How Can We Bring True Healing to the World?

When Dr. Pang Ming founded the lineage of Zhineng Qigong in the 1980s, he had one primary intention in his heart: to bring greater harmony and peace to the world. The primary way was through the evolution of humankind to a higher level of consciousness. Wherever he went, even during times of great personal and global difficulties, Dr. Pang maintained a peaceful heart, holding these questions close:

• How can we resolve human conflict?
• How can we awaken our collective consciousness?
• How can we bring true healing to different societies?

At the relative level of human relationships, the general reference framework is one of divisiveness and duality. We are conditioned to see each other as separate. We judge each other’s ideas and actions. We want to control what happens. We often resist change and fight with those who disagree with us. These are different kinds of mental fixations, which can create more pain, suffering, and conflict — even if the original intentions or the imagined outcomes are well-meaning — because these fixations arise from fear rather than love.

In Mingjue Gongfu, universal love and oneness comprise the central information for life. At the level of mingjue (pure consciousness), there is no separation — just one consciousness, one heart. From this unified state, mingjue can see the duality level of society and respect its laws, but it can also see the entirety (the whole) that encompasses the duality. By practicing mingjue, we can learn to loosen our grip on our attachments; they can even disappear. Harmony appears where once there was resistance. By harmonizing the entirety, mingjue harmonizes the smaller parts or places, too. This is a deep level of healing that goes beyond relative conflicts.

Two Ways to Directly Come to Peace through Mingjue

To harmonize the whole, we must each begin by harmonizing our own internal states. In Mingjue Gongfu, the mingjue state of pure consciousness naturally brings peace in two ways:

1. Deep observation — when we practice observing our bodies, our environment, and the greater world at increasingly subtler levels, the material reality has less of a hold on us. We recognize that in this qi reality of existence, everything is always changing. That is, nothing can not change. Naturally, fear diminishes and peace emerges.

2. Mingjue knowing itself — when pure consciousness observes itself, it comes to know itself with increasing clarity. Less and less external events and people can trigger us. We always know who we are. We can also see clearly and embody the state of oneness. This is unconditional love, which has no attachments or fear. Peace naturally emerges then, too.

In a state of freedom, we can choose the information we want to send to other people or communities: universal love, happiness, and peace. We can also respond to conflicts, whether in our own lives or on the world stage, with less fear-based reactions and fixed desires to control things, and instead embody and reflect greater compassion.

This is true healing that benefits all.

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Adapted from Day 8 of the 9-day healing intensive retreat in Spain, October 2023, as taught by Teacher Wei.


We offer creative materials that may support you to deepen your observations, connect better to the practice, or to understand the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice.

What is the relationship between the mingjue state of oneness and the relative dimension of duality? How are we both the whole and an individual? Watch this 2-minute video, twice: the first time, focus on one singer from start to finish. The second time, observe the whole choir as one organism.
When one individual harmonizes herself, can you appreciate her effect on the whole? Also, can you appreciate the harmony of the whole to support each individual singer to come into or maintain her own harmony?
While toggling between individual and the whole is a wonderful exercise, it occurs at the physical or material dimension of life. Try closing your eyes to more easily go beyond the physical forms. Can you experience one unified voice?

Mingjue is a state of being unbound by time and space — where the consciousness of ONE is ever present, even merged with the physical forms.


The peace of deep observation:
“Yesterday when I was in very deep meditation, observing deeper and deeper, I came into that deep level where time and space are one. I was deep in the infinite universe. I cannot explain this experience with words. It was beautiful. It felt very peaceful, calm and and comfortable, completely one with the infinite. I did not even feel my physical body. One moment I was thinking of universal love. It just came into my mind. Immediately I felt it deep inside my heart. Subtle movement, filling up my whole heart space with deep love. It was endless. I brought this love in the great world consciousness field. I sat there for a while and really, I wanted to stay there. Still this morning, I felt the infinite inside me.“

Peace amid loss:
“My mother died a few months ago and I am in the process of selling the family home and moving. Already strained relationships with siblings reached a fever pitch over the last few weeks. However, by using the Mingjue practice I managed to avoid ‘kicking and screaming,’ which has been my usual reaction to such stress. Mild disdain has also been my reaction to the outside world. The tears I shed almost scolded my face with anger and disgust, but my heart felt calm and peaceful. Now I can dissolve the attachments to my family and move into a more positive, more beautiful life.”

Healing self, healing the world:
“I really felt that my inner space is like whole space of the universe, that inner qi of the body and the qi universe are one. Loving myself, I love and heal world; when we are loving the universe, we love ourselves. This really provokes another understanding in myself, that I am responsible for all; that my choices influence all, that what I think, I support; what I am, I radiate on all, and so, everything is interconnected…with each other.“


Why repeat the xu sound? This simple practice is a powerful way to deepen your observation to the subtler dimensions of life and to dissolve attachments, fixations, and any strong or stubborn emotions.

When you repeat xu, the vibration and information can transform matter into qi, and also make qi finer and finer. In this state, we can much more readily come to the experience of oneness — everything is qi.


Find a few times during your day to do this for 10-15 minutes. If helpful, set an alarm on your phone during breaks in your day.

Take the sitting posture. Close your eyes (or soften your gaze).

Draw your consciousness back into shenji palace (the center of your head).

Observe your whole body inside, from the crown — slowly, methodically — down to your feet, and repeatedly say, “Xu…xu…xu.” As you do, your inner body becomes an empty space, finer and finer.

Observe this empty space from the center of the head. It expands out to merge with the qi universe.

Gradually observe and expand this empty space from the neck.

Continue, part by part, down the body until the whole body becomes empty and merges with the qi universe. Consciousness merges and harmonizes with the whole qi body.

Then, when you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duqi (the navel).

Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head. Turn palms down toward baihui (the crown of the head), then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duqi.

Rest a while there.

Always hold the question: Who is observing?

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