Welcome to our Harmonious Big Family!

  It is our hope to connect with and to wish the best to all the people with beautiful hearts which accord with Dao. This is why we called our new website www.daohearts.com
 We hope that all practitioners will find our website as a place to connect mind to mind, heart to heart to form a Dao Hearts level consciousness field all over the world. This is our dream at Harmonious Family!.

Zhineng Qigong emphasises maintaining a balanced, stable and centred state of mind. This state brings health, happiness and harmony to us and to those around us.

Harmonious Big Family teachers bring Zhineng Qigong culture to the world by offering retreats and providing online tuition, healing sessions and other resources.

About Daoheart

——-the core of Harmonious Big Family

Dao is the source of the universe; everything comes from dao. Dao nourishes and grows everything, through all time and space. Dao also brings about the birth and death of everything in the universe. In Zhineng Qigong we call this source of the universe original hunyuan qi.

Heart here refers to our true self, our pure heart, our true nature as human beings. All our life activities are a manifestation of the functions of this heart. The nature of the true heart is pure, peaceful and filled with life. Those aware of their true self live in a true-heart state and experience inner freedom and happiness without fixation.

When our pure hearts merges with the dao this forms an harmonious hunyuan entirety within the universe; we call this entirety Daohearts.

As the source of the universe, the state of dao is invisible, kong kong dang dang, huang huang hu hu, empty but not empty. It’s very very pure, fine and even; it fills up all time and space; it transforms everything in the universe.

The pure heart or true self is the source of consciousness. Like dao, it’s extremely pure, fine and even. It goes beyond time and space, similar to the state of dao. Its function is to recognise and create our life and the objective world through receiving, saving, processing, retrieving  and sending information. If one stays in the true-heart state, one naturally merges with dao and becomes one with it. When this happens our experience of the universe as differentiated ceases and we know the entirety connection of everything in the universe, one harmonised, united entirety that has no distinctions.
 In the true-self state, great potential emerges. The laws of life, of everything, and the universe as information, are naturally reflected in the true self without any obstruction. The old limited reference framework is broken and a new higher-level open reference framework is formed which recognizes everything objectively. This new reference framework accepts all realities and actively works in accordance with the laws of life to create a high level new life.
Daoheart is the highest level and ultimate entirety in the universe. In this state, humans go beyond all suffering, worry, confusion, conflict, fear, fixation, desire and illness, and live in the present moment of the peaceful, aware, flexible, clear, equal, harmonious, natural and free state. True compassion and universal love flow out from the true self and spread naturally widely, unconditionally bringing wellbeing, happiness and harmony to mankind.

The great Master, Doctor Pang, illuminated and taught theories and methods for us to achieve the daoheart state. Its purpose is to bring the greatest possible benefit to human beings. To work towards this important mission, our group of teachers built the Daohearts Centre in China to provide a good qi field for practitioners from all over the world. Our idea is that people who live at a certain level of daoheart state or work towards a daoheart state can stay at our centre, or connect with its consciousness field worldwide. Through doing this, it’s as if we are many hearts or true-selves together; we call this the Harmonious Big Family.

We believe that if, heart to heart, we dedicate our lives to creating a high-level consciousness field in the universe, a beautiful, harmonious and free life and world will become a reality.

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