What is the Value of Your Life?

In the universe, there is an infinite amount of information. And all the information is continually merging and transforming. Usually, we prefer to limit or resist change. Or we want to control what happens. Both are fixations; both can create pain and suffering — even if our intentions are well-meaning. Yes, morality can become an obstruction to flow

Teacher Wei challenges us, “Go with the extraordinary flow of the transformation of the entirety!” It is this process of merging and transforming that creates the new reality of each present moment. The information in everyone’s individual consciousness is just one tiny contributor of information in the entirety.

So in this vast information universe, what is the value of your life? Here are two steps toward discovering it:

  1. Observe, accept, and enjoy this process of being truly alive. This can open your heart.
  2. Ask yourself this essential question, “What information am I living my life by?” Your mingjue (pure consciousness) reflects and joins the vast matrix of information — from society, the world, and the universe — to merge and transform with it. And although it doesn’t always feel like it, you have a choice in what information you bring to the universal matrix.

When you fully realize these two steps, you become an active participant in the process of creation — a co-creator of your life and the collective field. At any time, you can choose to contribute mingjue love, mingjue peace, mingjue happiness, and mingjue gratitude. When you continue to develop mingjue, the information you send into the collective field will have greater power to transform. That is, weaker information will follow yours.

This is the true value of your life.

Co-Creating with Difficult Experiences 

Teacher Wei gives us an example of how to co-create when we are stricken with guilt. Other chronic, strong emotions like anger or grief can be substituted, too. 

If you harbor guilt about an experience, he says, this represents an attachment to the past. These thoughts and emotions press upon you and consume a lot of energy, suppressing your potential for courage and unconditional love.

Applying the two steps above, you can:

  1. Accept your guilt as a habit of the past and a habit of the ego mind. Come to the present moment and accept it. If this is difficult, try connecting to any bodily sensations you may feel when you think about your guilt. Observe these sensations as qi that is always flowing. Do not resist them. Just let them flow. Soon they will disappear. This is merging and transforming as a natural process.


  2. Activate your insight and connect to “good information.” See that the experience of guilt is guiding you to see your internal state: “Oh, there is a fixed judgment there. The judgment is an old, conditioned pattern.” Who is observing this? Mingjue observes and illuminates all. Mingjue also says “Haola! No problem!” and does not fixate on the outcome. If the guilt disappears, that is wonderful. If not, embrace the present reality with an equally open heart. By making the subconscious conscious, the old patterns are no longer the master. This is merging and transforming as a conscious process.

In this manner, mingjue continues to choose good information to contribute to the collective field. Haola!

Adapted from the course,“Awakening the Inner Healer,” Module 3, Part 3 (February 2023), as taught by Teacher Wei.




Why Repeat the N̈ Sound?
This simple practice is the essence of mingjue consciousness. There is no Chinese character for the sound. There is no meaning. It is pure information.

When you repeat “n̈,” the vibration is a movement of invisible qi. It can readily bring you to the present moment and into a pure, clear, and peaceful mingjue state.

Practice: Find a few times during your day to do this for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone during breaks in the day.

Sit upright in a comfortable position. Lift the baihui (crown of the head) up toward the sky, feet planted on the ground. Soften your gaze.

Draw your consciousness back into shenji palace (the center of your head).

Observe your whole qi body. Pure consciousness merges with the whole qi body and observes within to a very subtle level. Be relaxed, be peaceful.

Now say “n̈…n̈…n̈….” Feel mingjue (the inner observer) saying n̈…n̈…n̈….

Observe the n̈ sound appearing clearly in your consciousness. N̈…n̈…n̈…. (Repeat this many times.)

Do not focus on the feeling or the vibration — simply observe n̈ and observe mingjue saying n̈. N̈ makes mingjue clearer, stabler, simpler. When you say n̈, the n̈ sound and mingjue are one. There is nothing else.

Continue saying n̈…n̈…n̈…. Stay in the n̈ state with an inner smile. Be aware of each n̈ sound clearly. Be aware of the empty space between each n̈ sound.

When you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duji (the navel). Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head. Turn the palms down toward baihui, then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duji.

Rest for a while there.

Always hold the question: Who is saying ?


Deepening the practice

We offer creative materials to help deepen your practice, make it more playful, or clarify the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice. There will come a time when you go beyond all images and tools.

Spend some time watching the two videos below — the first, a clip of a 12 seconds, and the second, up to 12 hours! — which reflect the continual life process of merging and transforming of information and energy.

If there are particular areas in your body that feel stuck or constrained, see if you can bring the good, flowing information depicted in the videos into that area.

Connect to mingjue in the center of your head in the experience of observing these images.





Two participants in the past shared on reclaiming their position as co-creator of their lives:

One person shared…

“We are creators of our lives and that starts from an inner evolution and that also creates a new life with others. Never more will I try to change others or wait for them to change. Be the example and believe in your Mingjue pure and stable state to change like the reality outside, like magic. To do that, I observe my behavior, emotions and the observer observing itself. But I will do it from universal love…. I can use the ’N’ sound to avoid the old patterns of thoughts and emotions to bring me back to the observer. The outside is not affecting me as usual. I love myself and others while increasing this state of unconditional love.”

Another person shared…

“I did the daily practice as in the months before — but it extends more and more to a whole-day practice of observation and transformation in all parts of life. I observe the relative identity which sometimes believes to be the program, learned since birth. And I go with him through this transformation of the old frame work into a new one — from consumer to the creator self. It is a healing from the source. This journey means to help ourselves and others to heal. Mingjue sends and receives information. When we heal others we heal ourselves and improve our mingjue state because we are the others as we are ourselves.”



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