Letting go of attachments

Already we humans have become slaves to the material world and physical sense desires for a long time. We practice mingjue to build the world consciousness field. It’s a way to liberate our consciousness from the control of the material world and physical desires.

Every individual consciousness wants to have a free and happy state. A harmonious and peaceful state.

How can we achieve this level of life?

First we need to observe to see through our lifestyles. See whether our attention is mainly focused on the material and physical world. We need to see through. When we can see through then we can change.

When we observe the whole life state we may find our attention is mainly focused on the material world. For example, focused on money, our house and different material possessions. You can observe how ordinary sense consciousness always wants to occupy something. The desire to love, possess and attach on something.

The focus can be on animals or other people. The focus might be on body feeling. For example the desire for food and sex. When you focus on this too much, you have already become a slave to them.

When you observe this just gently and slightly move your attention back to your true self. To the pure observer in the present moment. Then the observer becomes the centre. You immediately feel you become the master of life and can liberate from physical and material desires.

When we are slaves to the material world we lose energy. Fixing and blocking our hearts on the object that we attach to. We are not free. Then we have worry and fear. This causes conflict with others and the world.

If you are suffering you are not free because you have lost your true self.

Now when we move our attention to pure awareness. Just simply come back. Immediately everything is ok and no problem. All the problems disappear.

So if we really want to have a high level joyful, light, beautiful and harmonious life we have to see through these old patterns. Sit there quietly and reflect, what are we attaching and fixing on in daily life?

Do you fix on food? Always want to eat? Always want to buy some delicious food? Do you always pay a lot of money to buy expensive food? Or you want to have beautiful clothes? You always want to have beautiful clothes to make your surface look beautiful? Or you always want to make your house more beautiful? You buy a lot of things. You attach on them and spend a lot of money on them. Then you feel you don’t have enough money. So you have to work harder in order to earn more money. Putting a lot of pressure on yourself in the process.

Maybe you can observe how you attach on other people. Put a lot of attention on your children, parents, husband or wife. Become totally fixated on other people. Or maybe you fix on your body feeling inside. Fix on your body pain or disease.

See through your daily life and reflect, where is your attention?

When you fix on external desires including sex, a handsome man, beautiful wife or your pets you can never be free. You can not find freedom because you have become a slave to them. Gently start to observe and see through them. Move the pure consciousness back from outside to inside. Back to its true nature. Stay in the state of mingjue and smile.

When you come to mingjue gradually you will realise the mingjue state is peaceful, happy and harmonious. Mingjue is a free entirety state.

In this state you still have everything that you already have. You lose nothing. Only you come back to your true nature. You become the master of your entire life. You become centred. Yet you still have all that you have.

We are neither attaching nor rejecting.

In the mingjue state you are not separate and fixed on other things anymore. You become an entirety and feel you, the universe qi and all the different levels of qi become one. Because everything is qi.

This is a beautiful consciousness centred entire life

Hope everyone liberates their life!

Hun Yuan Ling Tong

Wei Qifeng

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