We thank every participant of our Zhineng Qigong classes and retreats for sharing your healing story and experiences with us.




Healing & Healer Retreat, Hainan 2019

In October 2003 my both legs got tumb. After a couple of weeks the fully recovered. In February 2005, the same happened with my two arms and with my chest. I was diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses, an autoimmune desease of the central nerve system.

Gradually my condition got worse tha I needed a support brace for my left leg. In 2017, I took level 1 – 3 Zhineng Qigong course in Switzerland. Somehow, I haven’t got the access to qigong yet. My condition stabilized, but didn’t improve much. I have stopped practicing qigong for about one year.

I have decided to go with Eloise tot he Sanya Healer’s and Healing Retreat, to support Eloise in her healing process and improve my health. At this time I didn’t expect that it would transform my health and life. At the beginning I had really troubles to keep my balance, becaus and my illness and my weakness oft he muscles.

I started to do wall squats every day to strenghten my muscles. My heart started to open up for qigong and I started to love all exercises. Especially the early morning exercise, I started love so much, that I couldn’t wait to get up for the early morning exercises.

Soon I realized that all the different exercises the teachers was not to bug us but to improve our health. The teachers don’t care if you do your exercises. If you want to improve your health, it is your responsibility to do your exercises.

I started to love all the exercises because I know they improve my health. I am grateful to all the teachers and my class mates. The qi-field got so strong. All the healings I have received.

On Tuesday evening, December 10th, I got an extra healing from two teachers and my group leader. About one hour later, I was back in my room, I have realized, that I could much better walk with my left leg. The day after, we went to Baoting, because it was our free day. I couldn’t walk so well for years that I have decided in the evening to take of my support brace for the left leg and walk without it. And guess what? It went much mutter better than I thought. Since then, I don’t wear my support brace anymore and my left leg gets better every day.

I now, I am healed but I need time to fully recover because my muscles must be built up again.

I am so grateful to everybody and inside I have gotten much stronger an my self confidence improved a lot. I can say that this retreat transformed my life.

Reinhard Salzmann, Switzerland 14.12.2019

Healing & Healer Retreat, Hainan 2019

First I want to thank from the bottom of my heart consciousness all the teachers and especially to teacher Zhao that gave a special and unique attention to my condition, Parkinson’s disease. He supported me in my process with a lot of knowledge and love.
When I arrived here my condition was different and now it’s much better: I walk with my back straight and with knees up, I feel more stable and much more confident, I have a lot of energy and I full of happiness.
I learned a lot in this retreat and the main thing that I’ve learned about myself is that happines comes from body work and high consciousness: by practice, lifting my feet up during walking, dancing and keep thinking good thoughts-through this I feel happy in my body and soul.
During the retreat the teachers and all the special people I’ve met here surrounded me with big love- that’s a beautiful and clear mirror to self unconsciously love. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

Ester Sluzki, Israel, December 2019

 Healing & Healer Retreat, Hainan 2019

Dear teacher Xi, Wei, Tao, Zhao, Lü

Thank you! I had a wonderful healing time in the Sanya retreat.

Because of a heavy car-accident, broke my whole body, was in Koma and also lost my partner…I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD.

This causes depression, anxiety, addiction issues. I always had, because of this near-death experience, many problems and a lot of physical and mental pain to feel home in my body.Therefore I was often not able to connect with people and my body on many levels, which put me in a quiet isolated, sometimes terrified life situation for many years.

When I came to Sanya I experienced deep healing from my teachers and the Qi field they built up for us, also received great healing from our healing group.

Connecting with the universe and higher consciousness I could observe and go beyond this old tragic story, which I didn’t want and need to repeat anymore.

No words can describe how much help and support “To Let Go” I have received in this four weeks and was able to opened my heart completely with love and trust.

Connecting in La-Qi with my trueself, suddenly… like a miracle…. an awakening consciousness experience deserving unconditional love and to allow myself to live in freedom and peace here on our earth, give me the courage to create a happy new life again.

I could absorb external hunyuan Qi to improve and strengthen my internal hunyuan Qi. Practicing every day La-Qi, lift Qi up and pour Qi down and many other Zhineng qigong movements the quantity and quality of my Qi was increasing fast and I felt so much more confident and safe in my body and mind.

In one of the wonderful, knowledgeable lectures about how important laughing is for our mind, heart and body I had another wonderful miracle happening:

My heart was smiling, all cells were laughing and I could not stop laughing out loud.

From this moment on I knew I can live now without repeating my tragic past all the time. Suddenly I was able to let go and I won’t need this “up and down roller coaster rides” in my life anymore. My mind became in this weeks more conscious, much more stable and balanced….”empty and not empty”.

I am now very grateful to go home with an individual Zhineng Qi Gong exercise plan, which my caring teacher Xi was creating for me and I am looking forward for more practice.

Sending my love and thanks to all my dedicated teachers and practitioners, healers and friends from our Zhineng Qigong family in Sanya 2019.

Haola and big hug from Beatrice!

Beatrice, Australia, December 2019

Healing & Healer Retreat, Hainan 2019

In the last 5 years I had severe chronic pain in most of my body due to a neurological problem in the main nerve system. Qigong is one of the only things that helped me living my life although the pains. I came to China 3 months ago determined to deepen my knowledge in Qigong for my health and the health of all my patients (I’m a TCM and Shiatsu therapist).

I couldn’t guess I’ll find myself in this retreat (I’ve never heard about it before), but somehow my journey led me to here. I arrived willing and ready to practice hard – that’s what I do in the last 4 years even though there are days that it’s too painful to get out of the bed.

I arrived with huge will power – that’s the only thing that made me keep going although the strong pains that make it sometimes too hard even to stand.

I arrived with big trust in myself and in the possibility that I can be healthy again – because if I’m strong enough to have a full life (working, studying, having good connections and be happy) with all this pain, I can do everything I want.

In this retreat, I learned how to combine all this amazing powers I already have inside: I learned to practice hard with big trust and a huge will power – to focus my conscience and actually make a change.

The first week was not easy: one day the pains diminished and the next day I woke up to strong pains from head to top. But I didn’t let it broke my spirit. I understood that having changes in the pain is better than having constant permanent pain and that is an invention for me to keep going on. So I went to teacher Xi and asked him what practice is good for my condition. I began to practice every day in my room and organize the Qi field around me whenever I could, and all this time I keep repeating in my mind: “my willpower is strong, my body is healthy, im brave and powerful”.

The change was faster than I could imagine. At the end of the second week I had no pain. At all. After 3 days without pains I sent messages to all my family and friends – I wanted the information to change in their hearts and minds as well as it changed in my physical body. I’ve received back so much love and support.

When I arrived at the retreat I signed up to be in the healer group, so actually most of my time here I focused on how to heal others – for the first time in my life without touching or needling them. I had powerful experiences in this process and with some of my patients.

I am amazed that I succeed help so many other people and also to heal myself in such a short time. But it’s only proves me that we are all one – mind to mind and heart to heart – our processes influence each other.

I want to thank all the teachers. I have learned a lot from each and every one of you. I have received so much support and love and I thank you all for being part of my wonderful journey. Thank you!

I wish us all to bring healing, happiness and love to everyone in the world.

Hallel (or in my new Chinese name) Haola !

Hallel, Isreael, December 2019

International Zhineng Qigong teacher training course & retreat 2018

When I was still in the retreat, I could feel that something big was opening in my life, like so many changes were cooking and just waiting for me when I arrive. When I got to my home I could tell that I was a diferent person than the one who left one month earlier, and the changes are appearing on and on, and its just starting. One month of practice with you, made greater differences in my life than the previous nine years I practiced.  All the practice were amazing, now I can keep my mind quiet, I can focus better now, I can control my emotions in a new level that amaze me, I can speak to my self and other with truth and no deception, pain has become completely different, I am more disciplined now, I feel a greater commitment to share ZhiNeng QiGong, my body is opening I can feel Tianmen open, my forehead and hands are almost all the times numb and I want to spend more and more time practicing.

I used to think that I was very lucky to be born in this time, when Dr. Pang is still alive and developing this science, also lucky enough to learn ZhiNeng QiGong from my teacher in Mexico, and even lucky enough to have friends in Mexico who want to walk to the new world with all ZhiNeng QiGong practicioners, together will be more easy and joyfull. But most of all now I feel like one of the luckiest persons on earth to find all this amazing people in the retreat and be in the right place at the right time. Right now I love my life more than ever and nothing will ever be hard again if I enjoy what I do.

I could keep writing, but right now I feel enough is better than too much. I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel right now, and to express my gratitude for all people involved to make this experience “the time of my life”, so I think I will show my gratitude through practice, through helping people, making ZhiNeng new culture spread, and trying to be worthy of all I have recieved.

From deep heart: Thank you.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong


2017 November/December Healing Retreat in Dali

Healing story from Karin
With my story I would like to tell you how important it is to change one’s awareness, one’s mind:
In January 2015 I had for the first time problems with peeing, because my uterus was enlarged. During the following medical examination they discovered that there was a tumor of the size of 11 cm. In the beginning, I thought I could get rid of it by using
herbs or hip baths or just by living a healthier lifestyle but the problem with peeing frequently recurred and got worse and worse, so that I had to go to the hospital to have a catheter inserted. During that time I realized, that I hardly could think about anything else than “bladder”, “peeing”, “is it going to work next time, or not?” and I suddenly understood that I was a real slave of my own body and that “problem” – my uterus and my bladder. I was completely desperate and upset, but then I suddenly remembered a video I saw once, where they had a bladder tumor disappearing within three minutes. So my plan was, to simply go there and let them do the magic and all would be fine again. Unfortunately the plan didn’t work out. In search of another solution, I discovered that there was a workshop planned for November 2015 in Germany, with Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling. During that
workshop I received healing sessions and I also learned various exercises to practice at home.
Four months later in March 2016, I went again to see my gynecologist. During the examination with the ultrasound scanner he detected that nothing had actually improved, on the contrary, the tumor had grown even further. You can imagine, that I was completely devastated and dashed to the ground and hence, right before giving in and agreeing to the proposed complete removal of my uterus and tumor. Though, something in me said “no, that can’t be right” and I decided to visit another specialist hospital, which was using a slightly different examination method (MRI) in order to receive a second opinion. That time, it was actually discovered that the whole tissue of the tumor was already dead. So I asked the doctor how long the tissue of this tumor might already be dead and the doctor answered “maybe around three months…”! He also said that Mother Nature already had repaired and fixed it and that I only needed to wait until the body was finally getting rid of it. For me, that was actually a very important statement from the doctor. I realized that thanks to this good information, I was able to change my mind, to adapt my consciousness and I instantly knew that I was indeed on the right path.
Whenever I was asked how I felt, I said “every day I am better”. I constantly repeated this message until it carved itself into my subconscious. Another 6 months later I had again an examination. That time we observed that the tumor had shrunk from 11 to 7 cm, which equaled a reduction of approx. 70% of the initial volume. All my inner cells cheered and yelled “yes”!
In November 2016 I participated at the healing retreat in Hainan, China. There I could experience the Qi field and being completely in the Qi state to its best. I kept practicing at home and following my path… In August 2017 I went for the next examination with an ultrasound scanner and again, we could see that the tumor had shrunk further. Its remaining size was then
about 4 cm. As promised during my information session in Dali, I went for a reanalysis in January 2018 and again we witnessed that the tumor had shrunk by another cm, down to 3 cm.
Who knows, if I had been even more disciplined and if I had done my exercises even more seriously, the whole healing process might have been even faster. However, most likely I needed the self-development, the time and the process. Finally, the most important I’d like to mention is, that the energy always follows the mind. And this is why it is so important to change one’s mind and awareness!
For me it is a big gift having found Zhineng Qi Gong, its people and Teachers. It has changed my complete life and for that I am so grateful. I would like to give thanks especially to Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling for the caring “mind kick” in the beginning,
but also to Teacher Wei, Xi and Tao for all the relaxation and experience I could make during the workshop in Hainan and here in Dali.

Thank you!
February, 2018

Healing story from Hanna
20 years ago I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E), an orphan disease after 6 months of mononucleosis that didn’t want to go away, letting me totally bed bound for an entire year… and house-bound for the years after.
Even after 30 years of research this illness is poorly understood and its name may change soon, as it appears now rather like a metabolic disease where the body can’t produce enough energy to ensure all functions of the body.

I could not live a social life at all before arriving here in Dali. For more than 10 years I was house bound, with very little interactions with other people because it let me even more exhausted. I was stucked at home alone or maximum with my husband. I could not bare more than one person speaking, otherwise I experimented central nervous system overload and collapsed. Every little effort (physical/mental/emotional) left me like a drunk person, with vertigo and pain all over my body. As a result I had no autonomy and had to use a wheel chair outside – and also inside my home on bad days.
I had been practicing QiGong daily for 30 years. I began to learn when I was 17 in Paris, and continued all those years. It helped me to maintain some basic level of functioning but did not allow me to make a real shift in my situation. My health continued to decline. And with the time, my practice narrowed also, as there were some movements I could not do any more. But as I said, this enabled me to keep my autonomy at home, when a lot of fellow M.E sufferers were bed bound totally, tube-fed and sometimes even couldn’t speak.

A year ago, a friend of mine proposed me to try some Zhineng Qigong, arguing that it was specially efficient to regain health. I was very skeptical at first because my daily qigong routine didn’t lead to significant improvement. I accepted and tried to perform the same exercise 100 consecutive days (in addition to my daily routine) and I saw my very first shift : after years of trying to do a little jump with no success, I could do it. It gave me the motivation to continue and dig deeper into this practice.

More and more I became convinced that I would benefit greatly from a collective practice of Zhineng Qigong because of the healing power of the Qi-field. I began to search for a retreat that could enable me to change my situation. I enrolled in June for the November-December healing retreat and began to prepare myself for this great challenge. As there was at this time a retreat in Dali (July 2017), I “took the tramp” and exercised according to the schedule here in China, waking-up very early, practicing a lot more than usual. After one week of this regimen, I was stucked in bed for months most of the time because I overdid. But I kept my plan to join the retreat in November, and tried not to think too much about it. During 10 years I didn’t get out of my house, so travelling alone to China in my wheelchair seemed to be a crazy idea.

My Husband -who is also a medical doctor- was not very supportive and compared my plans to a man deciding to climb the Everest with his slippers. I shut my mouth and continued to dream. Untill the day of departure I didn’t know if I would make it. I didn’t “travel” even to the city-center, so travelling to China in my situation…

When I arrived in China, exhausted, I didn’t know if I would be able to quit the wheelchair and bear the company of so many people (because of my central nervous system overload). Simply standing in the queue to get my food was something I couldn’t do before. So I had a lot of fears! A lot !

What has changed here during the retreat?
First, some neurologic disorders vanished. Even, very fast. In fact, one symptom simply disappeared on day one. This is called “ear worm” or the symptom of the “broken disc”. You have a sentence from a song or an add from the radio that goes on and on and don’t leave you the whole day, even wakening you up at nights, driving you crazy. I had it for years, and without knowing why and how, it disappeared.
During one month I heard Gilberto Gil singing, then an add from the radio took its place. You don’t know for how long and what will be the next… Really you’re getting mad with this thing.

The second problem to go away was my electromagnetic hypersensitivity that I had been suffering from for nearly 10 years. I could not approach city centers, antennas and people using cell phones etc.
I knew that here in Dali, there would be cell phones and antennas too. I asked prior to my registration the possibility to get a room as far as possible from the Wifi installation in order to reduce my exposition to radio-waves. And though I was afraid to be exposed daily to radiations, I had some confidence deep inside that I would overcome the problem with the help of the teachers and the Qi-field practice.

But then you know, reality was hard : practicing in front of a lot of cell phones (I was on the front line very near the teachers) the first days was a challenge. I got enormous headaches, couldn’t concentrate and my energy was drained from my legs completely. Muscles became very stiff and it was very difficult to move my legs, each one seemed to weigh 20 tons.
I was desperate. I talked to Master Wei about it. He answered me in a few sentences that all those waves were just energy and I simply had to change my mind about them, see them in a positive way, like any kind of energy I may use and benefit from. It succeeded and the switch was made. I could continue to sit with all the devices around me without pain any more.
The 3rdproblem dealt with the ability to have a social life again, here at the retreat after 10 years of nearly complete withdrawal from society. I could eat in company, concentrate at the same time on what was said, and even could hear music !
I had played the violin for many years and music was a part of my life. But with this illness I began to suffer from hyperacusia and sounds became to be unbearable.
On the first Saturday night, we were told we would have a party. I prepared myself to put in my ear-plugs and stay inside of my bedroom. But on second thought, I told to myself that I was here to improve and I would try to stay with the group a few minutes… Not only I stayed but I began to move my feet and suddenly found myself dancing and enjoying it !

Apart from neurological symptoms I had also some improvement in my “energy envelope”. I have increased my endurance. Before the retreat, I had to lay down after 20-30 minutes of movements. At the end of the retreat I could exercise one hour – one hour and a half without sitting. And if my legs gave signs of exhaustion, I would sit for a while until I was able to resume the practice… without feeling I was a failure.

It was a bit difficult for me to accept that I could not do exactly what the group (in its majority) was doing. But finally I made some progress with acceptance, with a smile on my face, and congratulating myself for what I had accomplished so far, and not blaming myself or complaining about what I couldn’t do. A big XIEXIE to my teachers for helping me changing my mind after so many years 😊!!!

Healing story from Anita
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, one tumor on the inner side of my left breast and a very small one on the inner side of my right breast. I underwent an operation to remove both of them and the examination showed that the tumor of the left side was very aggressive and that it already spread to the lymph system.
After more than four weeks of struggle, I followed the strong suggestion of my gynecologist to also go for a chemo- and radiotherapy. At this point in time I was only thinking about doing everything possible I could to prevent the cancer from
coming back. As I am not good at handling health problems and doctors, I desperately wanted to go travelling in order to leave all the negative thoughts behind me. So I rushed the doctors and demanded for having the radiotherapy right after the chemotherapy. The responsible doctor denied and explained me that after the chemotherapy I would be so weak that they impossibly could directly start with the radiotherapy and that I might need to wait about two months until I recovered from the chemotherapy. However I didn’t want to wait and I agreed with them to make the start of the radiotherapy depending on the blood values. I was convinced that my body could manage it but I also started to search for alternative healing methods that could help me with my endeavor. This was when I picked up Qi Gong for the first time. I also read a lot about TCM
(Traditional Chinese Medicine), I cooked healthy food and I took some Chinese herbs to support my body. However, during the chemotherapy I vomited like everybody, and I also lost my hair like everybody but I kept doing my Qi Gong and meditation. I strongly believed that these were just unimportant symptoms… After the last chemotherapy treatment I immediately visited the radiologist in order to start the radiotherapy. As agreed, he organized a blood test to see whether I was fit enough to undergo the radiotherapy and indeed, the blood test showed a very good result! As a matter of fact, the blood result was so good, that
the radiologist refused to believe it and ordered another analysis. To his surprise the good results got confirmed. This was the first time I realized that there were other healing methods than only cutting and using heavy chemical weapons as common in Western Medicine. I followed strictly the path of Qi Gong for the following 5-6 years and it felt like “I have it under control”. But then I completely lost myself again and I still don’t know why… I stopped practicing Qi Gong, I worked worked like hell again and I just forgot about everything I had learned. I knew and subconsciously felt that it was completely wrong, but still, I could not change it.
In 2015 I discovered that I started to develop various palpable tumors around my neck, in the right breast, in the left armpit as well as in the area of my abdomen. In January 2016 I had my routinely annual follow-up with my gynecologist where I also showed my palpable tumors. He briefly checked them with his ultrasound scanner and came to the conclusion that these tumors were “nothing”. However, he felt something in my uterus and he had the strong suspicion that it might be cancer. So he wanted me to see a specialist. Therefore I went to a specialist in Switzerland. She scanned my uterus and also took a biopsy, which showed, that it was only a benign polyp. During this examination I also showed her my other palpable tumors. And again, also she said that all these other tumors were “nothing” to be worried about. Hence, I went on with my life. As I was working too much and therefore felt really stressed, I went to see my TCM doctor in summer 2017. I also showed her my palpable tumors and she too came to the conclusion, that all those tumors were “nothing” to be worried about…  To cut the long story short, after the delivery of my last project in September 2017, I got gently forced by my friends to undergo a test and to examine all the tumors in more detail to be on the safe side. Therefore I went to see my family doctor and he did a blood test, including the relevant tumor markers for breast cancer. While the blood result in general was good, the CA 15-3 (tumor marker for breast cancer) showed a value of 800 U/ml (it should be < 30 or < 28 U/ml depending on the source). I meanwhile developed around 12 palpable tumors and my family doctor strongly suggested to remove two of them for closer examination. I agreed as nearly all of them were subcutaneous. Hence, I had two tumors removed in September 2017 and both of them were diagnosed as cancer,
most likely metastasis from the first breast cancer but not as aggressive as the first time. I also had a computer tomography (CT) of my upper body where they found “changes” in my spine, both hips, the femurs as well as in the left lung and suspicious lumps in the lymph system. This came as a big surprise to me because I neither could see nor feel anything like that. Given my history, it was quickly assumed that all abnormalities were metastasis. There was a proposal to take a biopsy from my bones, but this I denied as it seemed to be just too much. The day I received this diagnosis, I went home and it was clear to me that I had to
find my path again and go back to Qi Gong. I wanted to learn more about Qi Gong and started to search the Internet immediately. This was when I found Zhineng Qi Gong. While sharing my findings, we discovered that there would be two consecutive 5-days workshops in Switzerland with Teacher Wei – only ten days after the diagnosis. I also have to mention – and this was probably the worst experience I made after the removal of the two tumors – that the chief surgeon who did the operation came to visit me right after the operation to discuss his findings based on the result of the computer tomography and he literally didn’t gave me any hope. This was a horrible example of “bad information” with which I am still struggling to digest and to get out of my mind again. Anyhow, Teacher Wei was coming and I knew that what I wanted to do, was to participate at his workshops and to learn more about Zhineng Qi Gong. At this point in time I did not want to continue any further with the Western doctors,
especially because I sensed their behavior as too negative for me. In preparation for the first workshop of Teacher Wei in Basel we learned more about method 1 of Zhineng Qi Gong with Youtube videos and I already started to practice every day. During the workshop with Teacher Wei we practiced nearly the whole day, which was very intense for me. I also received 10 one-to-one
healing sessions from Teacher Wei. At this point in time, I did not take any medicine but only practiced Zhineng Qi Gong. After the two workshops I had another blood test which showed a decreased tumor marker CA 15-3 of 579.3 U/ml. It showed a significant drop and I was very happy about the good information. Of course the marker can fluctuate for various reasons but to
control the level and see it go into the right direction over time is a good control parameter. However, I then decided to also take the recommended and established aromatase inhibitor/antiestrogen drug Letrozole to further support my body as the analyzed tumors showed to be hormonally responsive. After Teacher Wei’s workshops in Switzerland, we signed up for the 4 weeks
healing retreat in Dali, China, with five Teachers from the Daohearts, beginning mid November 2017. During the first five days I struggled a lot with emotions, which was kind of weird and unknown to me. I kept crying and crying…I wanted to think about my emotions, but I couldn’t. I was told, that this is a good sign and I believed it.

What has changed since I started with Zhineng Qi Gong? From the observation of my body I can tell, that firstly my severe muscle cramps in my head, which troubled me for months, have vanished completely and I now can relax my head again, especially during the night. I have four palpable tumors around the neck, one of them sitting right on my left mandibular joint, which gave me a lot of pain, especially when laying on this side during the night or even when talking and moving my lower jaw. Nowadays, I can sleep on my left side again and the pain disappeared completely. The second tumor is also located on the left side, but more towards the jawbone and the middle of the neck, however, this one limited the mobility of my neck and I hardly could bow back my head, for example during practicing the crane head, because it seemed to pull back my tongue which hurt a lot. Also, the tumor started to impact the swallowing and eating, as my throat seemed to get narrower and narrower. Today I love to practice the crane head, as there is no pain anymore and no limitation of mobility. Moreover all the restrictions while eating have disappeared. The third tumor is sitting on the right side of my neck and seemed to grow deep into the tissue of my neck while the fourth one is sitting further to the right. Both of them appear significantly smaller when touching. With regard to my lungs, I couldn’t inhale deeply and while we were learning to sing the eight phrases, I could not sing because I was breathless. I also had a chronicle, lingering cough since March 2017 that made me cough whenever I spoke. As the participants of the healing retreat can hear, I have not coughed a single time during my speech; I also can deeply and freely breathe and I can indeed sing along without any respiratory problems. So I take all of that as a good and positive sign for a healthy lung. The other palpable tumors in my right breast, under the left armpit as well as in my abdomen, all of them appear significantly smaller when touching them. With regard to the detected “changes” in my bones, I cannot really comment yet.

Last but not least my mind: I have learned a lot about the mind state and in particular my mind from Teacher Wei and Teacher Lu during this retreat in Dali and I truly believe that my mind is completely scattered and I hardly could stand still and focus on myself or draw back my mind so as to meditate. I have neither found myself during the last three weeks of the retreat nor have I discovered my true self yet, but what I can say is, that for the first time in years I am indeed able again to feel a deep consciousness and to experience a beautiful silence in my head and I now know, that I will find back to myself. Moreover, I have learned how unimportant all these bodily “phenomena” are and – at the same time – how utterly imperative it is, to focus on my mind, my awareness. I have found my path with Zhineng Qi Gong and I absolutely believe in the incredible power of my mind, our collective consciousness, in the Qi field of infinite possibilities and the HunYuan Entirety.

Update: On January 12th, 2018, my gynecologist confirmed, that all the palpable tumors decreased in diameter and the breast cancer tumor marker CA 15-3 fell further from 579 on October 20, 2017, to 482 U/ml.

Thank you for all your support and good information!
February, 2018

2011 September Healing Retreat

Our Healing Retreat took place from 8 to 29 September 2011. There were 17 participants from Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand who were taught by teacher Xi and Teacher Tao, teacher Dong.

Many of the participants expressed their appreciation for the care and help they received during the retreat. Every teacher put their full heart and best efforts into helping all those attending the retreat.

Kurt from Germany wrote “Many, many thanks for all your help and goodness. Haola! I love and enjoy qigong practice and I will always practice.“ Toby experienced many wonderful qigong practices and joyful experiences: “I had a wonderful time with all of you. I could feel a lot of freedom, flying and dancing with all of you. Xie xie nimen.“

“I’m really impressed that the teachers offered to stay late after classes to help the students with learning the correct posture/movement.” This comment was made by someone who has attended a lot of courses and retreats, who said he had rarely seen such generosity in teachers before.

Most of the participants got new inspiration for their practice, felt their body more clearly, could stretch it much better. They felt inside change and could release stress and tensions.

Stefan from Germany wrote this amazing feedback: “I had only two days of headaches in twenty days. Normally, I have 6-8 days of headaches in a 20-day period. That is a 300 – 400% improvement. I had pain in my right knee; I could not go jogging. Now after the retreat I can do 100 wall squats without pain! I could experience that “the Entirety State” makes a big difference in the quality of qigong and the building of a qi field. With the Entirety State the practice of qigong is more powerful.“

There were always two or three teachers in each class and the qi field was always very strong and healing. Practice was also held at different places on the mountains, giving everyone different experiences of the qi and the majestic surroundings.

Doris from Germany wrote: “When I came to this retreat, inside I was not so happy because my cancer scared me. My lungs had no deep breathing, so that I fixed it every time. But the teachers and the practice gradually influence me to trust myself. My lungs got more and more better and my breathing got deeper and deeper. I became more calm, my heart became more opened and I became happy and the inner smile comes back to me. I am very thankful for the experiences I collected at this retreat. And thank you – the teachers – so much for all you have done for me!“

Another participant said that this retreat was one of the best things she’d ever done in her life! She has traveled all over the world, lived in a yoga ashram in India and has experienced a lot of things in her life.

We all had a truly beautiful, joyful and uplifting time together. We wish for everyone to keep the spirit of the retreat in their hearts for a long time and that we will meet each other again soon!

Email received from Mike, June 2011

I have recently completed the Harmonious Big Family Foundation course in the Wudang Mountains and would like to share some thoughts and memories from my experience. I came to the Foundation Course in a pretty fragile state having recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I quickly was surrounded by incredible support, humour, understanding and encouragement from all of the teachers. Although the course was incredibly challenging both mentally and physically for a Zhineng Qigong beginner, I never felt overwhelmed or defeated due to the support from everyone. The depth of practice and theory that was taught to us will enable me to continue my healing and also has given me the confidence to teach others. I have taken away from the course a vision for my future and the belief in my ability to heal myself. And probably most importantly a new life path through Zhineng Qigong.

Testimonial for Foundation Retreat

Upon arriving at Wudang City for the beginning of the May 2011 Foundation Retreat I was met by two of my experienced and friendly Zhineng Qigong Teachers and immediately accompanied to our location in the beautiful Wudang Mountain area. The surroundings are truly inspiring and immediately impressed me and my fellow students. Our hotel was just minutes walking distance to peaceful Temples where we often practiced as the sun came up and later under the starry night skies of Wudangshan. It’s hard not to feel closely connected to the Universe in this type of environment!

Master Wei began the Foundation Retreat with a great introduction to playing with qi and developing a sense for external qi. From those beginnings through Method Two in the Advanced Retreat Master Wei has been nothing short of a magnificent Teacher. Having spent 7 years at the Huaxia medicine-less hospital, often working directly with Dr. Pang, Master Wei has a depth of knowledge and love of Zhineng Qigong that one could sense immediately. He and his team of teachers all of whom have completed the rigorous two year Teacher training course under the direct guidance of Dr. Pang are eager to share their deep understanding of theory, incredible knowledge of the movements and love of Zhineng Qigong for the benefit of their students’ growth. I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve finished a particular session and I walked away and said to myself and my fellow students “that was AMAZING”.

I came to deepen my practice and develop my qigong level so I could teach Zhineng Qigong and I feel I’ve accomplished that and so much more, including making great new friends with both my Teachers and my fellow students. In addition to all of the personal growth I feel I’ve gone through with Master Wei’s guidance, the food has been great, the accommodations comfortable and the surrounding environment beautiful!

I would recommend any of Master Wei’s Retreats to anyone looking to deepen their practice, heal themselves or just develop their True Self.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!

Jake Ellison, Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

An email and reply

Dear teacher Wei,

I write you to share a particular experience : my father in law died on 16th September at the age of 82, he had cancer and stayed in the hospital for about two weeks. To control the pain, doctors gave him morphine.

We all knew he was passing away and we stayed with him day and night. He didn’t want to give up the struggle for life and the moments he was awake, he was confused and very anxious. He didn’t want to die because he still had “things to do”.

It was very painful to my mother in law and to us (his 5 children and children in law) to see him suffer. Me also, I felt very sad but at the same time, I felt like I was carried by something bigger than me, I literally felt comforting arms around me. That feeling enabled me to see and to understand very clearly how the others were feeling (some were angry, some were feeling guilty…). I could say to everyone the words of comfort they needed but these words came spontaneously, I didn’t have to think about it.

Again, it was if something bigger than me was speaking. Also to my father in law, I could send peace, I could support him physically in his struggle and I could send him mentally our messages of respect and love.

It was such a strange and at the same time wonderful experience that I wanted to share with you because I think this also is a result of our retreat in Wudang.

Regine Van belle

Dear Regine,
I’m very happy for your particular experience, Because you were very stable when you face death and handle the relationship with others. That’s really great experience.

But you need know the one bigger than you who told you how to do was yourself, not other things. That’s the manifestation of the integration of you trure self and your qi field. Trust yourself–trure self !!!

Can I share your experience with others on website?

Hun yuan ling tong


My experience with Zhineng Qigong
This is the life change story of Tilla Van Opstal from Belgium. It started in 2000 when a coworker lent her a video with the lift qi up pour qi down (LCU) and now her dream is to create a centre in Europe were all residents can gather together and experience the big qi-field and the effect of the Zhineng family in their own language.

This is her story: The first time I heard about Zhineng Qigong was 9 years ago. A coworker lent me a video with the LCU. I felt immediately connected and started with the exercise on a daily basis. A month later I went to a one day workshop. There I decided to become an instructor because I was convinced that this was good for everybody. The reason for feeling so good with this method was the combination of movement and meditation. It was timesaving as I felt the need of doing both.

I was very weak. I went through a period of nine years without practically any sleep. I was so weak that I couldn’t hold a pencil to write. One of the reasons was the pain in my lower back. As long as I was moving around, it was ok, but lying down, the pain was so strong that it kept me awake. In addition to that I often had migraines for a couple of days so badly that I had to stay in bed in the dark. Little by little I got my energy back. A Chinese doctor told me that without qigong I wouldn’t be able to walk around, so I got more confident that this was a good way for me to regaining my health.

I didn’t have much time to practice as I had to go at the office and also do my household, having two children. I got up at 5.30 to practice one hour before waking up the children. But because I had also evening classes, I only went to bed by 12 o’clock.

In 2003 I stopped working and decided to make Zhineng Qigong my profession. It’s my goal to bring Zhineng Qigong to Belgium. People know yoga and tai chi, but qigong, more specific Zhineng Qigong is very new. So I had to start from the bottom up with small groups. Even now sometimes I teach for only 8 to 10 people. Most of them prefer small classes because than they have full attention and personal coaching.

The first time I went for a one month training in China was In 2004 with teacher Luke Chan. I met him during his teachings in Europe. In 2006 I went to Malaysia having teachings from teacher Ooi Kean Hin. That was the first time I heard about the theory, about Yiyuanti and Daode.

In 2007 I went to China to study for 10 days with teacher Li Hong Shi in Beijing. He thought me the softness and kindness. In 2008 I stayed for one month in Hainan with teacher Jianshe and his colleagues. It was a good feeling being whole the time in a center and the training was intense. There I met teacher Wei Qi Feng.

Early 2009, I went there for one month training with teacher Wei who opened a complete new world for me. That’s the reason why, until now, this time my stay in China was the most intensive experience for me. First of all we went deep into the theory. Deep, but in a simple way.

I understood that there were many tools bringing us to the core, the most important or central part, of Zhineng qigong by finding our true self and finding our freedom.

Since I understood the Hunyuan theory I have the feeling of being connected to the universe, to the nature, but also to everybody around me. Everything and everybody is a part of me. By this feeling I feel respect for everybody, for all the work they do. Here is an example: in my behavior I will not throw waste, like paper or plastic on the ground, along the road, or in nature. First of all someone else has to clean it and secondly I don’t want to contribute to pollution of nature.

I’m eating very slowly. That has nothing to do with me not being used to eat with chopsticks, but out of respect of the work the cook had by preparing the food. And the more attention I give to food, which comes from nature, the more I express my respect for it. When pulling in qi by doing movements, we are also very slow and aware of the qi. In food we find also fundamental qi and therefore I eat mindful.

I learned that visualizations and using images, such as a blue sky, were tools, which you can drop at a certain moment and go to the real feeling. The first time that I experienced this was doing the push pull. I used to bring the blue sky into my body and let go, but now I can feel how the qi itself is getting in and around my body.

I got to know about Shen Ji palace. This is completely new to me. I found the entrance of that palace, but not yet the bedroom where teacher Wei always let his mind sleep. So here I need some more practice. Going there I was very restless and couldn’t calm down my mind. By bringing me in Shen Ji palace, doing meditations from my Shen Ji palace, I found some peace and rest.

I learned to use this Shen Ji palace not only during meditations or movements, but also in daily live, when going shopping or sitting in the bus. This way we are much stronger and protected against all outside influences which are not always positive.

I learned how to use my willpower to stay focused or concentrated and let go all distracting thoughts and desires which kept me away from my freedom. I learned about Yiyuanti and how my frames of references are influencing my being. By being aware of my reactions, by studying my feelings and thoughts, I can create new frames of references to become a better person, to get closer to my freedom, to get closer to my true self. I learned how to stay on the background as being on the top of the hill looking down on what is going on, just observing, living in the present.

I also learned to use this concentration in every movement. So I have been practicing e.g. the cranes neck for about one hour, feeling how every part of my body is changing depending on the position of the head, feeling how to become one with the qi, how to be one mass of qi.

I experienced the intensely turning of the tailbone and the power it gives to the spine and the brains. My intelligence is certainly improved by it. The fact of being in the centre is also great. Even without me speaking the language I can feel at home as I feel accepted as part of the big Zhineng family. If the Chinese language would not be so difficult, I would start learning it immediately. When practicing together in the group in the big qi-field I can sense it, but I am sure that a big part of the effect is lost by not understanding what is said. When I have my private classes with teacher Wei, I have most of the time a very deep qi-feeling. So I can imagine, being in a big group, hearing the same words in your own language, is like taking a qi-bath.

My dream now is creating a centre in Europe were all habitants can gather together and experience the big qi-field, the effect of the Zhineng family in their own language or in a language that is familiar to them. In the mean time I certainly will advise my students to come to China to experience the roots of Zhineng Qigong.