Three Centers Merge

Instructions for Three Centres Merge (San Xin Bing Zhan Zhuang): standing meditation

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Place feet together

Body centred and upright

Arms hanging down naturally

Look straight forward

Focus on a void point on the horizon (focus on a void point about one meter in front of you)

Draw the vision back

Close the eyes gently

Head in the sky, feet in the earth

Body relaxed, mind expands out

Be respectful, quiet inside

The mind clear, appearance humble

Mind still

The mind out to the vast void

Illuminate deep inside

The whole body harmonised with qi

Separate feet stepping on qi to shoulder width

Heels angled out slightly

Turn arms, raise palms, press down

Push forward, pull back

Relax wrists, turn palms facing each other

Hold and lift qi up to Duqi level

Mirror Duqi

Turn palms down, open out to the sides

Continue to the back

Mirror Mingmen

Raise hands up, press Dabao, send qi inside

Push hands forward, at shoulder width and height

Mirror Yintang, send qi into the head

Arms expand out, into a line

Turn palms down, then up

Lift qi up in an arc, to above the head

Close palms, stretch up

Lower hands, past the head and face

In front of the chest, into Heshi hands

Open and lower hands, place in front of du qi

Squat down

Lift up Baihui, tuck chin in

The tip of the tongue touches upper palate

With smile on the face

Relax shoulders, hollow armpits

Elbows dropped but suspended

Seat the wrists, hollow palms, expand fingers a little

Hold a qi ball, the tips of fingers nearly touching

Relax the chest and upper back

Draw abdomen in a little

Push Mingmen backwards

Relax Mingmen, Weilu down, sit but not sit

Close up Huiyin

Hips backwards towards Yongquan

Turn knees inward a little to open hip joints and back hips

Place weight evenly on the soles

Knees don’t go past toes

Relax the whole body

From the centre of the head down to lower Dantian

From the centres of the palms in to lower Dantian

From the centres of the feet up to lower Dantian

Three centres merge in lower Dantian

Get ready to finish the practice

Lift up from Baihui

Stand up, close feet stepping on qi

Close and raise hands, in front of chest, into Heshi hands

Raise hands up, to above the head, stretch up

Separate hands, turn palms forward

Lower arms to the sides, almost into a line

Turn palms up

Close arms forward, to shoulder width.

Mirror Yintang, send qi into the head

Lower elbows, draw hands back, press Dabao, send qi inside

Push hands back, open to the sides

Turn palms forward

Draw qi forward, to the front

Draw qi back into lower dantian.

Place hands on Duqi

Rub the abdomen to gather qi

Turn anticlockwise 1-9 , turn clockwise 1-9

Nourish qi quietly

Send good information to your family/friends/everyone who needs help

Separate hands to the sides

Open the eyes slowly