers and especially to teacher Zhao that gave a special and unique attention to my condition, Parkinson’s disease. He supported me in my process with a lot of knowledge and love. When I arrived here my condition was different and now it’s much better: I walk with my back straight and with knees up, I feel more stable and much more confident, I have a lot of energy and I full of happiness. I learned a lot in this retreat and the main thing that I’ve learned about myself is that happines comes from body work and high consciousness: by practice, lifting my feet up during walking, dancing and keep thinking good thoughts-through this I feel happy in my body and soul. During the retreat the teachers and all the special people I’ve met here surrounded me with big love- that’s a beautiful and clear mirror to self unconsciously love. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. Ester Sluzki, Israel, December 2019

Healing & Healer Retreat, Hainan 2019
In the last 5 years I had severe chronic pain in most of my body due to a neurological problem in the main nerve system. Qigong is one of the only things that helped me living my life although the pains. I came to China 3 months ago determined to deepen my knowledge in Qigong for my health and the health of all my patients (I’m a TCM and Shiatsu therapist). I couldn’t guess I’ll find myself in this retreat (I’ve never heard about it before), but somehow my journey led me to here. 

I arrived willing and ready to practice hard – that’s what I do in the last 4 years even though there are days that it’s too painful to get out of the bed. I arrived with huge will power – that’s the only thing that made me keep going although the strong pains that make it sometimes too hard even to stand. I arrived with big trust in myself and in the possibility that I can be healthy again – because if I’m strong enough to have a full life (working, studying, having good connections and be happy) with all this pain, I can do everything I want. In this retreat, I learned how to combine all this amazing powers I already have inside: I learned to practice hard with big trust and a huge will power – to focus my conscience and actually make a change.

The first week was not easy: one day the pains diminished and the next day I woke up to strong pains from head to top. But I didn’t let it broke my spirit. I understood that having changes in the pain is better than having constant permanent pain and that is an invention for me to keep going on. So I went to teacher Xi and asked him what practice is good for my condition. I began to practice every day in my room and organize the Qi field around me whenever I could, and all this time I keep repeating in my mind: “my willpower is strong, my body is healthy, im brave and powerful”. The change was faster than I could imagine. At the end of the second week I had no pain. At all.

After 3 days without pains I sent messages to all my family and friends – I wanted the information to change in their hearts and minds as well as it changed in my physical body. I’ve received back so much love and support. When I arrived at the retreat I signed up to be in the healer group, so actually most of my time here I focused on how to heal others – for the first time in my life without touching or needling them. I had powerful experiences in this process and with some of my patients. I am amazed that I succeed help so many other people and also to heal myself in such a short time. But it’s only proves me that we are all one – mind to mind and heart to heart – our processes influence each other.

I want to thank all the teachers. I have learned a lot from each and every one of you. I have received so much support and love and I thank you all for being part of my wonderful journey. Thank you! I wish us all to bring healing, happiness and love to everyone in the world. Hallel (or in my new Chinese name) Haola ! Hallel,

International Zhineng Qigong teacher training course & retreat 2018
When I was still in the retreat, I could feel that something big was opening in my life, like so many changes were cooking and just waiting for me when I arrive. When I got to my home I could tell that I was a diferent person than the one who left one month earlier, and the changes are appearing on and on, and its just starting.

One month of practice with you, made greater differences in my life than the previous nine years I practiced.  All the practice were amazing, now I can keep my mind quiet, I can focus better now, I can control my emotions in a new level that amaze me, I can speak to my self and other with truth and no deception, pain has become completely different, I am more disciplined now, I feel a greater commitment to share ZhiNeng QiGong, my body is opening I can feel Tianmen open, my forehead and hands are almost all the times numb and I want to spend more and more time practicing.

I used to think that I was very lucky to be born in this time, when Dr. Pang is still alive and developing this science, also lucky enough to learn ZhiNeng QiGong from my teacher in Mexico, and even lucky enough to have friends in Mexico who want to walk to the new world with all ZhiNeng QiGong practicioners, together will be more easy and joyfull. But most of all now I feel like one of the luckiest persons on earth to find all this amazing people in the retreat and be in the right place at the right time.

Right now I love my life more than ever and nothing will ever be hard again if I enjoy what I do. I could keep writing, but right now I feel enough is better than too much. I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel right now, and to express my gratitude for all people involved to make this experience “the time of my life”, so I think I will show my gratitude through practice, through helping people, making ZhiNeng new culture spread, and trying to be worthy of all I have recieved.

From deep heart: Thank you. Hun Yuan Ling Tong

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