Qi reactions – send me an angel

At times some of us experience very strong results from our practice or even the online sessions. Some of us cannot sleep, feel depressed, angry or sad. And we cannot find a logical reason. At those times we may feel alone. We may even want to run away from our strong emotions. We may also begin to wonder if qigong is only good for creating a strong body. And we may doubt our qigong practice can really help us with other problems in our lives.

We asked Teacher Wei to help and explain qi reactions to us.


Question: Why do these problems happen? And what can we do?

Teacher Wei: “First it is important to build a good understanding about qigong and life. Most people practice only on the body level, the Qi level and the feeling level. This practice does not reach the consciousness level. Our consciousness then does not change – and still uses the old reference framework to think.

So when we join a qigong session, we feel strong Qi. We can feel it in the body. But the consciousness did not yet catch up. Instead a contradiction happens between the consciousness and the Qi body.

Some practitioners also still practice “confused qigong”. They do not fully understand what Zhineng Qigong is. Perhaps there is only a focus on energy and on body physical strength. Zhineng Qigong involves the transformation of the ‘Entirety Life’. You have to change your life if you practice Zhineng Qigong. This needs long-term practice.

As humans we have already formed strong habits. These are caused by the body and material world. If we work only on energy and Qi, the Qi changes. Then things will also change in the physical body. This process begins to break up the balance in our former habit life. The old reference framework is attached to the feelings in the body. This is very solid. If the Qi changes the old balance, then a new higher level will be formed. But the consciousness does not like it because of the old reference frame is still there.

If we want to improve life, we must break this old balance. This is a problem on the mental level. Because the mind, with the old reference frame, recognises the old balance of the Qi in the body. Qi and the mind work together. They have formed the old balance. If we practice Qigong deeper, our internal Qi will have a bigger transformation. The transformational Qi will form a new higher level balance. If this is too strong or it is too fast, our old mind reference frame cannot accept it quickly. And our consciousness has not yet enough power and ability to deal with the strong reaction in the body. So if the Qi reaction is too strong, it will create a challenge in the mind.

Once the mind experiences qigong practice and strong qi reactions again and again, the consciousness knows the new strong reactions well. And then those new reactions will form the new reference framework. This means the old reference frame will be extended. And along with it our willpower improves. Then we can control, can adjust the reaction with our consciousness. And the qi reaction will pass.

For example: If a child has a cough and the parents use modern medicine to fix the cough, the symptoms of the cough disappear. However when the child grows up, becomes an adult and the adult starts to practice qigong, inside Qi or energy transformation will start to totally purify the body, improve the body.

Then the Qi reaction comes. This time flow of Qi will find the old problem, the ‘cough’ is still there. The information and the block of energy are still there. So a reaction will happen to clean up and open the blocked energy. Because modern medicine mainly heals the symptoms, sometimes the problems will be suppressed in the body. From the outside it looks as if the problem had disappeared. In fact a blockage is still left in the body.

At first our consciousness will feel the reaction is not comfortable and too strong. So this time the practitioner needs to know that the reaction is a process to purify inside, opening inside, improving the functions inside. And then we need to keep the mind stable, open the heart, accepting all the reactions. Don’t fight with the reactions. Love the reactions! Give good information to guide the transformation and the reaction.”


Qi Reactions?

“It all comes back to you…”

Teacher Wei: “At this point we need to use positive thinking. If we stay positive, this consciousness can guide us. The positive consciousness can help us to continue the practice.”

Question: If we are upset and depressed because of the qi reaction how do we get to this positive thinking? How can we do this?

Teacher Wei: “Two aspects. One should understand the laws of life, understand the process of the qi reaction. Know that this is a qi reaction, no problem. Don’t think it’s a problem! Don’t think it’s an illness! Instead think this is a qi reaction. The reaction is cleaning my inside. First we have to know this and keep our mind very stable. Then naturally, from our inside the information will become positive. Be Positive!

Secondly we need to practice our willpower in daily life. If our willpower is not strong enough, we should continue to practice qigong. To gather more Qi, nourish the mind. Do ‘La Qi’, or pour Qi to the body. Or immediately observe the Qi body, observe the universe. This is very helpful.

You know, I also had some qi reactions. One day I had a very strong headache. When the headache happened, I knew this is a qi reaction. And that Qi will open my head inside. So my mind started to accept it. Even though the feeling was very difficult and I didn’t like it. But from my logical thinking I knew, ‘OK, it’s good. Ok, inside is transforming’. I accepted it.

This time I kept my mind concentrated and stayed in the aware, centred and empty state. I started to do Great Horse Stance. I knew it can mobilise Qi quickly and open inside. Then I kept on standing, even though I felt pain in other places in my body. I stood there one hour, or perhaps even longer, two hours. I practiced with my mind. I practiced the stability of my mind. I kept relaxing my mind. And kept it stable. ‘Relax, stable, relax, stable…’ and I connected with the universe. I gave the information to the head, inside. ‘Open the head, merge with the Universe.’ Then we feel inside is empty, merge into the Universe.

If there is still some painful feeling it gradually will become less and less. Then we continue to relax the consciousness, relax and connect with the universe…. Gradually, gradually the pain will disappear.

If at this time we think, ‘oh there is a headache I cannot control it’, and we talk with others because we want some answers from outside, then we could separate from our consciousness. Then our inside power is not enough to go beyond the pain. So this time we have to concentrate our mind into a very good qi gong state.

If we feel an inside difficulty and we want to tell others, we may not yet have enough independence to make the change inside. We may also think our difficulty is very important and that’s why we want to share this negative information with others. We want to get support for our feeling of difficulty from others. So we could loose our confidence if we want to find many of our answers from the outside. This means we do not yet trust in our potential, we don’t fully trust of our own powerful consciousness.”

Qi Reactions?

“Don’t know what to do…”

Teacher Wei: “Qi reactions can happen on all levels. A change on a deeper level is more difficult to handle. When the change involves the reference frame, we will experience a qi reaction on the consciousness level.

To handle the changes we need to train the stability of our awareness. We need to go beyond judgment, to observing. There we do not attach feelings, we do not attach thoughts. If we do, we will become ‘fixed’ in our reference frame again.”

Question: So we must cultivate complete faith and confidence in our own potential?

Teacher Wei: “Yes! In our own powerful consciousness. Because we are our own master teacher! You know, our consciousness can adjust our body, adjust our energy…

Why do people have so many problems these days? It is because people do not believe in themselves. People attach too much importance to the material world and believe a lot of things from the outside. This is helpful to a certain level but it cannot really resolve our life problems.”

Question: If friends share their worry about their Qi reaction with us, how can we best help them?

Teacher Wei: “We need to practice universal love and compassion. First we send good information to them, from our confident and positive mind. ‘No problem, good reaction, change inside, clean inside. – Reaction? Oh? Sooo good!! Your life is improving.’

And then we tell them something helpful. ‘Keep inside stable, believe in your inside potential, open your potential.’ Then they can help their own Heart to ‘grow up’ and their problems will disappear quickly.

But most people will need a process. The qi reaction will help people to improve their inside, to understand more and more about life. If no reaction it is very difficult to improve our lives. Qi reactions, especially the harder, more difficult ones, like angels, help people. These ‘angels’ come to help us to improve our lives.”


Qi Reactions?

“Don’t give up…”

Teacher Wei: “All the difficult qi reactions in the body or in the consciousness help us to understand more about ourselves.”

Question: How can strong pain help us to improve our Life?

Teacher Wei: “Firstly, a pain can help us to practice our willpower. And gives us more experience in our life. Secondly, it will help us to see through the painful reaction. This helps us to see through our life. We will know, oh, this pain in the body is just a phenomenon! Then, from this we can find our True Self. Our True Self is here, observes the pain. When we find our True Self, we keep our True Self stable. Don’t attach to the pain.

The pain helps our True Self to find itself, to ‘grow up’ and it becomes stronger. If we do not understand this, the pain will capture us and we will become slaves of the pain. If we really understand our lives, then our pain will become our Angel. And it will enlighten us. It helps us to grow up.

But we should also know that we are not the pain. The pain is a phenomenon, a reaction. We observe the pain. We are ‘the one’, who observes the pain. When people practice to a certain level, they have to meet those questions. And they have to go through and beyond those problems. And really come to the peaceful True Self state. This is a practice process.

So, everybody should confidently face all kinds of reactions and learn the best way to deal with those reactions. Open the heart, accept. Love the reactions. But do not attach to the reactions. From the reactions find the inside True Self.

Sometimes from the reactions we will discover that our problem is in our consciousness, or that we attach to the body too much. We may also find that our consciousness is too weak, we cannot easily go beyond the attachment of the pain in the body. Now we need to concentrate to improve our consciousness. We discover, oh, my consciousness attaches too much to gain, fame, emotions or worldly love. These are our kinds of problems. We need to go beyond those attachments and keep our inside pure and peaceful. Then we will come back to our True Self.

So reactions are very helpful for practitioners to improve inside. This is good for ‘the being’. All the reactions, like angels, come to train ‘the being’ of the Human. Training our potential. They help us open our potential to resolve those problems. Training our Being to stay in the stable state. The stability of ‘the being’. You know, in fact we can use two words. All reactions have come to train our wisdom. In other words, these ‘Angels’ help train the wisdom and stability of our consciousness.


Qi Reactions?

“Right Now…”

Teacher Wei: “Qi reactions also tell us that we should improve our reference framework. Because before we do, our reference framework may be fixed in some point. So that is also where we practice universal love and compassion.”

Question: What are changes on a really deep level?

Teacher Wei: “These changes go beyond outside attachments. We can keep the consciousness independent and stay there, stable. And then clean inside, all the old fixations disappear. There is no longer a fixed reference framework, inside is free. But because we use the fixed reference frame to attach to many things, it is difficult to stay in the peaceful True Self level.

In this level all the attachments are given up. It is a change to the ‘enlightened mind’. This is difficult but it is possible for everybody. And today in this society, people start to wake up more and more. In this new consciousness field we will help each other. And then more people will get enlightenment quicker.

Of course we can all learn to stabilise the consciousness! This will happen if we cultivate a good foundation. If we have a good foundation to a certain level, it will naturally happen. So we should create this foundation. But we should not think of the result. Better to only live in the present moment. Observe, concentrate… We enjoy our mind, we cultivate the purity of our consciousness. And gradually, gradually we will arrive there.

So before we get enlightenment, before we release and clean all our attachments, we have to use positive thinking. After we get there, there is no positive, no negative. There everything is equal. But before, we need positive thinking to guide our lives. So, always use the positive state of mind.

Everything is ‘the oneness’, is ‘Hun Yuan Entirety’. This is positive thinking but the content of positive thinking in the enlightened consciousness is neither positive nor negative.”

Question: Is there anything we can do to get there, or do we simply have to wait?

Teacher Wei: “You need to know that here waiting is also doing. Here, ‘do is wait’. It is a state, it is not doing nothing. It is different from the normal social life waiting state. When we wait we have to stay aware, totally in the aware state and forget everything. Some trigger will go directly to the core. The shell of our fixed reference framework will break and we go beyond all, directly go beyond all and everything. We come to the infinite and merge with the universe. Of course this is the state of the ‘being’. It is very Even. Very Pure. Very quiet. Very peaceful. Nothing can influence it.”