The following mantra describes the mingjue entirety consciousness state — a state of oneness in which our qi bodies merge with the qi universe, and our consciousnesses merge together to form a unified field of good information:

I am mingjue love.
I am mingjue peace.
I am mingjue happiness.
I am mingjue gratitude.

Line by simple line, we can come to know mingjue more deeply:

Love is a function of mingjue. When we reach a certain level of consciousness, we recognize and also directly experience that we are all one. This being of oneness — and also the function or manifestation of oneness — is nothing but universal and unconditional love. As individuals, we practice for the whole field, and at the same time, the whole field supports us. There is no separation. No “I” or “mine.”

Peace is the natural state of mingjue. In mingjue gongfu practice, we learn to observe our bodies and the physical world as qi, then merge our qi bodies with the whole qi universe. When we become the infinite emptiness of the qi universe, there is nothing to attach to (because attachments and fixations happen in the physical / material dimension). This state is pure harmony, coherence, and high-level resonance. Healing is a natural side-effect of this state.

Happiness is the manifestation of this harmonious peacefulness. From a place of harmonious peacefulness, our relationships and daily lives can become less busy and tense; more open and free. The mingjue state can directly heal our relationships and emotional trauma because it goes beyond them to the level of qi emptiness (peace) and oneness (love).

Gratitude is the attitude of mingjue. When we merge and transform — or hunhua — with everything in the mingjue state, our consciousness receives any and all information as ways to learn more about ourselves and the laws of the universe. Every bit of information, then, is a gift for mingjue, whether in the form of images, ideas, people, things, sensations, or events. Mingjue receives this as abundance and responds with gratitude. 

Mingjue can use this mantra to purify itself. 
Mingjue can also use this mantra to heal self and others.

With repetition, this information becomes stronger and stronger, seeping into our subconsciousness. So when events happen — external triggers or internal sensations — our response can naturally come from both mingjue consciousness and our reference frameworks (perceptions shaped and conditioned by culture, society, and personal experiences). On the other hand, rote repetition becomes just that: rote. There is no meaning, no power.While repeating the words, we must experience the state of these four words, and also the state of “I am.”

Remember: this mantra is just a tool. Observing who is saying the mantra and who is choosing this information is the key to awakening and healing — because this “who” is the inner master, the inner healer.

HEAL AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE – Adapted from Module 1, Part 2 (July 2022), as taught by Teacher Wei.


We offer creative materials that may support you to deepen your observations, connect better to the practice, or to understand the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice. There will come a time when you go beyond all images and tools in your practice.

  1. One Love. One Peace. One Happiness. One Gratitude. How vast can you experience and observe the impossible magnitude of the collective consciousness field? Sometimes, especially as we’re starting out in mingjue practice, this field can feel abstract, difficult to relate to. In this 2-minute video, we can catch a glimpse of the beauty, expansiveness, and freedom when we experience ourselves as one living, conscious, dynamic organism — and we can bring a subjective experience of this into our practice. (Click the image)

2. This 7-minute audio is the mingjue mantra song, by our own Manfred Holub from Germany. Sing along with your eyes closed for 7 minutes, or put it on auto-replay and sing for an hour! (Click the image)


Find a few times during your day to repeat this mantra for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone. Also, try to practice this mantra when you are feeling challenged by an acute situation or a relationship.
First, set a good mingjue entirety state (6-minute video).
In the pure, harmonious state, repeat these four simple lines:

I am mingjue love.
I am mingjue peace.
I am mingjue happiness.
I am mingjue gratitude.

Always hold these questions: Who is saying this?



One person shared…

“Two nights ago, when I did lying mingjue meditation, I really felt what mingjue love is. I felt the difference between sending love with an open heart and sending love from the heart in the mingjue state. It automatically spreads out from the heart and the whole body’s center — such an open and blessing feeling. They are two completely different love feelings. Both wonderful, but I was soooooo happy. I was just lying there, so happy and blissed, completely open to universe and from my heart such a bright unconditional flow of love spreading out. Just coming from deep inside without any information, just mingjue state in continuous flow.“

Another person shared…

“Yesterday again I had a strong pain in the gallbladder and stomach and when I went to bed I still had pain. I slept, woke up, then went into ruding state [mingjue “do nothing” state] between ‘sleep and not sleep’ and into the inner space of my inner organs, very deep, no intention at all. And all the pain disappeared. I don’t know how long I stayed there, but I know that this was a deep healing.“


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