La Qi: Pulling qi and qi therapy

The La Qi medthod is an external qi practice. It is also the basis of external qi therapy. La Qi is a fundamental method taught to all Zhineng Qigong practitioners. We can quickly experience qi effects while doing La Qi. We can apply these qi effects to our body to heal problem areas.

La Qi can be done while sitting, standing or lying on our backs. The sequence of steps is summarised below for a sitting posture:

Sit upright, as close to the edge of the chair as possible. Look ahead into the horizon, withdraw vision and slowly close eyes. Tuck chin in and raise baihui.

Relax body, starting with head and progressing to feet. Silently recite with visualization the 8 preparatory phrases (8 phrases in Level 1 Peng Qi Guan Ding) to create the qi field.

Place both hands in front of the abdomen, with palms facing each other, about 10 – 20 cm apart and fingers pointing forward. Relax arms and hands. Focus on the space between the palms.

Close palms together until almost touching. Open palms outwards slowly until about 20 cm apart. Repeatedly do closing and opening movements while focusing on the space between the palms. In these movements, the arms should open and close along with the palms (i.e. no wrist movement). After a while, you will feel some force between both palms. This is the qi that is being formed by your movements and mental focus.

You can extend your visualization to thinking of the universe when opening and thinking inside your body when closing, with the effect of bring universal qi into your body.

When sufficient qi has been gathered, apply this qi to the area of your body that needs the qi. This is done by doing the closing and opening movements on that part of your body, without touching your body. Think that the sick area is already healthy.

You can do La Qi for as long as you like. There is no time limitation.

End La Qi by placing palms on navel (right palm over left for men, reverse for women). Nourish qi for a short moment. Slowly open the eyes.