Hunyuan Entirety Theory – The Foundation of Qigong Science

By Dr. Pang Ming translated into English by Wei Qi Feng and Steve Merrick

Hunyuan Entirety Theory represents Zhineng Qigong’s world-view, establishes its methodology, and serves as its epistemology and ontology. It is Zhineng Qigong’s inquiry into the forms of knowledge and the nature of being. Hunyuan Entirety Theory has absorbed the theories of qi and its transformations that form the core of traditional qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has also drawn lessons from modern science and philosophy. Hunyuan Entirety Theory is founded upon using the full abilities of consciousness to systematically
observe and research the world. It is the foundation of qigong science.

eBook in PDF format for download
Pages: 236

Please note: this ebook does not contain a book cover

Main chapters:

Chapter 1– Hunyuan Theory
Chapter 2 – Entirety Theory
Chapter 3 – Human Hunyuan Qi
Chapter 4 – Consciousness Theory
Chapter 5 – Dao De Theory
Chapter 6 – Life Optimising Theory and Hunyuan Medical Theory

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