Changing our health starts with changing our consciousness.

This may not feel like healing, but in fact, it is healing at the deepest root. When we practice mingjue healing, we practice a complete system of healing — a transformation of our total life, not just the easing of our symptoms (although that can happen, too!). We learn to heal our relationships, work, emotions, and relationship to life itself.

The deepest healing, however, happens within ourselves: between mingjue and the reference framework.

The reference framework is the inner program by which our minds judge, analyze, and perceive things in daily life. The reference framework allows us to navigate a dualistic world that operates in linear time and space. It is just a tool, a program. But most of us come to believe that we are the reference framework — that we are our identities or titles, our roles and relationships in society, or the knowledge we acquire. We also come to believe that we are our health conditions and the phenomena in our lives.
When the reference framework governs us, our inner programming becomes distorted. Distorted programming leads to distorted energy, and distorted energy can lead to illness.

The true master is mingjue.

Mingjue is the inner observer. Mingjue is pure consciousness, connected to the collective consciousness field and universal love. Mingjue merges with and fills the body, but remains autonomous and free. Mingjue also expands to merge with and fill the qi universe, directly receiving high-level information for complete healing. Mingjue doesn’t disregard the reference framework, but rather, upgrades and harmonizes it, using the polarity and movement of yin and yang to transform all levels of existence — information, energy, and the physical (which includes our bodies).

Mingjue is our true nature.

How does mingjue heal at the deepest root?

  • Mingjue cultivates a peaceful, harmonious, and coherent state of being, which promotes healing.
  • Mingjue is the master and “goes ahead” of the health condition. Mingjue always responds, “No problem!” And without fear and stress, healing can happen naturally.
  • Mingjue chooses good information and sends it to the challenged area of the body (EX: mingjue healing mantra directed into the abdomen). By changing our response at the information level, we also change the energy in the body.
  • Mingjue goes beyond everything and accepts everything in a free state. “Going beyond” refers to our inner state, rather than logical thinking, allowing us to resolve our challenges more quickly. (7-min “go beyond” teaching by Teacher Wei)

Adapted from the course, “Awakening the Inner Healer,” Module 1, Part 3 (August 2022), as taught by Teacher Wei.


mingjue love & peace
heart to heart – open 
your awareness to the hearts of others 
compassion to blossom 
and so
grasping, attachments, fear, judgement – all  
fade and fade and fade and fade
you are ; we are ; I am 
in love
in peace
in gratitude 
in happiness 

— Margaret Macky, mingjue participant and teacher,
New Zealand




Find a few times during your day to repeat this healing practice for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone. Also, try to practice this when you feel challenged by any symptoms or attachments to diagnoses.

  • First, set a good mingjue entirety state (6-min video).
  • Hold your arms in front of duqi (navel), as if hugging a qi ball.
  • Palms are cupped, fingers slightly spread out, as if holding a small qi ball.
  • Relax the arms, hands, and fingers.
  • Use your elbows to lead your arms and hands to open and close, gathering qi from and releasing it into the universe.
  • Continue the open and close movement for several minutes, the elbows leading.
  • When you’re ready, place your hands over a part of the body that needs healing.
  • Rest your palms, one over the other, bringing the qi ball into that area.
  • Massage gently and slowly with small circles, palms not leaving the skin. Start with rotations in one direction, and later reverse the direction.

Throughout the practice, hold the question: Who is doing this open-close qi healing massage? Who is sending this good information?



One person shared…

“When I notice that some problem is forming in my body, I connect to my empty state and, with my clear consciousness, overwrite the information with HAOLA [“All is well, so be it!”] information. If a problem has already developed, such as an injury, and I forget to heal it right away, I can completely eliminate the pain with this technique and greatly speed up the regeneration. My experience is also that it is not good if I want to speed up the processes, because my mind is no longer clear enough from this intention. I’d rather just let the transformation happen on its own.”

Another person shared…

“In the healing practice, first of all, I relax and I connect with Consciousness and the Universal Love field. The connection helps me to go in a open and serene state, despite pain. I relax and open, I open and relax and in the connection with Nature and the Universe. Mingjue focuses on a specific place, or in the whole qi body. The biggest perception is the opening; sometimes the pain dissolves, sometimes not, but it gets better anyway. The state is good and smiling.”



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