Eight phrases

The eight verses or eight phrases in Zhineng Qigong were created by Dr. Pang.

The eight verses serve mainly to organize a qi field. Each verse has a special meaning and gets the practitioner into the qigong state before starting the practice. Through the visualization, qi is concentrated in the environment. The deeper a practitioner is in the qigong state, the stronger the effect of the qigong exercise. The eight verses are also suitable as an independent mantra.


顶天立地  ding tian li di – Head expands to into the sky, feet into the earth

形松意充  xing song yi chong – Body is relaxed, mind expands out

外敬内静  wai jing nei jing – Be respectful, quiet inside

心澄貌恭  xin cheng mao gong – The mind is clear, the appearance is humble

一念不起  yi nian bu qi – The mind is still

神注太空  shen zhu tai kong – The mind expands out to the vast void

神意照体  shen yi zhao ti – Illuminate deep inside

周身融融 zhou shen rong rong – The whole body is harmonised with qi



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