2018 Overseas workshops

In  2018 we will offer Zhineng Qigong workshops overseas.

Teacher Wei’s workshops





1) March 5-10 and March 12-14 in Israel
2) March 22-28 in France Saint Laurent du Pape
3) March 31 – April 4 in Switzerland Baar
4) April 7-12 in Switzerland Lausanne
5) April 14-20 in France La Boulaye
6) April 21-26 in France Anancy
7) March 28  – May 1in France Nancy


Teacher Tao’s workshop


1) February 22-25 in Milan of Italy
2) March 1-7 in Vienna of Austria
3) March 9-11 in Innsbruck of Austria
4) March 13-18 in Prague of Czech.
5) March 20 to 25 in Debrecen of Hungary
6) March 27- April 1 in Stuttgart of Germany.
7) April 3-12 in Netherlands.
8) April 14-20 in Nice of France
9) April 23-28 in Grenoble of France


Teacher Lu and teacher Ling’s workshops


1) February 5 – March 8, Lu and Ling in New Zealand
2) March 23-25, Ling’s workshop in Milan
Topic: How to strong lower Dantian, active inner space, let the self-healing naturally start…
3) March 26-30 Ling’s workshop in Garda Lake, topic: LQUP advanced course
4) April 4-8, Ling’s retreat in Sparsholt of the UK, topic: Stillness retreat (the transformation of do sth and do nothing)
5) July 2- 29, Lu and Ling’s 28 days retreat in Vancouver, Canada
Topic: How to get body and mind holistic health, to be our own Dr.
6) August 1-9, Lu and Ling’s retreat in Sparsholt of the UK
7) August 13-19 Lu and Ling’s workshop in Besancon France
Topic: Healing and cleaning consciousness
8) August 24-31 Lu and Ling’s workshop in Grenoble France
Topic: What is the different between the healing of ZNQG and TCM and Western medical system.
9) September 4-9 Lu and Ling’s retreat in Italy
Topic: Longevity, work on lower Dantian and Mingmen inner palace
10) September 12-16 Lu’s workshop in Amsterdam Netherland
Topic: Exploring and inspire the secret “great medicine” in and out of our body
11) September 13-16 Ling’s workshop in Germany
Topic: The way practice for women
12) September 20-23 Lu and Ling’s retreat in Innsbruck Austria
13) September 25-1st Oct Lu and Ling’s retreat in Frankfurt Germany
Topic: Break the prison advanced course
14) October 3-9 Lu and Ling’s workshop in Stuttgart Germany
Topic: How to find out the inner true love
15) October 12-16 Lu and Ling’s workshop in Germany
Topic: inner medicine+LQUP advance
16) October 20-28 Lu and Ling’s retreat in Spain
Topic: How to find out inner true love, awareness and Body Mind method


Teacher Xi’s workshops

Dates and places of teacher Xi’s workshops will be announced soon …