The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science

By Dr. Pang Ming translated into English by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser

Zhineng Qigong is a life science based on systematic theory and methods. It outlines the laws of the universe, including those of human life. It explains the relationship between human life activity and the natural world, society, etc.
Zhineng Qigong is an open style practice. This means that from the beginning, one opens one’s mind and qi to the external world and exchanges qi with it. This contrasts with the closed style of most traditional qigong, where the practitioner focuses inside the body for much of their practice.

Zhineng Qigong practitioners actively use consciousness to mobilise qi in order to transform their body, qi and mind as well as the world around them. Zhi means wisdom and neng means capability. So Zhineng Qigong is a way of adjusting mind, qi and body to increase wisdom and ability.
Zhineng Qigong is not only a technique: it has systematic theories and methods. Hunyuan Entirety Theory is the main underlying theory. This states that everything in the universe is a manifestation of hunyuan qi, whether visible or invisible. Different types and levels of qi can affect each other and also transform into one another.

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Dr Pang Ming and Zhineng Qigong
Introduction to Zhineng Qigong
Index of Translation
One: Methodological Summary of Zhineng Qigong Science
Two: Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down
Three: Body Mind Form
Four: Five Hunyuan Form
Five: Zhineng Static Methods and Simple Methods
The Translators
Harmonious Big Family
Energy Points

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