We offer various audios of Zhineng Qigong practices, methods and meditations. All instructions of the audios are spoken by teacher Wei in English.

The instructions can lead you to practice qigong methods in a good and deep state and also will help you to better understand qigong theory.

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Practice Yiyuanti say “N” for experiencing the state of Yiyuanti, the source of consciousness. Yiyuanti directly receives information to know things. Yiyuanti directly sends information to transform life and things. Practice Yiyuanti helps develop the functions of the second life system.

Pure and calm heart: one of very important conditions for developing paranormal abilities. The sound is "xu yin".

Abundance of Yiyuanti Qi - one of very important conditions for developing consciousness potential. The sounds in practice are: "yin", "yin tian he jing qi ju e kun lun", " jing ju kun lun".

Throughout this practice, teacher Wei gives insights and suggestions on how to use our mind and body to achieve a deep experience and gain maximum benefits from our practice. Once known to us, we can use his effective techniques in our other qigong practices.

Qi flows through our body along channels (also called meridians). Body Mind Form works on these channels, so that Qi flows smoothly and well through them. It also works on the muscles, tendons, sinews and bones to tonify and strengthen them. Along with its many health benefits, practice of Body…

Practice Lift Qi up, pour Qi down method.

Those who look for a more advanced and longer practice will revel in this version of Lift Qi Up. Teacher Wei guides us in a harmonious and peaceful practice where we feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Lift Qi Up is based on traditional Chinese understanding of the oneness of all…

This guided meditation to open inner space is to consciously experience that the physical body actually is qi. In this state the consciousness can easily merge with inner qi and external qi forming an entirety and transforming life in the entirety.

Open Tianmu (third eye), developing see through ability.