The Harmonious Big Family

At the end of last century, teacher Pang had gave seveal lectures about his ideas on a harmonious world. He described this as human beings’ common dream of life. It would be a healthy, happy, peaceful and free world.

In 2007, teacher Wei and several qigong friends founded the harmonious big family in order to support Zhineng Qigong worldwide. Our deep wish is that we can receive practitioners from all over the world. Some would live there for a long time; those with few resources would stay for free; some people would work there as volunteers. The big family would take responsibility for members as needed. In order for this to happen, we are looking for a beautiful place and preparing funds.

Why is this community called “Harmonious Big Family”? The small family of today is the product of selfishness and it brings a lot of suffering and contradictions to its members. A big family can bring many people together and break the fetters of the small family. All would live in the principle of harmony like brothers and sisters. This will build a harmonious Reference Framework inside our yiyuanti which will provide a foundation for harmonious relationships between people.

Harmonious Big Family has different levels of meaning. The first level is when practitioners have in their mind the recognition and experience that the self, society and nature constitute a harmonious entirety. The second level is that all Zhineng Qigong practitioners’ thinking and actions would accord with hunyuan entirety theory and their information and qifield would merge together without conflict and with supportive harmony. Although practitioners would live in different places throughout the world, their mind field (yishi chang) and qifield would connect and unify as a harmonious big family. The third level is many qigong practitioners living and practicing together as one big family.


Culture and practice

Culture is the most beautiful expression of mankind. Mankind reflects and experiences the wisdom of life through culture. Reflecting and revealing the wisdom of life is the essential work of every culture and its individual members if they are to sustain and thrive.

What is really important for mankind? How does an individual or a culture sustain health? How best to secure and maintain freedom? Zhineng Qigong explores these questions and provides answers through the achievements that result from its practice. Today it is growing increasingly profound and potent as more and more people practice Zhineng Qigong.

A harmonious world family is a real and attainable possibility. Zhineng Qigong arises from many cultures, discovering and reflecting the essence of all their greatest wisdom. It can help everybody surpass the limits of culture and experience the source of the life of all human beings. The cultures of mankind serve the life of mankind. From our culture, we should discover laws that are in accord with a good state of life. Those laws should create a new mode of consciousness. This is our goal and mission.
All people come from different nationalities, races and countries. Living as a harmonious big family, happily sharing life and experience is like The World Village.

Here, beginners will learn methods to make the body strong and to develop wisdom. More experienced practitioners will discover their practice becoming deeper and deeper. Eventually everyone will walk on the path of liberation and freedom in life, becoming masters of the laws that bring peace, happiness, health, purity, equality, power, and wisdom in every moment.

Our goals

To unite all Zhineng Qigong organizations and individuals worldwide.
To deeply study Hunyuan Entirety Theory.
To raise the level of practice and of theoretical knowledge.
To spread Zhineng Qigong culture.
To improve people’s health in body and mind.
To contribute to peace and harmony amongst mankind.
To lead the human race to a higher level.
To contribute to a better and happier world.

Our work

Teaching the three basic levels of Zhineng Qigong.
Organising advanced classes for the three basic levels.
Organising healing classes.
Organising retreats and training for visitors to China.
Organising general meetings on Zhineng Qigong teachings and sharing experiences.
Teaching Zhineng Qigong in other countries by invitation.
Organising classes for children to improve their extraordinary capabilities.
Publishing all kinds of information about Zhineng Qigong.
Founding a ‘harmonious big family’.
Creating a ‘harmonious life world alliance’.
Translating and publishing important Zhineng Qigong knowledge, including on the internet.

Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching)

The infinity that can be conceived is not the everlasting Infinity.
The infinity that can be described is not the perpetual Infinity.

The inconceivable indescribable is the essence of the all encompassing Infinite.
Conceiving and describing applies only to the manifestations of Infinity.

Free from distinctions, experience the oneness of Infinity.
Focus on distinctions and see only the manifestations of Infinity.

Yet distinction and non-distinction are one within Infinity.
Potential within potential is the essence of Infinity.