Deep inside our hearts, we need to realize that the original state of our lives is beautiful. 

Many of us have forgotten this. We are too busy. Our minds are attached to the outer world. And this can create a lot of blockages — emotional trauma, health problems, and strained relationships. Why? In losing ourselves to the outer world, we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten to enjoy our lives! 

If we are not free, we must ask ourselves…

“What is blocking me?”

Mingjue (pure, clear consciousness) is the master key. To resolve problems in our lives and in the world, we first need to resolve the problems in our consciousness.

With mingjue practice, consciousness learns to come back to itself. To mind nothing else. To liberate itself from all kinds of fixations on the external world. To become empty — and in this emptiness, it becomes totally free and harmonious. 

To experience the emptiness within our bodies, consciousness trains to observe deeper and deeper, part by part, going into the cells, into the atoms, and beyond — to a level that is infinitesimally small. This emptiness is not nothingness; it is subtle energy, or qi. This qi is the same qi that makes up the emptiness of the universe. So the emptiness of our bodies and the emptiness of the universe merge together — and suddenly, we also become infinitesimally large. At this level of essence, we are one with the universe (tian ren he yi, 天人合一). Merging and transforming happen in every moment, and mingjue observes it all. Healing of mind and body can therefore happen in quantum leaps.

Everybody and anybody can experience this. Like the infinite qi space, mingjue practice can always go deeper — there is no bottom! It does not matter if we are beginners or masters. We all practice together in the collective consciousness field. In this life entirety state, we come to know ourselves. We are ourselves. This allows us to be more engaged, not less, in our daily lives, and to face our challenges with an inner freedom. 

When we are our own masters, life is really beautiful. 

Adapted from Module 1, Part I (Mingjue Healing, Universe Entirety, June 2022), taught by Teacher Wei.


Deepening Your Practice

We offer creative materials that may support you to deepen your observations and practice experiences, or to better understand the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice. 

1) This 3-minute video captures the emptiness of our qi universe, as well as its seemingly impossible magnitude; then takes us into the emptiness of the inner universe of our bodies. In the universe entirety practice, the qi of the body merges with the qi of the universe; and mingjue observes this entirety from deep inside, out to the edges of the universe. How deep can you observe? How vast? 

2) This video footage captures the space of the deep universe, and may be more easily watched from a mingjue state. You can watch it for a few minutes, or for hours!


Reflections from the Community

One person shared…
 “On Friday, I went for a walk in the woods. It was very slippery, I fell down on my sacrum. When I arrived home I had pain, so I remembered Teacher Wei’s teachings. I started to feel: I am one with the universe, I am Qi, everything is perfect. On Saturday, the day was beautiful so I lay down in the grass, feeling I am the universe, etc. Listening to the sounds of nature, suddenly I felt ‘click’ in my sacrum. No more pain, everything was perfect, magic was there. HAOLA!” 

Another shared…
“During daily activities, observing inside the body, I realized how many thoughts I have, also many patterns of thinking and behaving. I continue observing, and some patterns / habits are already not manifesting anymore. Others still do, but I am aware that I am in a continuous process of transformation.”  

Practice in Daily Life: Xü

Find a few times during your day to do this for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone during breaks in your day. 

  • Take the sitting posture.
  • Close your eyes (or soften your gaze).
  • Draw your consciousness back into shenji palace (the center of your head).
  • Observe your whole body inside, from the crown — slowly, methodically — down to your feet, and repeatedly say, “Xü…xü…xü….”  
    As you do, your inner body becomes an empty space, finer and finer.
  • Observe this empty space from the center of the head. It expands out to merge with the qi universe.  
    Gradually observe and expand this empty space from the neck.
  • Continue, part by part, down the body until the whole body becomes empty and merges with the qi universe. Consciousness merges and harmonizes with the whole qi body.
  • Then, when you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duji (the navel).
  • Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head.
  • Turn palms down toward baihui (the crown of the head), then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duji.
  • Rest a while there. 

Ask yourself: Who is observing?

Study and Practice Mingjue Gongfu with Us

  • Practice with a vibrant, global community in our yearlong program, “Awakening the Inner Healer,” beginning June 2022 (individual monthly courses available a la carte, and translations also available in multiple languages) 
  • “What is Mingjue?” in Teacher Wei’s words: 8-minute YouTube video
  • Meet Teacher Wei on a recent global Awakin Call: a conversation and practice 


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