About Zhineng Qigong Mingjue practice & gongfu

Teacher Wei Qifeng:

Observation, relaxation, concentration, and transformation are connected with each other and influence each other. The deeper you can observe the more concentrated you are. And the deeper and clearer your insight and understanding will be.

Observe deeper and deeper. Consciousness will become very concentrated. No separation.

The deeper and clearer your insight and understanding. Understand what? Understand life? So, observation is very important. So, observe deeper and deeper see inside. The hun hua happens and you go deeper. Merging and transformation happens. So go to a deeper level. Merging and transformation happens at a deeper level.

When you do the very deep observation this is a kind of healing. Very, very fundamental healing. Why? Because at the deeper level you can observe. The merging and transformation will happen.

So many people practice for many years. Feel the qi around their hands and body. Consciousness has not gone very deep. Has not gone to the subtle level. So, your consciousness needs to go very deep. When you go deep the observer will become very peaceful.

The peaceful consciousness is a very harmonious state. This state merges with the problem qi place. The problem qi where there is disorder. The orderly consciousness will transform the disorder into order. The problem will disappear. When you observe very deep, the more stable consciousness will become.

When practice we don’t just do it very rough. We have to experience all these aspects clearly.

Hun hua will also become deeper. Many things will happen at a deeper level. If you never go to that deeper level, you will never know what will happen. Relaxation is also very important. If you are not relaxed you can only concentrate for a short while, then you will be separated. Because the unrelaxed state will make tensions and blockades there.

Relaxation (relaxed enough) will open the door; the space to consciousness at a deep level.

We have practiced sitting meditation and standing dynamic meditation. All these practices are for training concentration, relaxation and hun hua. This should be very clear.

Don’t think you are practicing the methods. You need to think: I use these methods to practice my ability of observation, concentration relaxation and hunhua. Need to cultivate this gongfu!

If you think you are just practicing methods, repeat methods many times, you can also get a good ability. But if your purpose is not clear enough, your improvement will be reduced.

Train the power of your observer. Soon you will feel it becomes more stable and powerful. When you observe everything becomes focused. You consciously train your observer and it will improve. Observe body inside, the observer itself will improve. At the same time body and qi and function will improve.


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