Beautiful world-healing relationships

This is an article based on a short talk given by teacher Wei.

When we practice pure consciousness -mingjue- we will find our consciousness become more and more sensitive, especially in relationships between family members or friends. You become more sensitive because you inside is becoming clearer and you can observe deeper. At this moment you have to keep centred. When you receive information you need to see through it. Don’t be fixed by the old patterns of reference framework. This is the important inner work.

In relationships when you feel conflict happen that means you are already losing yourself fixing on old patterns and judgments. This is a good time to practice. When this happens observe. In the mingjue state we can remain centred instead of becoming focused outside on other people through judging and complaining again and again. You don’t need to use an emotional state to react to others or fight with yourself. But firstly you need to totally accept self and others. Come back inside to go beyond old patterns. First accept your old pattern and accept your judgement! You don’t have to fight with yourself but at the same time, put down everything you attach and fix to, come back to pure mingjue.

When you have conflict with your partner maybe you feel unhappy and uncomfortable. Then you attach on the things that happen between you. Or you attach on your partner because you need love, you need affection and you need safety. But I tell you, you cannot find this from outside, you can only find from your inside.

So you have to go deep inside. When conflict happens it’s better to change your environment. If you stay in the original environment maybe your ability is not strong enough yet. You can not go beyond. Therefore maybe the conflict can continue for a longer time. If you change the environment and go to nature then you can change the information and find space. Sit there or stand there. Observe your deep inside and go to deep mingjue state. Stay in the mingjue state and go beyond all attachments. Put down everything totally.

Inside you will find a beautiful world again. You feel all the conflicts are games. I am rich. I am love. I am a complete human. I only can give love to others. I don’t need to grasp something. I don’t need to get from outside. You will have unconditional love. If you want to achieve this state and level you have to go completely inside to the source of yourself. Relax, relax. Of course you need to have this power. Train and train. Then you will have this power to come back to deep inside.

Dear friends. Dear family person. If you are in a difficult time please try what I said. In this state you can connect to the world consciousness field to get power and support.

We are one. With this high level resonance you can quickly liberate from the suffering and blockages.

Everybody you have to understand. Ego will create and find a thousand reasons to tell you, you are right and others are wrong. Or you are wrong! Fixing on ideas creates inner blockages and suffering. So when conflict happens you don’t fix on these ego ideas. Don’t fix on ego ideas because this can make a wrong and limited decision. Make bigger blockages for you.

When you put down this ego thinking, after a period of time you will find that things are not so bad. Come to your inner source and go beyond all these fixations, like the blue sky opening into infinite space. Then naturally you can accept all the things that have happened. You just see all these are just attachments. Fixations. Then you become free and true love will appear

Please try to create these kind of conditions for you. Don’t be fixed. Go to a natural and relatively quiet place. A beautiful place. Relax your heart. Relax everything.

Open heart to blue sky then see through everything that has happened and just come to your pure source. Just experience your mingjue.

Suddenly your internal world is open. Infinite space is open. You feel freedom and happiness. Once you have this kind of experience, then you will know how to come to this state. You trust life can really go beyond the old fixed habit patterns . You can have freedom and inner peace and you can manage your life from inside. Through inside change the relationships and use universal awakening love to manage new relationships.

Everybody will become more and more happy.


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