A journey into the heart

By Jakub Kuba Jasinski

Hello, I come from Poland and I am fascinated by Mingjue and Zhineng Qigong both as qigong and as a science. For many years I was looking for answers on questions who am I, what is this world and what is it all about? Since 2018 when The World Consciousness Community started, I carefully watched it, and, since 2020, when the Mingjue course was established, I joined it with a happy heart.

I come from the advaita vedanta path, I travelled to India, and spent some time at Arunachala mountain. I was wondering who am I, what is the Self and so on. During these times in India I had many insights and inner experiences that gave me a beautiful knowing about myself. But when Master Wei Qi Feng announced the information about the Mingjue course I felt so happy! I was always looking for something in qigong which touches not only body, through form or techniques (styles) but also consciousness itself. I did not hesitate one second and I had to join this course, like it was the last link to the wholeness I miss so much.

The Mingjue course was something like a gift from the Universe; a gift which influences me all the time since I started studying it. Because when You start to do it, You fall in love with it and finally you live it. So you live it and it starts to live you. It is really an entire love affair between you and your heart. Because it brings body, mind and consciousness into one infinite entirety and it really can change your life, your way of living and way of seeing things, enrich your own inner understanding.

The Mingjue course has many parts and they are all linked to each other. So I developed more clarity, that all is interconnected. Every part is closely related to another part. So we have an opportunity to really experience the wholeness or entirety about which we learn.

Certainly, each module is an independent part and yet is still in wholeness. For me every module is like a new adventure into life, discovering more and more interesting factors, full of beauty touching my heart. Every part of the course, each module is a chance to see more clearly what is life, consciousness and who we are in our deep essence. The module relating to healing was very significant for me and opened my understanding about what is the real essence of healing.

Through over 6 months of participating in the Mingjue gongfu course I noticed that it really changed my view on relationships, health and living in society. Even in my work which is, like every work, a rather challenging place, I found peace and ease. My relationships with people become more harmonious and kind. And even my chief said that I am a different person then when she met me years ago, and I must tell that I was quite a nervous guy…

Mingjue is something precious, something that can touch your heart on deep levels; it’s like a way leading you home. Home which we never left. It is deeply rooted in our own way of being, our consciousness and yet – it is all so basic.

For me studying mingjue is like becoming me, myself and accepting myself, my body-mind and all the stuff connected with it, bringing love and more compassion into it. Because I understood that mingjue is life. Is love and peace. But not always in a “sweet manner”, because it requires from me an honest and direct approach to myself (it is sometimes challenging for me). It invites you to see yourself on all levels just as you are. With all the reference framework information you have, with all your judgments you have about yourself and transform it through clear observation into something beautiful, if we let it.

It is a never ending invitation to take care of yourself and to give yourself all the best we have – ourselves, pure heart and kind attention. There is nothing in the world more valuable than your awareness and your very own being.

Mingjue is like bringing me back home by connecting me with the whole of life and nature. In the whole Mingjue course we go out of concepts and trust our inner experience and understanding, because theory without practice is like a shadow without sun or light.

One of the most precious things I have been learning during the course is that mingjue is teaching us how to trust and relate more from pure consciousness, and, how to develop and improve it. Because life is infinite, so mingjue is also infinite. We can refine ourselves into more beautiful states and become our True Self.

The Mingjue course is really one great lesson how to surrender to God or Life itself and be at peace with yourself. When you are at peace with yourself you are at peace with everything that is. Man can start to live truly as one centered mingjue entirety being. And this it is the most precious contribution we can give to life, the planet or our society. Because the pure knowing of who I am is changing everything and influencing everything in life.

Mingjue is also teaching us a great responsibility for ourselves and life. We clearly see that the whole life is one entirety and it is an invitation for loving kindness to all forms of life, to sustain life in all kinds and to care for it with true passion from our heart. Because we are That. World, human society, plants, animals, planets, stars, moon and sun are within us. So I and mingjue are One.

This journey into the heart – into the source of everything – never stops, and never starts, it is infinite and ever present. And yet starts and finishes in our own self, heart. It is a great paradox. Because mingjue itself – is like choosing life being lived in quite a natural way. Our true self, true home is quite a normal and natural way of living. But this ordinary life is such a unique and magnificent miracle that it can’t be comprehended by mind. It is like entering into mystery, into not-knowing and yet surrendering to God. With an open heart, dedicated to truth we can enjoy our life as it is, here and now. Entering into Now is like entering into eternal life.

Now I can see that there are no paths or levels but only open, beautiful, and full of life, shining hearts. One face, one heart. This is who we are.


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