Book: Hunyuan Entirety Theory – The Foundation of Qigong Science

By Dr. Pang Ming
translated by Wei Qi Feng and Steve Merrick

PDF format

Translators’ Preface
Doctor Pang Ming
The translators
About Hunyuan Entirety Theory

Chapter 1– Hunyuan Theory
Section One – Hunyuan Qi Theory
Section Two – Hunhua Theory

Chapter 2 – Entirety Theory
Section One – Entirety Theory Summary
Section Two – The Universe Viewed as an Entirety
Section Three – Individuals, Society, and the Natural World as an Entirety
Section Four – The Human Entirety

Chapter 3 – Human Hunyuan Qi
Section One – The Human Hunyuan Entirety
Section Two – The Development of Human Hunyuan Qi
Section Three – The Movement of Human Hunyuan Qi

Chapter 4 – Consciousness Theory
Section One – Consciousness is a Material
Section Two – Yiyuanti
Section Three – The Activity of Consciousness
Section Four – The Functions of Consciousness
Section Five – The Features of Hunyuan Consciousness Theory

Chapter 5 – Dao De Theory
Section One – Dao De Summary
Section Two – The Basic Viewpoint of Dao De
Section Three – How Life Movement is Influenced by Dao De
Section Four – Dao De, True-Self, and Human Essence

Chapter 6 – Life Optimising Theory and Hunyuan
Medical Theory
Section One – An Introduction to Life Optimising Theory
Section Two – Qiqong Hunyuan Medical Theory

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