Introduction: What is Mingjue?

By teacher Wei

In this present moment, when your consciousness focuses on itself, you can feel and realize the state of your consciousness clearly – this is Mingjue.

We can feel our inside there is an observer. We are observing many things. But when this observer realizes itself and focus on self, be self, this is Mingjue.

Normally, our consciousness, the inner observer, focuses on external world – we use eyes, use ears to overserve external world things. When we practice something, for example practice yoga, practice qigong, practice mindfulness, then our consciousness will come back to observe body inside. You may feel body inside feeling clearly. For example, you can feel body inside breathing, you can feel the flowing of Qi. But now consciousness gradually comes back observe deeper level, observe emotions, observe thoughts, those are deeper level. But all those are not what we call Mingjue.

When we observe all those happen in body inside, all emotions and thoughts, we still can feel there is an observer. Okay, we don’t mind all those. The observer gently comes back to itself, observes itself, be self; you only feel your observer is clearly. This state is Mingjue.

When you come to this state, it means you already go beyond the attachments of material world, the attachments of your body feeling, emotions and thoughts. You already go beyond your reference framework. Now you’re only the pure observer. You are nothing else.

When you go beyond all those, naturally you go beyond all kinds of blockages that are made by all kinds of attachments. You also go beyond the fear. When you come to this (Mingjue) state, you feel it is very peaceful, very relaxed, very free, very harmonious. This is a complete awakening entirety.

So, this state means we can come to the inner source of life. We are not controlled by body, by the patterns of thinking, by the external world anything. This state is very good for life. In this state, the potential of our consciousness is developed, it becomes more powerful. Then internal we use this level of consciousness go through body, then we can transform the qi body deeper and stronger. We can manage life as a master.