Paranormal Abilities – The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science

By Dr. Pang Ming translated into English by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser

Paranormal Abilities was the fifth book written for the two-year teacher training
class of Huaxia Centre. It provides a systematic explanation and classification of
paranormal abilities, including theory, techniques and methods. It clearly describes qigong diagnosis and treatment at a theoretical level, and makes public previously secret methods and skills. By following this book one can learn without a teacher and rapidly develop paranormal abilities.

Zhineng Qigong spread to English-speaking countries about twenty years ago.
Increasing numbers now learn Zhineng Qigong worldwide. This means some
people with paranormal abilities have learnt Zhineng Qigong and increasing
numbers of practitioners are developing such abilities. But these people usually have limited understanding of them. Due to a lack of clear scientific literature regarding paranormal abilities, they tend to hold religious or superstitious views on them. That creates illusion in their practice and it impacts on their qigong improvement.

This book provides clear, scientific understanding and guidance. It describes paranormal abilities as a function of yiyuanti, a human potential – an ability human beings should have, not one caused by gods, ghosts or other beings. Scientific explanation of paranormal abilities is important for people to advance to
a higher level and experience their true self.

eBook in PDF format for download
Pages: 155

Please note: this ebook does not contain a book cover

Dr Pang Ming
Dr Pang on Paranormal Abilities
Index of Translation
Part One – Paranormal Abilities
Overview of Paranormal Abilities
Widely Use and Develop Paranormal Abilities
Part Two – Zhineng Qigong Medicine
Zhineng Qigong Diagnosis
Zhineng Qigong Treatment
Related Publications in English
The Translators
Energy Points

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