Mingjue Gongfu Advanced Training and Teacher Training Retreat, China

Welcome to join our special retreat on the tropical Hainan Island.

The Mingjue Gongfu Advanced Training and Mingjue Teacher Training takes place in a health center on the beautiful beach near Haikou, the capital of Hainan island.

Deepen your Mingjue Gongfu or join us to the Mingjue Teacher Training.


  • Learn the principles of Zhineng qigong theory
  • 6 days of silence and deep mingjue meditation
  • 3 days of fasting mingjue meditation
  • Practice the essence of Zhineng Qigong methods
  • Open mingmen inner palace, hunyuan palace and shenji palace
  • Make the spine and central nerve system qi strong
  • Develop mingjue super abilities and use the functions of mingjue for healing
  • Share and experience of the community life style

Additional contents for teacher training

If you want to join our retreat to become a Mingjue Teacher:

  • Practice creating the qi field, consciousness field
  • Leading practice: the essence of Zhineng Qigong
  • Explain methods and some important theory
  • Exam and certificate

Our retreat place

The health center is located on the beach West of Haikou. It can accommodate more than 200 people with a spacious practice room which can comfortably house 150 people.

It is near a large beach with fine sand, as well as natural hot spring pools. Enjoy swimming by the pool or the beach, or play Qi Basketball, volleyball, and Ping-Pong. The center also offers TCM: acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, and more…

Learn more about us while you are here! Near the center you can visit: Yong Qing Buddhist temple, the Volcanic vent, Mangrove Bay, Fushan coffee, Holiday beach, visit the duty-free supermarket and more…

Daily schedule

  • Morning practice: 6:30- 7:30 am
  • Breakfast: 8:00 am
  • Practice: 9:30- 11:30 am
  • Lunch: 12:00 pm
  • Afternoon practice: 15:00- 17:30 pm
  • Dinner: 18:00 pm
  • Evening practice: 20:00-21:00 pm
  • Sleep: 22:00 pm

There will be one day off each week, you can have a rest or join an organized travel.

Please remember to:
Take you swimming suit for the hot springs healing and wear white, light, loose clothes during practices.

Teachers and assistant team

Teacher Wei, Teacher Xiao, and organizers


2400 USD: includes double room, meals, practice room, tuition, and other services.

– Additional cost for a single room; 312 USD, total price is: 2712 USD
– Additional fee for Mingjue Teacher certificate: 150 USD

Travel, arrival and departure

Arrival time: October 8th, 2024, check in at the center

Departure time: November 1st, 2024,  check out by noon

How to get here
Fly to Haikou Meilan airport.
After you have purchased your flight tickets, please inform us of your arrival and departure times and provide us with your flight information.

We will arrange transportation for you to and from the airport upon arrival and departure. The retreat center is about an hour from the airport.

Rongai Health Care Hotel
No. 10, Luneng Road, Chengmai Town, Hainan Province
TL: 86-0898 67208266 (language: only Chinese)

Please note:
The fee for the taxi is covered only for the drive to and from Haikou Meilan airport. It does not cover the fee of the taxi for any other airport or location. You may choose not to take advantage of our offer if you do not wish to, but the taxi fee is not reimbursable.

No visa requirements for 59 countries

If you have a passport from a country on the list below, then you can travel to Hainan for one month without requiring a visa:

Citizens of 59 countries are eligible for 30 days of visa-free travel to the province of Hainan. Eligible citizens can travel from Hong Kong or any other place outside Mainland China with a direct flight to the island. This visa information is from September 2023. Please note and follow the latest travel regulations for your country to Hainan.

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Monaco, Belarus, Austria, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark , Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania.

For your safety and that of those around you
Please do not plan to travel if you are suffering from the following conditions:
– Contagious diseases
– Mental health conditions that require monitoring
– Critical illnesses

How to Register

Contact one of our organizers listed below to register and for any questions.

Registration deadline
Registration ends on AUGUST 8th, 2024

Contact and registration

Contact and register with an organizer of your choice:










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