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Teacher Wei often hears people lament that they don’t have a lot of time to practice Mingjue Gongfu — the training of Pure Consciousness or the Inner Observer. He playfully reminds us: “Every moment in daily life is an opportunity to practice, so you will find you have a lot of time to practice!” Perhaps the greatest opportunities to practice are in your relationships. Relationships, he says, are a high-level practice. They can test your ability and stability like nothing else.

To cultivate a good mingjue state in your qigong practice is a wonderful experience, but this is just the starting point. The heart of Mingjue Gongfu and Zhineng Qigong is the transformation of consciousness. This manifests in the transformation of your qi, body, and health, as well as in all aspects of your life, including relationships.

How to Begin?

Mingjue relationships begin with total acceptance, and total acceptance begins with deep observation. Not thinking or analyzing, but observing. Mingjue observes everything in a free state. This includes all life phenomena and processes, like birth, death, sickness, wellness, and yes, relationships. To mingjue eyes, difficulties or problems in your relationships are just natural phenomena, similar to the wind blowing or the refrigerator humming or dishes sitting in the sink. Mingjue receives this information as neutral.

Mingjue also plays with the information. It does not avoid problems or deny they are happening. It simply observes them without judgment or labels, and in this pure baby-heart state, mingjue can be flexible with the information of relationships. Like play-laughing and asking, “Why am I taking this incident so seriously?”

Mingjue does not try to push others to change. Peace and harmony cannot be achieved by requesting or demanding that someone else changes, even if your intentions are well-meaning. Like, “I’m practicing mingjue, so you should, too.” To this, Teacher Wei says a firm, “No.” The more you want to change others, the more their reference framework will feel judged and want to protect and guard themselves, generating more separation and resistance.

Lastly, Mingjue connects to the collective mingjue field, or the universal love field. It is important to connect to this infinite field, because it quietly and invisibly merges with and transforms everything. The field is here to support you as you live your daily life and encounter all sorts of phenomena. Connect to it. Allow it to stabilize your state. Trust it to open you to mingjue love and gratitude, so they can flow easily through you, transforming you and others alike.

Eventually, you will come to know in every moment and in every relationship, Ah, I am mingjue love.

The Most Important Relationship

This is the key point: the most important relationship is mingjue with itself — to know itself as mingjue love. This refers to both your consciousness with itself, and your consciousness merged with the collective field / universal heart.

As a mingjue student, you will come to realize that every experience in your life is, in essence, about yourself. That is, it is a reflection of your internal programming. All the complications and complexities of the relationships in your life — they are co-created by your reference framework. Every experience, therefore, is an opportunity for mingjue to purify and awaken more to itself.

For example, if you are triggered by your partner or another family member, know that this is simply a test. How stable is my consciousness? How strong is mingjue love flowing through me? How much do I trust the mingjue love consciousness field to support and transform me? Without challenges in your daily life, mingjue cannot “grow up” or evolve. The relationships that challenge you the most are but guideposts showing you where the deepest blockages or resistance still remain.

As mingjue awakens and harmonizes itself, your relationships will naturally harmonize, too, because you are transforming your information field, your consciousness field, and your qi field. In this way, you will naturally create a beautiful hunhua process (merging and transforming) for everyone and everything around you.

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your family, and society.

Adapted from the course, Awaken Your Heart, Heal Your Life, May 2024 (Day 4), as taught by Teacher Wei, and excerpts from his book, Mingjue Awakening.


Why this practice? While transforming yourself and your relationships can feel like a big undertaking, you can start small, with 10 minutes a day. This simple method, practiced daily, can serve as good preparation — like a daily dress rehearsal — for your relationships.

With repetition, it can make it easier for you, when you experience triggers while interacting with others in daily life, to return to or maintain this state. Without regular practice, it is easy for the reference framework (internal programming) to revert to the old, less harmonizing, conditioned patterns.

So practice to observe more deeply and keep your pure baby heart open. From this state, you can find wiser and more compassionate ways to communicate and respond to relationships in your life as they unfold in real time.

Practice this until you become mingjue love relationships. Then observe how your world changes when you change yourself!


First, come to a good mingjue state by practicing the “n sound” for a few minutes (click here for an 8-minute guided practice by Teacher Wei). Feel your consciousness becoming very pure and clear, independent from everything yet merged with everything.

Next, repeat the Mingjue Mantra for a few minutes. I am mingjue love. I am mingjue peace. I am mingjue happiness. I am mingjue gratitude. Merge more deeply with the collective field.

In mingjue state, observe with mingjue eyes (eyes closed, in your mind’s eye) a member of your family or a friend. If many people appear, choose one to start with. Observe their actions, thoughts, actions, and lifestyle choices. Perhaps they are very emotional, for example.

While observing them, reflect mingjue love and gratitude toward them and accept everything about them. You might say silently: “My pure mingjue loves you. Thank you.” Or, you can just experience this state without any thoughts, just allowing your mingjue love, happiness, and gratitude to merge with this person. Experience this state of unconditional gratitude.

If you have time, try the same practice for another person. Or, you might stay with this first person longer.

When you are finished, hold a qi ball in your palms in front of duqi (the navel).

Slowly raise the qi ball up in front of you, to above the head. Turn palms down toward baihui (the crown of the head), then slowly lower palms, pouring qi down through the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Place palms on duqi.

Rest a while there. 

Reflection Question:

When you’re not feeling mingjue love or peace, what are some other methods by which you can open your heart and harmonize the field?


We offer creative materials that may support you to deepen your observations, connect better to the practice, or to understand the theories. Review them as you feel inspired. Keep whatever supports your process; disregard if not useful. Better yet, find other materials to personalize your practice. 

1. In this 11-min video, Teacher Wei reflects on wu wei, the “do nothing” state, or doing without resistance, and how to be like water in all aspects of life, including responding to relationship challenges like water.

2. In this relaxing waterfall video, which you can play for 5 minutes or 50, observe the hunhua flow (merging and transforming) of the water. Receive this harmonizing information of nature, allowing it to transform areas that might be blocked within, further opening you to the eternal waterfall of universal love.

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