“Death is a magnificent process.”

Teacher Wei shared this powerful statement in a message to The World Consciousness Community at the death of a beloved community member this week.

For most of us, however, death does not seem so magnificent. The fear of death and dying remains the deepest blockage — whether our own or that of a loved one. In part, this fear can stem from cultural frameworks that shelter us from death, making it seem abnormal or pathological, rather than an ordinary and natural part of life’s cycles. In part, the fear can stem from our own internal resistance to change. We hold strong attachments to our physical health and relationships, and these attachments can control and limit us.

The reference framework might think, “I’m suffering because I love this person.” Or, “If I don’t suffer, I don’t really care.” We might reminisce about the beauty and joy of a particular relationship. Or remember some challenges and long for more time to make peace with them. The more we think, the more we may suffer. Like fixations on death, attachments to life can also cause fear.

This is how the reference framework operates — it can mistake our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations or symptoms for who we are. That is, at this dualistic level, we think we are our thoughts, emotions, and physical bodies. The same applies to our relationships. We can mistake attachment for love, when in fact it is fear. The former is free-flowing and harmonizing; the latter causes blockages and disharmony. So when material things disappear — like the death of someone’s body — or relationships change, this can be very distressing to the reference framework.

Death is not the problem. The fear of death is.

Another Vision of Death

In the same situation, we can stay in Mingjue Love and be fully present. Mingjue still contains and retains all the information of the relationship, but the information harmonizes inside and out, rather than creating disorder.

When we come to the Mingjue state, centered and clear, we see that death is just another phenomenon of life. It is but the transformation of the body’s energy, as well as the reference framework.

In Mingjue Gongfu, we practice deep observation. If emotions arise, we observe them without suppression or fixation. If thoughts or sensations come, we do the same. We come to realize our thoughts are constantly changing, as are emotions and sensations. We also observe that we are energy (qi bodies), which constantly merges and transforms with the energy of the universe (the qi universe). We learn to observe death, and also our fear of death. No judgment. All observation occurs in and by Mingjue Love.

Ultimately, we observe we are Mingjue, which is independent from the phenomena of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Mingjue is also independent from the physical body. When we truly arrive at this level, the fear of death will naturally disappear. Because we know that death is not about the True Self.

Death, then, can be understood as the greatest phenomenon of life. It only happens once to each of us in this lifetime. And Mingjue Love will continue! Trust this. Enjoy this process.

It is magnificent.

Dr. Pang on Life After Death

What happens after the body dies? Does the soul or consciousness go somewhere? Where is Mingjue?

Different traditions have different viewpoints and experiences. Dr. Pang taught simple information concerning life after death, not going into details. He simply advised his students to focus on the practice, live well, and value every moment. He didn’t encourage thinking about death or the next life, as it wasn’t useful for gongfu (the level of training) or the state of being.

Dr. Pang: If we take good care of this life, and if there is a next life, the next life will naturally come with good qualities.

How to Transform Fear 

  1. Realize you are Pure Consciousness observing everything. This is the process of awakening to the Mingjue state.
  2. The awakened state sees through life, sees through thoughts and the reference framework, as well as the physical body. This means you go beyond the physical dimension of reality to the essence of life: qi and consciousness. As a result, you become brave. You can accompany others toward death in a peaceful, free state.
  3. Stay in the Mingjue state and play the games of death. Meaning, visualize your own death and the death of others, aware that you are the ever-present observer (see Deepening Your Practice below for details). If you train your Mingjue in this manner and harmonize your inner state, you can arrive at a high level of practice.
  4. When you feel your Mingjue has gone beyond death, send good information to create a new life, free of fixations, attachments, and worries. For example, you can consciously send good information to your body, enhancing its potential for health and vitality. You can also send good information to your family or the greater world. The more you practice, the more you experience; and the more you experience, the more you can create new recipes for health.

Reflection Question

Can you maintain a stable, clear Mingjue state? Can you see through all these changes, that all of these events are just life processes, and let go of your attachments?

Merge with Mingjue Love to send good information. No attachments. No life, no death.

Adapted from the teaching, Another Vision of Death, December 2023, as taught by Teacher Wei, with excerpts from his foundational book, Mingjue Awakening.


We offer creative materials that may support you to deepen your observations, connect better to the practice, or to understand the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice. 

In this 4-min video, Hans den Boer, a participant and musician in The World Consciousness Community who died last week, sings with joy about the essence of life. This song was recorded in September, 2023, when he attended the TWCC retreat in Spain with Teacher Wei and over 100 fellow Mingjue family members.

Teacher Wei: “The death of Hans brings a great transformation for our lives. Hans, his body died, but his Mingjue is clear and in the present moment…he is always in the world consciousness field…he used the phenomenon of death to give everyone a teaching of how to enjoy Mingjue Love in every life process toward death. This is a great teaching.”


Why this practice? This is the Mingjue practice — the direct way to go beyond the body. Why? Because when you come to Mingjue state, you realize that, if you are Mingjue, you are not your body. Mingjue is autonomous and does not experience death.

When you practice observing this again and again, you will come to transform any fears related to death.


Find 15-30 minutes to practice this. Longer is even better.

Take the sitting posture. Close your eyes (or soften your gaze). Draw your consciousness back into shenji palace in the center of your head.

Set a good Mingjue consciousness field (6-min guided practice by Teacher Wei).

Observing within, Mingjue observes how your body is like your house: you inhabit it, use it, and take care of it. Observe how the body changes every second. Yesterday’s body and today’s body are not the same. Yesterday, many cells within the body died, and today, many have died, too.

Every seven years, the entire body and its cells will have completely turned over. This means that every seven years, you become completely new; the old cells will have completely disappeared. This cycle repeats over and over again. This is just the flow and transformation of life in the present moment.

Mingjue observes this cycle and observes beyond it. If the body changes, Mingjue says, “No problem! I am Mingjue, I am the True Self, I am the Inner Observer. In each present moment, I am the clear and independent existence.”

Observe how Mingjue remains independent, but freely manages the body in this life, during all of its processes of transformation. The new life is born in Mingjue love information. Mingjue universal love information can go throughout the whole (new) body.

Trust that a new life is already born. Enjoy this process of life.

When you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duqi (the navel).

Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head. Turn palms down toward baihui (the crown of the head), then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duqi.

Rest a while there. 

Always hold the question: Who is observing?

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