The World Consciousness Community

Teacher Wei and his qigong friends of the Harmonious Big Family initiated “The World Consciousness Community” on 19 January 2018. It’s a community based on pure consciousness connection to build a consciousness field of mingjue practice worldwide, to connect practitioners heart to heart in the mingjue state, to support each other for accelerated awakening, and to enhance the evolution of human beings to a higher level.

We instituted the World Consciousness Community on the 4th of February, which is the first day of spring this year of the Chinese calendar.

What is mingjue (明觉)?

We can understand mingjue as awareness, a state of self-awareness or a state of awakening. We will know and understand mingjue by experience. The purpose of mingjue is to experience mingjue, maintain mingjue, improve mingjue to meet your true-self and harmonize and improve the world consciousness field, to lead humans consciously evolving to a high level – a level of peace, happiness and freedom.

There are different levels of consciousness existing at the same time for everyone. The main level of consciousness is different for different people at different times. When our consciousness is more pure and stable, our lives are more harmonious, healthy and free.

Mingjue is the level of pure consciousness that goes beyond all feelings, thoughts, ideas and emotions. It is a state of consciousness directly reflecting itself.

Through mingjue practice, one can reach a harmonious and stable mind state, balance the energy of the whole body, and clear away all kinds of illnesses.

Through mingjue practice, we can go beyond the control of old thinking patterns, beyond conflict and fear in the mind. Thus, the beautiful state of openness, acceptance, happiness, freedom, peace and true love will appear by itself. This naturally brings harmony to the family and society.

Through mingjue practice, we can also develop our potential and use it to work on our own lives, for other people, animals, plants and the inorganic world.

It is easy to realize the existence of mingjue, but we need long, diligent, and correct practice in order to maintain and develop mingjue.

Currently, we mainly promote the mingjue consciousness community by online practices.


1)  Experience and maintain mingjue through saying “shenji”
2)  Mingjue merge with each other
3) Use mingjue entirety to practice open and close and other qigong methods
4) Use mingjue for healing
5) Use mingjue for scientific research
6) Form a mingjue life


1) The participants should be interested in consciousness growth
2) The participants need to arrange free time to join the online training
3) The participants should take care of purifying the human consciousness field


Free recordings of mingjue practice can be downloaded in our download area.

More mingjue practice recordings can be found on youtube.

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