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We are very happy to announce that our new Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy training online platform is open now!

It’s a new place to unite, learn, grow, discover and support each other. Registrations for teacher Wei’s Mingjue online programs and courses can be done directly on the new platform:




We invite you to join free online sessions!

NEW: We proudly present our Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy.

In our Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy, Mingjue awakening pure consciousness is the core of all practices. All methods will be practiced at mingjue level consciousness. We mainly focus on gongfu training to improve the life ability and life quality.
For more information, please visit:



Chinese New Year – celebrate together

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. The teachers of Daohearts invite you to celebrate the special holiday with you online on Feb 11, 2021.

Everyone is welcome!

Join us to welcome the Chinese New Year via Zoom:

Feb 11th from 9 – 11 pm Beijing time
(2 – 4 pm Paris time)

Zoom link:
ID: 91403958688   |   Password: new000

Free Online Sessions: strengthen your immune system and whole body

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives, we need to take care of our mental well-being and our immune system. In our free online sessions we will practice powerful qigong methods to strengthen the immune system. More information

Private online sessions

Are you are interested in individual support from Daohearts teachers? They are available for private online teaching and healing sessions. More information

Meditation for health, peace & harmony

A challenging year is coming to an end and it is a good time to send the best information to ourselves and the whole world:

New website

We are happy to announce: The World Consciousness Community has just launched a new website:

On our new website we focus on pure consciousness and Mingjue practice.


Free Online Session

Teacher Wei will guide a free online session for health, peace and harmony in the world and brighter future:

Dec 27th, 2020
Time: 9-10:30 pm Beijing time

Zoom link:


Everyone is welcome to join!


Taiji Ball Dancing Spine with teacher Zhao Liancheng


15 Nov:  2-3 pm & 9-10 pm(Beijing time)
22 Nov: 2-3 pm & 9-10 pm(Beijing time)
28 Nov: 2-3 pm & 9-10 pm(Beijing time)

Zoom link:
Id: 919 804 1301
Password: 223344



Super Ability Qigong Healing

We invite you to teacher Wei’s upcoming free online sessions:

10 Nov & 14 Nov:
10-11:30 am (Beijing time)
9-10:30 pm (Beijing time)

Zoom link:
ID:211 945 2619



Free online sessions: HIV energy healing

with teacher Wei Qifeng and teacher Lv Junfeng

Dates. 26-28 October
Time: 8-9:30 pm (Beijing time) / 1 pm to 2.30 pm (paris time)

Zoom link:    |   ID: 211 945 2619  |  password: 000000


There are regular HIV free online courses in various languages. Please contact the different language groups:

Spanish – An Yue:

English and French – Nicolas:

Italian – Delia:

Russian – Vaslina:


Free Online Sessions

We invite you to join teacher Wei’s free online sessions:

The World Awakening Consciousness Field Healing

22 and 23 October: 8-9:30 pm Beijing time
24 October: 2-3:30 pm Beijing time

Zoom link:
ID:211 945 2619


Registrations are still possible

Our intensive 8-month Mingjue Gongfu Training Online Program has already started. Many people has approach us and still want to join our special Mingjue course. Since it is a long-term course, we don’t want to reject people who want to take this Mingjue journey with us. Therefore, we accept registrations of new participants, who have already learned level 1 and level 2 of Zhineng Qigong. Registration deadline: Nov 1, 2020. More information



NEW healing online courses with teacher Wei

Teacher Wei offers two super ability qigong healing online courses that are for cultivating healers and for patients to heal physical and emotional problems: Super ability qigong healing I in November and the Super ability qigong healing II in December. You can attend one or both of them.



Zhineng Qigong Culture Day on Sept 26th!

Zhineng Qigong Culture Day is a day for a new human culture, a day for awakening consciousness and a day for universal love and a harmonious world. We invite you to join teacher Wei’s free online session:

Date: Sept 26, 2020

Improve the world consciousness field to bring awakening and peace to the world and develop The World Consciousness Community

Beijing time: 9-10:30 am, 1-2:30 pm and 8-9:30 pm

Zoom link:


Live Q&A online session with Mingjue practice

Many Mingjue practitioners have shared with us their wonderful and deeply life-changing experiences. And practitioners have also asked questions about Mingjue practice and The World Consciousness Community.

As sharing questions and answers is valuable for every Mingjue practitioner, teacher Wei invites you to join free live Q&A online sessions and Mingjue practice.

Everybody can ask questions on these topics:

Mingjue, ego, emotions, reference framework, true self, yiyuanti.
The effect of mingjue on life
Consciousness field and life.
The World Consciousness Community

Dates & time:
4 Sept & 7 Sept at 8.00 – 9.30 pm (Beijing time)

Click this Zoom link to join the online sessions:

The online sessions will be held in English language and at Beijing time zone.

Daily heart to heart MINGJUE meditation

We would like to invite you to build the world consciousness field heart to heart and welcome everybody to join our Mingjue meditation:

everyday Beijing time, during 6~8 am, 1~2 pm, 8~9 pm, we practice Mingjue meditation heart to heart for building the world awakening consciousness field. Teacher Wei will always be there during the Mingjue meditation.

This is how everybody joins the world consciousness field:

– sit, stand or lie,
– relax the body, change into qi and merge with the universe,
– your pure consciousness merges into universe and merges with each other to form a powerful consciousness field,
– keep staying in the pure infinite state of the consciousness field,
– experience universal love,
– do nothing else.

You can enjoy this state at least 5 minutes, but the longer the better.

The consciousness field and universe qi will transform your life.


We are happy to announce that we have a YouTube channel for our World Consciousnesss Community now:

We invite you to join our free online sessions in which teacher Wei gives not only lectures but also guide healing meditations:

Strengthen your immune system and create a powerful qi field to purify viruses and for healing diseases

19-30 July: 8-9 pm (every day at Beijing time):
Improve the three levels for the immune system, support the qi field to clean viruses (Corona, HIV) as well as heal all kinds of diseases.

Awaken your consciousness & your heart

  • 22 July: 1-2 pm & 8-9 pm (Beijing time):
    Lecture and practice: the world consciousness field create peaceful world
  • 12 August: 1-2 pm, 8-9 pm (Beijing time):
    Lecture and practice: mingjue, true self, yiyuanti, universal love
  • 26 August: 1-2 pm & 8-9 pm:
    Lecture and practice: Mingjue goes beyond and transforms emotions
  • 2 September: 1-2 pm & 8-9 pm:
    Lecture and practice: Mingjue gongfu and super healing of high level consciousness field

Click this Zoom link to join all online sessions (please deactivate your microphone and camera when entering the online sessions as the online sessions are recorded and published):

The online sessions will be held in English language and at Beijing time zone.


Intensive Positive Emotions Online Training Course (12 – 21 June, 2020)

We will offer an online course for cultivating positive information on a deeper level to form a positive and happy life state: Intensive Positive Emotions Online Training Course

Special online course: Parkinson’s disease online course

Teacher Zhao is a very experienced in treating Parkinson’s disease. He will offer an online training course. The first stage is 30 days.

1-30 April: 3 pm – 4:30 pm everyday
Session link:

We wish everyone a healthy and joyful new year! May your life will be in harmony throughout the year.

We are happy to present our website in a new look!



International Zhineng Qigong Culture Day – Sep. 26, 2019

We are happy to celebrate the international Zhineng Qigong Culture Day with you!

Please join our online session via zoom.


2019 Healing and healer Retreat

For our healing & healer retreat on Hainan Island this year, we offer an online booking form, which makes the registration easier and faster for you.

International Zhineng Qigong Teacher Course 2019

Our next 3-months Zhineng Qigong teacher class will start in March next year and it will take place in Qingcheng Mountain again. It is one of the birth places of Daoism in the center of Sichuan Province of China.

This three months class is divided into three retreats. Read more….