Audios: Mingjue meditation

We offer various audios of Zhineng Qigong practices, methods and meditations.

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Mingjue entirety breathing 2: Mingjue wakes up in the qi entirety, becomes mingjue qi body and mingjue universe state. Mingjue stays at the best state and the entire breathing becomes one. This practice improves the purity and power of mingjue, so that the high level mingjue transforms the whole life…

Mingjue entirety breathing (part 1): The consciousness goes into the fine inner space and fills up the whole body form qi body breathing, further merges with the universe form universe breathing. This method is very good form to harmonize the whole body qi and bring universe qi into the body…

Practice Yiyuanti say “N” for experiencing the state of Yiyuanti, the source of consciousness. Yiyuanti directly receives information to know things. Yiyuanti directly sends information to transform life and things. Practice Yiyuanti helps develop the functions of the second life system.