About our community

Our community is called “The World Consciousness Community”. It is based on the theory and methods of Zhineng Qigong culture. Zhineng Qigong culture has been created by the Chinese grand master Dr. Pang Ming. Teacher Wei Qifeng, as a student of Dr. Pang, established The World Consciousness Community to spread the essence of this culture.

the world consciousness community

The community is based on the connection of awakened pure consciousness: mingjue. When the practitioners of mingjue merge as one, the experience is one that transcends time and space: an awakened consciousness field is formed by the connection of the hearts of all participants worldwide. In this consciousness field, everyone transcends all kinds of attachments, they love and support each other, and thus peace, love, happiness, harmony, healing and freedom appear in each individual’s life as well in the whole world.

The purpose of our community

We instituted The World Consciousness Community on the 4th of February 2018, which is the first day of spring of that year in the Chinese calendar.


Awakening human consciousness, and reach our true self and unconditional love.


Building a harmonious world.


Creating a healthy, peaceful, happy and free life.


Helping in the evolution of humanity to the highest level.

How can we realize our purpose

Mingjue practice

In our community, the core practice is developing pure consciousness. Through this practice we may achieve the awakened state. That is to say, through the practice of clear consciousness (Mingjue), consciousness itself transcends the material world, the physical body, thoughts, emotions and its own reference frame work. Through this practice, we attain a free state, and become our inner master, our true self. At this level, all practice will gradually happen in mingjue state and an awakened life style will slowly evolve.

Creating the world consciousness field

At the level of clear consciousness (mingjue), practitioners connect heart to heart to build the world mingjue consciousness field. This consciousness field supports everyone to improve life, and in turn, everyone makes this consciousness field stronger. This consciousness field continuously leads humanity to improve and reach a high level.

Developing small communities within the large community

In the World Consciousness Community, there are many small communities all over the world. There are many small communities where different languages are spoken, Participants can join any small community to learn, practice and serve. We strive to develop more small communities all over the world; this is a very important aspect of our mission in order to make the world mingjue consciousness field stronger.

Systematic learning and diligent practice

Each small community is closely connected to the larger community to learn and practice in synchronicity with the same information. Organizers help the participants to practice diligently, and to improve life and the consciousness field.

Why should you join The World Consciousness Community?

  • In the community, you can learn about the high level laws of life and of the universe.
  • You will have the support of the community and its members.
  • The community consciousness field will help your individual consciousness to become purer, more stable and positive. This in turn will have an effect on your social relationships: these will become more harmonious; you will experience greater safety in your life and will become more successful; you can come to achieve health, peace, happiness and freedom more easily.
  • The community consciousness field will support the qi field in and around your cells, organs, body and family to become stronger and more harmonious.
  • In our community, we have long-term organized group practice. The practice program covers different aspects of human life and gathers and distills these into the essence of practice. This can help you to have an excellent and an effective practice content; it can also build good self-discipline. The consciousness field of group practice can support you to practice deeper and improve life faster. In this way, old patterns and life habits can be changed with greater ease.
  • In the community consciousness field, you will experience a transformation: your world view and life view will change, your heart will open, and your true self will gradually appear giving way to unconditional love. The transformation will intensify the world consciousness field, and thus realize the value of your life together with all the community members in the infinite entirety.
  • You can become a certificated mingjue teacher, healer, or organizer.
  • After you join the community, you will save money when learning and practicing qigong.

Learn more about us and read about the organization of our worldwide community.

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