Standing Meditation 44′ (audio)

Standing Meditation for foundation practice.

The Standing Form is a foundation practice in Zhineng Qigong. It suits all levels and stages of practice and is important for raising our qigong level. In order to truly benefit from it, we need to go into a deep qigong state and enjoy feeling we are one with the universe. This can be difficult if we have not learnt to still and focus our mind. Teacher Wei has an ability to help us reach this state, so that we can draw in original hunyuan qi to nourish and transform ourselves.

This shorter version of the Standing Form is not too physically demanding for beginners; the body is lowered for only half of the recording, following an introduction that draws listeners into the Great Harmony known to Chinese sages of old and to those who enter deep into their qigong practice. The hands are at duqi to cultivate lower dantian qi but could be raised by those whose energy is abundant (in this one follows one’s own feelings as to what is best).


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