Lift Qi up pour Qi down 50’ (audio)

Those who look for a more advanced and longer practice will revel in this version of Lift Qi Up. Teacher Wei guides us in a harmonious and peaceful practice where we feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Lift Qi Up is based on traditional Chinese understanding of the oneness of all existence. Practising it helps us merge with the original universal Qi (hunyuan qi) that is the basis of all things in our universe. Hunyuan qi can integrate and transform within our body to immensely improve our health and wellbeing. By doing this practice we can go deeper into the hunyuan entirety state and link ourselves more completely with the qi of the natural world and that of the universe itself. With our pathways to these opened more fully, the pleasure and the benefits extend ever further into our daily life. Enjoy the background of birdsong and the uplifting Qi field of the Wudang Mountains when you join Teacher Wei in this practice.