In Mingjue practice sessions, we often hear or say the phrase, “Haola 好了!” which means “all is well!” Haola can be a way to send people good information after they share a story. Or a healing intention used in self or group practice. Or a powerful command that arrests whatever is unfolding around or within us, establishing a new order. In each of these scenarios, the power source behind the haola mantra is the qi and information of the universe.

But in turbulent times like these, when so much hardship and suffering surround us, or if we’re experiencing them firsthand, how can we access the true spirit of haola?

Good in Relativity 

Usually when we think of well and good, it is at the relative level. We can be a good citizen and respect the rules of society. We can serve others through acts of kindness. We can contribute to order and peace. This can all help to create a harmonious life, a balanced life.

The yin-yang symbol (in the image above) illumines this principle of harmony and balance. Light and dark, white and black, masculine and feminine — they are complements that comprise the flow and creation of life, where yin and yang are always merging and transforming. This continual movement is what we call evolution.

If we only live by this principle, however, it is easy to become attached and blocked, because our reference frameworks can easily judge one side as good and the other as bad, one as comfortable and the other uncomfortable. We fall into the pattern of wanting specific sides or outcomes, and we experience the yin and yang, instead of complements that flow and create, to be opposites that resist or negate each other. This is how our lives and health become easily blocked.

The Haola Spirit

There is another universal principle: oneness. This is very important. The oneness contains the duality of yin and yang. In Mingjue Gongfu, when we practice merging with the collective consciousness field, we are merging with the oneness state that contains the duality. Only in this state can we truly surrender our separateness and reference frameworks, and become one with the universe.

No matter what happens, including conflicts, we can realize, “Oh, this is just the process of transformation.” We can see all of life as the flow of yin and yang, which is the continual co-creation of the universe. We can see harmony within the conflicts. We can also see all aspects of duality as emerging from and returning to the oneness. Two comes from one, two also returns to one.

In this state, everything is accepted. The heart is completely open. So there are no attachments to release. Our perspectives and choices are attuned to the greater good of the collective. Put another way, our choices become the choices of the universe, and everything we do flows in accordance with it. That is, everything is haola!

This is not just a truth in concept. It is a truth that can be lived and experienced. This is why we practice in the Mingjue Entirety. Mingjue Entirety means we are merging our individual hearts and consciousnesses with the collective field and the qi universe — the state of oneness from which we practice the duality of the body. So through each practice, we are learning how to observe and experience duality from a free and flexible consciousness state. The personal contained within the universal. 

This is the high-level state of haola. The true haola spirit. How free this state is!  How beautiful this state is.

If You’re Not Feeling the Haola Spirit

This happens to everyone. Sometimes, you’re just not feeling it. Teacher Wei offers the following wisdom:

In some cases, the lack of feeling haola is because your focus is too narrow. For example, if you are focused on healing one person and you have a specific outcome in mind, limitations are most certain to arise. If that person cannot be healed, or say the person dies, in addition to grief, you may also feel disappointment, fear, and doubt.

See what happens if you practice repeating haola anyway [refer below to THE PRACTICE OF HAOLA]. See if, over time, you begin to realize the haola information is reflecting to you your inner beauty and the beauty of the consciousness field, no matter what the outcome may be. See if, even if you or the group cannot heal someone’s challenges, you can still continue to receive and send universal love. This is the deeper and larger practice — one that goes beyond results and outcomes.

It is a process to arrive at the haola spirit. Be patient. Trust that the information of haola is your true nature. It’s everyone’s true nature.

Practice haola until you become the haola. Completely. Always.

Reflection Question

When you’re not feeling haola, what are some ways you can open your heart to allow the universal haola to hold you?

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Adapted from the course, Awaken Your Heart, Heal Your Life, February 2024, as taught by Teacher Wei, and excerpts from his foundational book, Mingjue Awakening.


We offer creative materials that may support you to deepen your observations, connect better to the practice, or to understand the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice. 

1. In this brief video, observe how the duality is in a continual spiral movement, which is the flow of the universe. Try focusing on the “s” wave between the two sides and note how it is always in a process of transformation and creation. Observe also how the oneness contains all of the duality and the flow.

2. Play the first 10 minutes of this video, in which Manfred Holub sings the Haola mantra. Listen deeply or sing along. To deepen the experience, try closing your eyes, placing your hands over the middle of your chest, and feeling the haola arising from the depths of your heart space.


Why this practice?
The Haola Practice can be used to (1) send someone good information, (2) enhance any movement practice, and (3) bring healing to yourself or someone else.

When you give the information of haola, hold the intention to awaken your consciousness and develop universal love and compassion. The information of haola is part of the Mingjue Entirety field. If you can truly realize this, this practice will contain much greater power and meaning.

Conversely, if there is no understanding of haola — that is, if there is no sense of its power for both personal and collective consciousness — this practice can become rote very quickly.

Find 15-30 minutes to practice this. Longer is even better.

Take the sitting posture. Close your eyes (or soften your gaze). Draw your consciousness back into shenji palace in the center of your head.

Set a good Mingjue consciousness field (6-min guided practice by Teacher Wei).

Repeat the sound haola, slowly and methodically. Observe the vibrations arising from the oneness of the Mingjue consciousness field and returning there with each breath.

Observe the silence before and after each sound.

Observe how everything is merging and transforming in every moment. Enjoy this process of evolution.

When you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duqi (the navel).

Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head. Turn palms down toward baihui (the crown of the head), then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duqi.

Rest a while there. 

Always hold the question: Who is saying haola?

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