Mingjue Gongfu online courses


Mingjue Gongfu Online Courses

Starting on June 5th, 2021


“Through Mingjue practice, we can go beyond the control of old thinking patterns, beyond any inner conflicts and fear in the mind. Thus, the beautiful state of openness, acceptance, happiness, freedom, peace and true love will appear by itself. This naturally brings health and harmony to yourself, your family and society.”  Wei Qifeng

For those who cannot join the 1-year Mingjue Gongfu online program, we offer to join the individual courses of the program (see blow).


The third level of entirety practice in Zhineng Qigong: Mingjue

Mingjue is the level of pure consciousness that goes beyond all feelings, thoughts, concepts and emotions. It is a state of pure consciousness that recognizes, observes understands its own functions and directly reflects itself. Mingjue practice makes our consciousness clearer, purer, and more stable. We can reach a harmonious and stable mind state, balance the emotions and the energy of the whole body, and clear away all kinds of illnesses. A high level stable Mingjue is a free, peaceful, happy, healthy, and harmonious consciousness state.

In Mingjue Gongfu practice, we mainly focus on improving a high-level quality of a life. Once a person’s consciousness and qi improve to a high level, physical and psychological problems as well as problems in society can transform and disappear naturally. Our life will be healthier, freer and happier.

Mingjue Gongfu training is not only to achieve a higher quality of life for yourself, but also to intensify and purify the global consciousness field, thus to create a harmonious, healthy and peaceful world. The World Consciousness Community is based on pure consciousness connection to build a global consciousness field of mingjue practice, to connect practitioners heart to heart, to support each other for creating a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life for everybody and the world. This is the mission of Zhineng Qigong culture, especially in this difficult time on earth. It is more important than ever that we evolve our practice and teaching to the needs of this tme.

Online courses schedule

There are 8 courses, each consists of a 6-day online course. You can register to any of the online courses:

5-10 June 2021: Pure mingjue training, observe emptiness, open inner space, and body structure, see through the reality of life

17-22 July 2021: Mingjue training and mingjue transform with everything; qi body and universe to form centered mingjue entirety-awakening tian ren he yi, consciousness field, see through the reality of the universe

4-9 September 2021: Mingjue training and mingjue love healing

16-21 October 2021: Fast and silent retreat, mingjue gongfu deeper level observation, concentration, and relaxation

8-13 January 2022: Mingjue super abilities healing

19-24 February 2022: Fast and silent retreat, mingjue daode, pure love, happiness, gratitude

26-31 March 2022: Mingjue healing for emotions, observe fear and death, happy death, caterpillar become butterfly

7-12 May 2022: Mingjue relationships, sage’s life, consciousness field and human future, life mission

Class time

Summer session: 8 – 10 pm (Beijing time)
Winter session: 8:30 – 10:30 pm (Beijing time)

You can use the time converter to check your timeline: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com

Particpants, who are unable to attend the live online sessions due to the time at which the live online sessions are held, have the option to get access to all video recordings for self-study.


The teacher of the Mingjue Gongfu online courses is Wei Qifeng, who holds the online courses in English via zoom livestream.

Translations & international organizers: The online courses will be translated into various languages. Please contact the organizer in your language directly for registration and payment (see the list of our organizers below).


The price for joining one online course is: 150 USD or 130 EUR per person

If you join and register for all online courses, you can become a community member and pay 1000 USD/840EUR for the whole 1-year program.


Registration is open!

Registration for English-speaking participants


Registration at organizers for translated Mingjue Gongfu online program

If you want to attend the translated Mingjue Gongfu training program, please contact the organizers for registration and payment. The organizer you choose is your direct contact person for any questions: