Mingjue High Level Consciousess Healing


A teaching given by teacher Wei on Mingjue level consciousness field healing 23/01/2021:

Hello Everybody

Hun yuan ling tong

When our consciousness comes to a Mingjue state, immediately we realise the body is qi. Is an empty state. Everything is qi. The whole universe is qi. Our consciousness is high level awakening qi. Our pure consciousness connected together is our consciousness field. Consciousness is activated. We use this active consciousness field to transform our qi body. This is very powerful. Let everyone experience this together.

Come to the purest consciousness state and immediately merge with the world mingjue level consciousness field. This is a high level awakening qi. Experience the purity in the whole universe. Feel this entirety is awakening. Very pure. Very nice and very powerful. Stay in the world consciousness field state. Stay in this state for a while until you feel you become very even and pure. Infinite. If you have not achieved this state you can stay longer. Just experience we are the world awakening consciousness field.

After you experience this state, then the world consciousness field comes into your body and transforms your body inside part by part. You can come into upper dantian space, middle or lower dantian space. When you come inside the body, immediately feel the body merge with the pure awakening universe. You can stay in that place longer and feel it become purer and purer.

If you just feel the world consciousness field come into the whole body, feel the whole body become a pure awakening state. Become one with the universe and keep longer. Just keep staying in this state longer.

You can use this mingjue level world consciousness field combined with the 8 phrases to make transformation in the body and universe

The first sentence is ding tian li di
So in the pure mingjue entirety you just have this gentle information :
ding tian li di
Then feel the gentle information and say the second phrase:
xing song yi chong

The whole body expands into the whole universe.
Mingjue is very gently inside this information, this thought. Immediately you feel the whole qi body become a pure awakening universe.

You can repeat din tian li di
xing song yi chong

Repeat the information of these two sentences in mingjue entirety. Gradually you will feel the whole body become finer and finer and more harmonious. All kinds of blockages will disappear.

You can stop and think of these two sentences or you can just just say xu.

Xu is also very good.

Mingjue universe, mingjue consciousness field and mingjue qi body are one. In this entirety state say xu. Think xu. Just think xu , xu, xu and the qi body deep inside the entirety will become very fine. You can use this mingjue entirety to go inside the blocked place or where you think there is a problem. When you go to that place, immediately it becomes an empty qi space. Then think or say xu. Feel the mingjue consciousness field and think xu there. That space will become one with the mingjue universe. Become beautiful. Then you will feel happiness and love in the entirety. Just enjoy this practice.

ding tian li di
xing song yi chong

Or just say xu

With this kind of practice you need to keep for a longer time in the universe entirety. Keep for a while. If you feel you go into a very deep state then you can continue as long as possible. Practice and enjoy

This practice can quickly harmonise the whole qi body and your whole life. Recover life, create good qi field, consciousness field and information field for yourself, family and the whole world.

At the end if you say nothing you will become a mingjue universe breathing state. The mingjue awakening universe breathing is just a natural and free open and close. Breath out mingjue universe expands and opens. Breath in close

Hun Yuan Ling Tong

I share this simple beautiful experience with everybody. Hope everybody can have a good hun hua. A high level hun hua with the universe purest qi. Hun hua with the high level awakening consciousness field to have a beautiful new life.


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