scientific research papers

Medical research

  1. Changes Taking Place in Diabetic Rats  Microcirculation during the Qigong Therapeutic Process
  2. Analysis of the Therapeutic Effect of Zhineng Qigong on 47,864 Cases
  3. A Preliminary Report on Zhineng Qigong’s Qi-Field Organization Effect : Examined with TP-CBS, the Cardiovascular Parameter Intact Measuring Instrument
  4. Study on Zhineng Qigong’s Enhancing Effect on the Activity of Enzyme Ca2+-Mg2+-ATP in Mice’s Cardiac Muscle Myofibril
  5. Qigong’s Effect on Experimental Inflammation and on the Chemiluminescence of Neutrophil
  6. Research into Zhineng Qigong’s Effect on the Immune Functions of Human Body’s Erythrocyte and Autologous Cockade Forming Cell
  7. A Tentative Study on the Effect of Zhineng Qigong External Qi on the Microcirculation Impediment in Rats’ Brain
  8. The Influence of Qigong External Qi on the Secretion of Prolactin in Normal Rats
  9. Research into Zhineng Qigong’s Effect with Flow Cell Luminosity Method on DNA Synthesis and Cell Cycle of Liver Cancer Cells
  10. Experimental Observation of Zhineng Qigong’s Effect on the Division of Cell Hela Cultured outside the Human Body
  11. Zhineng Qigong’s Effect on the Formation of Clone of Cell Hela in Human Cervix Cancer
  12. Tentative Exploration into the Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Cell Hela in Human Cervix Cancer
  13. A Tentative Study of the Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Erythroleukemia in Mice
  14. Effects of External Qi on Transplanted Sarcoma S180 in Mice
  15. Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Ascites Type S180

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Industrial research