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Awakening with teacher Wei's guidance (2 minutes).

Awakening with teacher Wei's guidance (1 min, 16 sec.).

With our consciousness we can clean the world with mingjue and heal the virus.

In this meditation we use our pure consciousness to guide a light spiral harmonizing the earth qi, cleaning the virus and healing all kinds problems.

Everything in the world is in our pure consciousness. Clean the world and heal all kinds problems with the mingjue meditation with the best information.

In this audio recording teacher Wei guides you in the wall squats practice. The wall squats method is an important and effective exercise for the relaxation of the spine, the lumbar region and the coccyx as well as for the…

Mingjue consciousness field healing meditation by teacher Wei in English with French translation. Le professeur Wei guidera des méditation pour le développement du champ de conscience de mingjue dans le monde.