Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Ascites Type S180

Basic Medical Science Research Institute of China’s Academy of Medical Science

Li Mei (1) YunJunti

DongdanParkInstructionCenter of Beijing Zhineng Qigong Branch

Liu Jiahong (2) Li Fengchun


In this article, acities type S180 is taken as the model. The average days of survival of the animals in the experimental group are 30 to 40 days; the days of survival of the control group are 12 to 15 days. The rate of life expectancy having been prolonged is above 50%.

Key words
Zhineng Qigong external qi, ascitic type S180, life expectancy (prolonged) rate

We have experimented and proved that Zhineng Qigong has a tumor inhibiting effect on mice’s sarcomata, S180 solid tumor. This experiment takes ascitic type S180 as the model to further study Zhineng Qigong’s antitumor effect.


Material and Method

Swiss mice, both male and female, with the average weight at 18g to 20g, are chosen for this experiment. Each animal is inoculated 0.2ml tumor suspension (which contains 2×106 tumor cells) in their stomach under the aseptic condition. The mice are randomly divided into a control group and an experiment group and each group has 10 animals. The experiment group begins to receive the external qi transmitted by the qigong masters 24 hours after the inoculation. In the first and second batch of experiment, one qigong master sends external qi. It is carried out one time a day and each transmission lasts for 10 min. External qi is transmitted for altogether ten times. In the third batch of experiment, another qigong master begins to send qi, one time a day, two to three min for each transmission. It is transmitted for altogether ten times. The control group is not treated by any special process. The index of observation is the average days of survival of the mice that have tumor in them and the rate of how long their life is prolonged.

Life expectancy (prolonged) rate%

=Average survival days of the therapeutic group-Average survival days of the control group×100%

Average survival days of the control group


Result and Discussion

The result of the experiment shows that Zhineng Qigong has an evident antitumor effect on ascites type S180. Details are shown in Table 1.

T-test and contrast ratio P<0.01

The experiment is done repeatedly for three times. The result of it indicates Zhineng Qigong’s effect on prolonging the days of survival of the mice with ascitic type S180 tumor in them. These mice’s days of survival are obviously longer than the days of survival of the control group. The rate of life expectancy that has been prolonged is over 50 percent. It shows that the effect of Zhineng Qigong is meaningful. The mechanism of the effect still needs further study. (1993)

Experimental Batch Group Number of Animals Average Days of Survival(X±SE) Life Expectancy (Prolonged) Rate
I Control Experiment 10




II Control Experiment 10




III Control Experiment 10





Table 1 Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Ascitic Type S180

Li Mei: Assistant researcher

Liu Jiahong: Professor



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