Wall Squats

The Wall Squatting method is an important exercise for the relaxation of the spine, the lumbar region and the coccyx. This is a basic supplementary practice to prevent and treat abnormal symptoms and is usually practice individually according to the person’s goal and level. The sequence of steps is summarized below:


  1. Stand in front of a wall. Place your feet with toes touching the base of the wall (you may initially place your feet further away from the wall until you are more used to the practice).
  2. Keep body upright, relax body from head to toes. Keep chin tucked in and Baihui lifted at all times. Recite silently and follow the visualizations for qi field creation (eight phrases).
  3. Slowly bend knees and lower body along the wall. Arch shoulders forward and chest inward to establish balance. Pull coccyx downward and forward.
  4. At the lowest point, remain for a short while. Then pull body up with Baihui leading, slowly rising with coccyx still tucked forward.
  5. Repeat these movements for as many times as you can.

End with relaxing the whole body and collecting qi to navel to nourish lower Dantian.